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  1. They can't book a cruise with FCC funds, they need a CC number or Cruise Voucher to book. I cancelled my April 11 Panorama Cruise and they refunded 60% back to my CC and 40% went to FCC. 4 days later, I used my refunded amount to book on Mardi Grass (refunded amount was on my credit card by then), My PVP applied the 40% FCC to my balance a day later.
  2. With all the cancellations, there is a greater opportunity to get an upgrade. I had one on 9/15/2001, right after 9/11 from a Balcony to a Suite. I didn't have to ask since my room was given to another passenger who couldn't get a flight back home.
  3. I called my PVP and cancel my April 11 Panorama Cruise out of Long Beach. Wife and I aren't concerned about the virus but we are concerned about quarantine. 14 days on a ship locked in a room, missing ports due to security concerns and 14 additional days after you return is not my idea of vacation. We were flying from New Jersey and being on the plane for 5hrs+ is also a concern. We received ~55% back on cash and the rest will go into FCC which I'm planning to use once this craziness is over.
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