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  1. I have a hold on r339. Can anyone tell me if that is far enough front to miss the skywalk. I cannot be sure from the diagram. Thank you!
  2. I was told no water on ncl. Can I ask how you did the upsell process on princess? I would be interested in that. I just booked a minisuite and would love to upgrade to a suite. I guess ncl irked me with their bidding. With how crowded it was, I didn’t think I’d be happy with a non haven room. But the bliss does look like a beautiful ship. It was just in our home town this week and I watched it set sail.
  3. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but frankly, this is the exact reason I cancelled our bliss cruise. You see, I wanted a haven suite. But quickly realized that most people on ncl are opting to wait and bid on rooms. That’s great IF you don’t mind getting stuck in the original room you booked if you don’t get the upgrade. Well, the problem is if you do mind the original room, you will feel like it’s a lose lose. Because you get stuck paying an arm and a leg for the room you want while others pay next to nothing. So essentially, I’d be paying part of their cruise fare. No thanks. I decided to go back to princess and stick with them for now. If ncl stops their bidding process, and their nickle and diming people over stupid things, like refusing to let you bring a bottle of water on board so you have to pay them for it. Maybe I’ll reconsider.
  4. anyone get a mini suite on the royal? I’m used to all the minis being on dolphin, so this is new for me. Looking to book on the riviera deck I guess, but I’d like thoughts from anyone that has had a mini on this ship. ThaNks!!!
  5. It doesn’t have a price for the chefs table. Any idea how much that is and how many courses you get? Or if wine is included?
  6. i see the ship is moving on to alaska, etc. will it still be primarily a Chinese clientele, or is that changing?
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