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  1. Hey everyone, Just curious, how hard would it be to find someone from a past cruise? Has anyone successfully done this? Has anyone done it on here? What ways could I go about it? Of course with privacy laws I cant ring P&O and ask for contact details of the person so im guessing its basically a dead end cause I highly doubt the person is on here and I dont want to name people on a public forum...
  2. krazy1

    STAR Suite Upgrade???

    I was thinking, and hoping the same when we went on our cruise in January on the Star. We had booked the highest level outside room, so basically the most expensive rooms behind the suites but in all honesty it would be a real long shot if this upgrade were to happen but I would love to be proved otherwise! Maybe if we had a problem with our room or we complained about something and there was a suite available, we might of been upgraded as it wouldnt be a good thing to be downgraded due to a issue that is of their concern. Yes the suites are expensive but a friend on the cruise showed us their suite and we were gobsmacked. It was just so much bigger, had a balcony, fridge and much much bigger bathroom which is a big yes in my books. We look back and we pretty much agree that we should of paid the extra money for the comfort of such a room.
  3. Hope everyone will be watching channel 9 tonight at 630pm (Sydney time) for A Current Affair as they are due to have what looks like yet another slander campaign against P&O...
  4. krazy1

    Everybody's photos!!!

    Pacific Star R704 (20/01/07): http://travel.webshots.com/album/557290591halZhd :)
  5. Heya all, Firstly ive uploaded about 100 photos to this album: [url]http://travel.webshots.com/album/557290591halZhd[/url] Nothing special, just various shots of the exterior/interior of the ship, ship at Brisbane Terminal and then leaving Brisbane and some shots at the ports like Airlie Beach and Cairns. Review to come... Cheers.
  6. krazy1

    Pacific Star - Theme nights

    [quote name='luvvin_u_2']island night is fantastic for everyone they shouldnt get rid of it.. krazy1... u were on my cruise:) were u out on island night wen it started pouring down wit rain lol[/quote] I agree, I think it was great to see so many under 18s dancing the night away, they dont get many opportunities like that in their life and I didnt mind at all having the younger ones around. And also not to mention all the mothers and fathers having a dance as u would not usually see them in the nightclub and stuff! Hell yeh, I was dancing in that summer rain! Wasnt too many left while it was raining but still a decent number, shame they had to switch it off but it was inevitable.
  7. [quote name='Tropicalshowers']Getting back to the original topic....where are your kids? We expected our kids to 'call in' at designated times....or there would be consequenses....not desirable in the least. Our kids, both males, complied, and we are proud of them. They did not abuse their 'freedom'....which they definitely had on their/our cruise. Talk to your kids! They are better off knowing the boundries than not. Cheers[/quote] Its good to see that most parents were quite alert on where their kids are. On the last night as the club closed a bit early, 230am, early for some! We were having a chat on the deck with a few fellas who had their wives and daughters with them too at the time, the daughters were 16-17 and mingled there with the other daughters and we found it good that if the parents are still up that they allow their kids to stay up if they want to, as long as their in the same area. One night after we left the nightclub/starlight lounge quite late (3-4am), we were asked by a concerned mother whether we had seen her daughter who was over 18. We told her last we saw her in the club 2 hours ago and from what we knew she was quite keen on one of the blokes and she used to go back to his room quite frequently. I guess it shows that basically most parents were quite sensible and these reports of underage drinking, what a load of crap, first of all under 18s have pink cards compared to adults blue and to say that parents were buying their kids liquor, well if there was such a thing, those parents should of been thrown overboard.
  8. krazy1

    Pacific Star - Theme nights

    [quote name='chaz cruiser']I wouldn't be surprised if Island Night was affected as well following the latest allegations. It's sad when a minority ruin the experience for a majority. What does everyone else think? Cheers, Charmain:)[/quote] Thats what I was thinking, they could can Island Night after all this too, or they may make it over 18s only.
  9. Hey all, Just wondering if anyone has been on the Pacific Dawn? Which country/region is it coming from? What is the reason that its boasted as a "superliner" in comparison to our current ships? Id like to go on another cruise this year but just wondering whether to go on the Sun or wait for the Dawn? Cheers.
  10. krazy1

