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  1. Sea Hag

    Offered Another Upsell!! I refused

    Wow! Not an offer I'd find attractive.
  2. Sea Hag

    self walk off in San Francisco

    They do for sure.
  3. Sea Hag

    Enclave Prices for the week Regal/Royal

    This is very interesting. Didn't know they gave a couples discount. Wonder if they still do.
  4. Sea Hag

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    No, there wasn't any notification. One of the roll call members found out by accident, probably from the long thread of the person who's on the trip around the Horn. They were handing them out on that one. You can either download the Ocean Ready app and do it through that or go to ocean.com and set up there. If you have a smartphone, then probably the app is the way to go. In either case, you'll need to set up a new account for this. Somebody said that the password had to be the one you use on princess.com, but I used a different password and it worked fine for me.
  5. Sea Hag

    ocean medallion on royal ?

    Several members of our roll call for the 4/6 sailing have been able to sign up for the medallion for this cruise. And so have I. I completely all the info and got our Ocean Ready passes saved to my cellphone. It says to proceed directly to the Ocean Medallion desk to pick them up.
  6. Sea Hag

    Currently on Royal Princess - first time with Princess!

    Thanks for the info!
  7. Sea Hag

    Currently on Royal Princess - first time with Princess!

    Wow! We have M108 on the 4/6 sailing, and this is the best photo I've seen of how it looks.
  8. Sea Hag


    That could be a problem. Carbill pointed out that a person can take the medallion to the nearest screen and ask for the best route to the cabin associated with the medallion. No password needed. I didn't know that, and I think that's got to be a worse problem.
  9. Sea Hag


    Missed that info somehow, and, given that, I agree that this is a problem. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Sea Hag


    Unless the medallions have the cabin number printed out on them or available some other way, I'm not worried about this. I doubt somebody would try every door on the ship until they found the one that the medallion opens. I never worried about losing my cruise card either, since I doubt anybody would try every door until they found one that the lost card would open. Do the medallions have the cabin number accessible in any way, such as scanning it at a kiosk?
  11. Sea Hag

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    Actually, that photo is the front portion of the Sun deck. You circle around on that deck, and there're a few steps right up at the front that go up to the deck in the photo. It's not Lido deck, and it's usually accessible. I've seen this one closed when it's windy and wavy.
  12. Sea Hag

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    Doh! Yes, for sure. We've been out there many times. Didn't ring a bell at all with me. Silly me. But not accessible from the hall on Lido, surely?
  13. Sea Hag

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    That's a good question, and I don't have a good answer. We won't be back on the Grand until next year, but I'm surely going to check it out then. Pretty sure we can't get out there, but I'm going to look.
  14. Sea Hag

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    I don't think so on the Grand. We've been on that ship several times, and we're pretty proactive about finding everywhere that we can go. Never found a way out there on the Grand. We had one of the premium ocean view cabins on that deck on the Grand once, and I think we'd have noticed if there was a way out to the front of the ship. On the Ruby you can access that corresponding deck, and that's a really good thing since most people don't find it..
  15. Sea Hag

    Wait to get in room

    My carry on bag is a backpack, which I can walk around in pretty much all day, so I don't care if we can't get into our cabin right away. We board as early as possible and have a nice lunch in the MDR. We can usually go directly to the cabin after that.