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    Need a quick answer regarding insurance

    All I can say is I purchased insurance thru RCL (BerkleyCare) and have had no problem collecting on it. I don't know if it was because of the insurance purchased or if because we purchased air/cruise, but our troublesome trip had very little out of pocket expenses when it came to airline losing luggage, missing ship, being put up in Miami, flown to Jamaica to catch up with ship. We've recouped all expenses thus far and a return on the days we paid for but did not get to cruise. I'd buy it thru the cruise line again (if I can convince DH to cruise ever again!!) in a heart beat.
  2. DH and I missed our ship in Sept '06 due to flight delays. RCI booked us a flight to Jamaica to catch the ship at that port. You would NOT believe the hassle we had because we didn't have passports -- they weren't required then. Now, if you miss your ship, gawd forbid, there would be no way for you to catch up with it as FLYING into the carribean requires a passport. Never will we travel without again. Just my .02 worth.....