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  1. UB & AS

    Nightmare tablemates?

    We have enjoyed dining companions on most of our cruises but one cruise has a funny story. The first night it was just my husband and me at a 4 top. The second night we were joined by another couple. They had been at a table the previous night with 3 or 4 "hookers" from New York City! The "ladies" just wanted to talk about work! Our new table mate said she needed to get her husband away from that table! :D Sandy
  2. UB & AS

    Cleaning your cabin when boarding.

    Probably has been mentioned, but we do not shake hands with anyone on the ship, bumping knuckles is close enough. Officers are generally reluctant to shake hands for good reason. We have been sick on cruises and it is not fun to be in self quarantine during a holiday or worse when traveling home while sick. Bill
  3. UB & AS

    Share holder benefits again

    I sold at $100 and feel great. Really got screwed around with the con-combine. The perk was nice back when I bought the stock for $30.
  4. UB & AS

    Cleaning your cabin when boarding.

    I always look for bed bugs but have never found any. We use our knuckles to press elevator buttons. We take sanitizer to the restaurant but use it after the menus are removed. We still get sick! Sandy
  5. UB & AS

    Cabin water is CLEANER then bottled

    Twice I have had terrible water on a ship. Once it tasted musty and stale. The other time the water from the tap, the shower and the toilet was BROWN and disgusting! Someone must have opened the wrong valve and the water became contaminated. Sandy
  6. UB & AS

    Rough waters?

    The sea band bracelets really do work!!! Pick up a pair (you need to wear one on each wrist) at a pharmacy for only about $10. Sandy
  7. UB & AS

    First time to China - anxious - need reassurances please

    We have had two China cruises in the last couple of years. You will not regret going! The Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City and all of the other sights were amazing. In Beijing we stayed at the Regent Hotel and it was probably the best hotel we have ever stayed in. The Chinese people were more than friendly. We had a longer Yangtze River cruise and there were some issues. Smog! By the time we got to (probably) where your river cruise begins, the air had cleared and the last few days were good. Food on the river cruise ship was boring but you will only have that for four days. Don't worry and enjoy the trip. China's coastal cities are very modern and beautiful. You will get to see "the other China" along the river. Sandy
  8. Don't be sorry. We enjoyed China earlier this year and want to see more. When a deal is too good to pass up we do not pass it up. We cruised French Polynesia once last year and Hawaii twice so we are only missing the NZ ports. We shall return to the Southern Cross. Have a great cruise. Bill
  9. Sorry to tell you guys that we we have cancelled this cruise. A Travelzoo deal came up for a 12 day Yangtze River cruise on a new ship, Century Legand, (400 pax). Included is return air from Vancouver, transfers, all excursions, all meals, wine and beer with meals, grats, etc for only CND$ 1,500/pp. When a deal is too good to be true, jump on it! I spent the afternoon typing China visa applications. :eek: We are also booking a 12 night Black Sea cruise in October on Constellation, Istanbul/return and will be on Solstice Honolulu/Vancouver April 2015. We will miss you guys as you are likely to be the life of the party on Solstice. Quoting Popeye (1933), "I yam what I yam and that's what I yam". :p:cool: Have a great cruise. Cheers, Bill
  10. 1. Sign up for the Cruise Connections Party at the top of this page and you will get your invitations while aboard. Ship's personnel will take care of the details. 2. You will be invited to Captain's Club events via an invitation. Club events will depend upon your level in Captain's Club. 3. ???? Cheers, Bill Better to be on a ship with a drink on the rocks than to be in the drink with the ship on the rocks. :p
  11. UB & AS

    motorcycle cruise

    Had a nice ride today on our Pacific Island, down the ocean side of Vancouver Island to Parksville where my bike dealer was having an antique and collector's bike show. Some really interesting stuff including a 1931 4 cylinder Indian (the owner rode it to the show), a steam powered MC, lots of old bikes with sidecars and lots of drool from me. Downside was the $300 bill to have my bike serviced. :( Our next cruise is Sydney, Australia to Hawaii b2b with Hawaii to Vancouver, B.C. We have rented a Heritage Softtail Classic when in Honolulu previously. Rental rates are quite reasonable. Cheers, Bill
  12. UB & AS

    motorcycle cruise

    Enjoyed reading through this thread and am just a bit envious. We have rented H-Ds in the Caribbean and Hawaii but it would be nice to ride my own bike. No opportunity for us that I know of on the West Coast, except that almost all my riding is on Islands: Vancouver Island, Quadra, Cortez, and Texada. Our Islands are easy to get to by ferries and the rate for bikes is half of the rate that it is for cars. There are some great rides in this part of the world! Ride safe and ride often. :D Cheers, Bill
  13. Enjoyed the photos! :) Have booked Sydney/Honolulu/Vancouver on Solstice for April 2014.
  14. UB & AS

    End of Elite cocktail party?

    Our experience on B2Bs is that each leg is a new cruise and comes with a new package of benefits: Internet, laundry, casino vouchers, etc. If you are not treated this way, have a chat with the CC Host/Hostess to make it right. Bill
  15. UB & AS

    End of Elite cocktail party?

    Probably is irrelevant but you have it right this time. It is a sisters' reunion and they are sharing a cabin while I stay home and feed the dog and drink at my club which is probably offensive to some as entry is limited to members and their guests. Guess we are behind in this day and age but such are the limitations of our provincial liquor laws. Non-members have to be signed in by a member. Non-elite guest sharing a cabin with an elite can join the elite member at social functions like wine tasting, senior officers' party, elite lounge, etc. Only the elite person in the cabin receives the other elite perks such as laundry vouchers, Internet minutes, gambling credits, etc. Cheers