    Airport transfers

    I was told that the Brisbane to Hamilton wharf transfer was free courtesy of P&O? Some ppl on our cruise caught it when coming in for free. I tried to see it when we arrived back at the wharf in Brisbane but it was a bloody mess with taxis, cars, mini buses and ppl for the next cruise everywhere.
  11. [quote name='Skyrules']Was this to get back on board the ship Krazy?? I don't think it they were specifically targeting you - I would say they were just being careful that they weren't picking up any unauthorised passengers. In the Whitsundays where there are a lot of non cruise tourists it would be easy for a non-passenger to get aboard the tenders and try to get aboard the ships. Kym[/quote] Happened once at Airlie getting back onto a tender and then again at Cairns when we already passed through one gate. There were dozens of ppl around and yet both times we were pinpointed and no, it wasnt because we didnt have lanyards, others didnt have either and they were not asked. We got on the tender at Airlie and kept looking down at the security outside to see if he asked others and sure enough didnt ask any of the next 100 ppl folks!! Its not a nice feeling knowing that u show ur card to get into an authorised area already and then have to show it again 50 metres down the walkway! How the hell did u think we got here dimwit! Especially cheesed as we put our cards back into our bags. Im sorry but I have NO hesitation in saying it was an age or racial thing... I love Australia but im sick and tired of some being singled out based on age or race in certain facets in life, it makes u feel like a criminal...
  12. [quote name='Skyrules']I wonder how rigouroulsy pre-cruise screening is done on Coastal crusies - and if any screening done at the domestic ports of call (Whitsunday's, Cairns, Port Douglas) on the coastal cruises? I imagine it wouldn't be difficult to get drugs in Cairns and take them back on board if no screening is done. Maybe someone who's done a costal cruise can comment on the security on reboarding at these Australian ports. Kym[/quote] Exactly, as I mentioned earlier there is just inserting ur cruise card and going through the metal detector, no sniffer dogs in sight when boarding back in Cairns. To be honest, I think this is the most common way drugs got on board. A bit off topic but we were slightly pissed at times when were asked to show our cruise card numerous times, like at some ports, we showed it to get onto our tender just like everyone else but then when about to board the boat 50 metres down, a security officer made us, and us only show it again, either due to our racial appearance or age if u ask me.
  13. Great stuff, nice review! I haven't been on the Pacific Sun from Sydney but there is no way u can compare Brisbane to our Sydney harbour! Were u in the 1st or 2nd sitting for dinner? Breakfast was pretty much same same everyday but we missed it 3/4 out of the 7 days due to sleeping in from the heavy night b4! I was a bit disappointed by Airlie Beach at first but we made it a whole lot better, more in my review later. I actually quite liked Cairns, the lagoon was cool, casino good and people pretty friendly. We had a very good night out in Cairns at a nightclub too. How mad was dancing in the rain at Island Night! Good fun for the people still there. We didnt do any swimming either as the pool was always pretty full and especially with kids, yet the kids pool at the same time was un-occupied? Our dinner waiter was awesome as was one of the waitresses in the starlight lounge, our room stewards were good with the assistant prob being more helpful most of the time as it seemed the main one forgot us! The pizzeria was quite yummy and cheap for $7, was quite surprised!
  14. krazy1

    Pacific Star - Theme nights

    On a 7 night cruise we had the Island night which was good fun and everyone is up for, then the Rock and Roll night which I think most ppl were confused what to wear and also the 2 formal nights. The PJ party I was told months ago would happen but probably recently discontinued as people might be wearing skimpy nightwear such as boxers and lingerie.
  15. [quote name='AuzzieCruiser'][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna][B]It happened at Coffs Harbour a few years ago with the bulldogs (something very strange there), and there was a sexual assault a few weeks ago at the Tennis on a young child.:mad: [/B][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna][B]No matter where it happens, it is not to be condoned in any way. It is such a shame what this world is becoming.:( [/B][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna][B]In a way I have to agree with badgerbill to a degree. Those $495 for 7 nights cruises are going to be nothing but trouble. [/B][/COLOR][/FONT] [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=sienna][B]Btw I am still considering the Sun at this stage.[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/quote] I hope ur not another person having a go at the Bulldogs. I am a lifelong supporter of the club and know ppl in the club and like everyone should know by now, that whole situation was a bunch of crap. Did anyone get charged? No. It just another case of a woman trying to crack onto big name footy players for her own image and when she got rejected, she wants to cry high and loud about it. Then of course the media come to the party and want to point fingers, Bulldogs is a fav target coz of their location in Sydney and their fanbase who apparently are a bunch of rapists! Yet the Bulldogs are STILL the most supported NRL club in Aus and NZ, which other team consistently plays their home games in QLD or NZ to promote the game? Even last year, one of the head detectives in that case who had now retired came out and said that there was absolutely no case against the bulldogs but it all blew out of this earth when Channel 7 arrived and screwed everything up.