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  1. In July of 1991, there was a total eclipse of the sun. I wanted to see that, and my first thought was to go to Hawaii. My hubby said he'd like to do a cruise, so I looked into that and found that the Carnival Jubilee would be in Mazatlan on eclipse day, right spang in the middle of the eclipse path. We went. Mazatlan was clouded over, but the ship went back out to sea so we could all see the eclipse.
  2. I don't mind it. Similar to the old one, and it looks fine to me. Sorry it's not working so well for some. Maybe they'll bump up the font - all that takes a changing the value in the style sheet.
  3. The first one is October 31, 2021, and the second is April 23, 2022. I'm about 50% confident on the 2021 sailing and about 75% confident on the 2022 sailing.
  4. If the first of the two cruises we have booked doesn't sail, we'll roll the FCC over to the second one. Honestly, if the second doesn't sail either, then I'm not so sure Princess will still be in business. If neither one sails and Princess IS still in business, I'll email my PVP and ask her to ask customer service to extend the expiration date out.
  5. To the best of my remembrance, the amounts varied from canceled cruise to canceled cruise. Other people will probably reply to this with what they got.
  6. I was getting old even when I signed up, I wanted something nautical, and I was a big Popeye fan when I was a kid. Sea Hag hit all the buzzers.
  7. Hard to say. I expressed my concern about losing the credits if something prevented us from going on the 4/23/22 sailing, and my PVP said that in cases like that she can always go to customer service and ask for an extension. She seemed to think she'd be able to get one, but I wouldn't go to the bank on that. Customer service might or might not cooperate.
  8. My PVP got right back to me on this. Said she looked at it all and couldn't see why they did that. There wasn't anything in the way of a note in my account to explain. She put things back the way they were to begin with.
  9. I've emailed my PVP. Another thing occurred to me. The larger part of the FCC was applied to the 4/23/2022 cruise. Since the FCCs must be booked and sailed by 5/1/2022, it looks very likely that if anything prevented us from sailed on that cruise we'd lose the credits completely. I suppose Princess might say they'll extend them, but maybe not. We took the leap of faith by not asking for a refund, and I don't have a warm, fuzzy feeling about leaving that credit sitting out there any longer than need be. I asked the PVP to get things put back the way they were before. I'm sure that if she can,
  10. This is certainly possible. The 2021 sailing is a coastal out of San Francisco, going down the coast to Ensenada on the Ruby. When I booked this, I had a fair degree of confidence that it would actually sail, but who can tell.
  11. That's pretty much the only thing I came up with as a reason for them changing things as they've done.
  12. I do plan to email my PVP. Should have said this from the beginning. I just wanted to throw this out here and see what people had to say.
  13. When our March 2020 was canceled, we took the 175% FCC option rather than a refund. We booked one for late 2021. The FCC was applied to that, resulting in a paid-in-full cruise. Some time later, we booked another cruise for April of 2022, and the remainder of the FCC was applied to that, leaving a balance due. I got a booking confirmation this afternoon for the 2021 cruise showing a lesser amount of FCC applied and a final payment of somewhat less than $3000.00 due next August. I logged into the Personalizer and found that the rest of the FCC was applied to the 2022 cruise, leaving it nearly p
  14. My personalizer consistently won't save my hubby's home airport. Always saves mine, but never his. I email my PVP, and she takes care of it.
  15. Good to know! I checked, and it was already going to be recorded on our DVR. Happy to see it back.
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