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  1. We are sailing Odyssey of the Seas from Fort Lauderdale. 8 night Southern Caribbean with stops at Coco Cay, Curaçao, and Aruba. Sail away is supposed to be at 6 pm on Saturday, October 23. We have our COVID test scheduled at CVS next Thursday, and our backup At-home tests from Optum just arrived yesterday. Flying down the day before on a nonstop flight.
  2. Haven’t posted a lake picture for a while. Here is one from this morning’s walk. Got flu shots this morning, picked up supplies, and doing spa maintenance. Now to get serious about getting things ready for our cruise. We fly (hopefully) a week from today.
  3. Fantastic. And I thought I was lucky yesterday when I won 50 stars and a free drink at Starbucks. 😂😂
  4. Yesterday, on our way back to PA, we stopped at a large outdoor shopping complex called Easton Town Center. It is on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. It was sunny and 85° while we wandered around there. Grabbed a bite at The Cheesecake Factory. They actually make a pretty decent Cuban sandwich. All the stores there were under a masking order, and we got yelled at by staff as soon as we entered CF. I guess this will get us ready for our cruise. We stopped at the Lego store to find one of those toys that are impossible to find. Daughter wanted us to pick one up for the grandson, and it shows it for only $29 at the Lego store. You can get it for $65 on Amazon or EBay, but she doesn’t want to spend that much. Of course, they are sold out at the store. We did find these few lego creations outside the store.
  5. Last night, I was staring up at all these leaves that will drop in my yard over the next few weeks This morning, we are on our way to the funeral. Only 3 more hours to get there. At least traffic isn’t too bad yet.
  6. I use an app called Tadaa SLR to blur the background. It can give some nice effects.
  7. I don’t even know what happened to yesterday, but we started out our day with a walk at the lake. No pictures of that since it was a little overcast. After relaxing in the spa for a while, it was already noon. Time to take care of some more pre-cruise things. Although we have COVID tests scheduled at CVS next week, ordered some ones to do at home as a backup. I see they have already shipped. Checked how Southwest was doing with their flights. We have a non-stop booked, and the one that took off today was delayed 35 minutes, but at least it took off. 😀 I will probably be checking the next few days. Since I lost a lot of weight, my wife said it was time to get a couple new ones, so they wouldn’t fall off. Bought a couple new ones. While shopping, came across these couple oddities. I didn’t remember Elvis being into trikes, but they claim this one was used for promoting his last RCA Record. Maybe those on the Edge can see if he is living his life there. 😀 Oddity #2 - Elvis’ 55 Cadillac 62 series. I doubt this is the real deal, because his 55 was a 60 series he gave to his mother. Oddity #3 - Elvis Aaron Presley, Jr. was performing for the opening of a department store. What, you say, Elvis didn’t have a son!! Philip Stanick claims to be the son of Elvis, and changed his name to Elvis Jr. I wish I would have got a picture. I guess he needs to move on from department stores to get as famous as daddy. 😀
  8. Well, I my guess of Southwest is probably wrong then!😂😂. That is, unless you consider air ships. I enjoyed your review and photos. Great job.
  9. I will let you know what it is like in 11 days. My backup plan is a long drive.
  10. If you have the ability to pinch to zoom the video, the pumpkin stays whole until it hits the hillside by the target. Or, here is a zoomed portion of the video and another I took. (I tried a conversion from mov to mp4 format to see if it would work on other devices) IMG_5414.MP4
  11. First off, TSOTD I had to wear a bright color so Susan could find me easier. Today, we drove up to the Fall Festival at Peak N Peak ski resort in New York. But first, we stopped for lunch along the way. This part of the lunch they didn’t do too bad with. I won’t show the picture of their Cuban sandwich special, unless you want to see what they thought one should look like on a hot dog bun. 🤷 The festival was crazy busy today. Cars were parked both sides of the roadway, starting over a mile away. After making our way from the spot we abandoned our car at the side of the road, refreshments were in order I can confirm the hot fireball cider was tasty. And, if anyone wonders what wine to pair with donuts, they have you covered. There were thousands of people out to enjoy the festival, and we saw lots of Bills mafia shirts and Bills jerseys, since this isn’t that far from Buffalo. And what festival isn’t complete without a giant canon to shoot pumpkins? I know this video may only play on apple products, but it is the canon in operation IMG_1642.MOV While Susan and one of her sisters went off to explore crafts, I explored the car show. A few pictures from there An old GT500 for Andrew For a minute, I thought my wife parked these Jeeps And, they even had a zip line running. These are just some people we don’t know. IMG_1659.mp4
  12. Mov IMG_1658.MOV mp4 IMG_1659.mp4
  13. I hope they have them worked out in two weeks. That is who we are booked with. I would hate to think of a 21 hour drive to the port!!!
  14. Just followed live reviews on Allure and Symphony, and those appeared to have worked. CC has been temperamental lately with log in issues.
  15. No idea. That happened to us this summer with a SW flight to California. Had a Friday flight, and couldn’t get a new one till the following Monday. It wasn’t bad since we were at home, and just flying to get our grandson. I hope they get their problems worked out before we fly for our cruise in a couple weeks.
  16. You still sitting on the dock of the bay? Looks like flights were a mess today. SW canceled 860 flights.
  17. Wow, just looked at the flight aware site, and it looks like SW canceled 860 flights. That will take some time to sort all those out. If the flight was canceled, did they get your bags back to you? Not the way you want to end your cruise.
  18. +1 My wife just reminded me to be sure to pack extra days of meds. I usually take at least an extra weeks worth.
  19. TSOTD The graphic reminds me of some of Ed “Big Daddy”Roth’s Rat Fink work from years ago. Many on here may not remember those. Got this shirt from my sister-in-law. FCC in this case is not a future cruise credit, but Federal Correction Complex. She, and her husband, use to work in the Federal Penitentiary in Indiana. That is where most of the death row inmates end up. She was always adding to my collection of t-shirts.
  20. We had a lot of rain overnight, and it was dreary and overcast when we walked at the lake this morning. No lake pictures. The road had a lot of traffic. These Canadians just wander all over the road. We did spot the injured one that we had not seen for about a week.
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