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  1. The exterior Promenade Deck photos on cruisedeckplans.com show lounge chairs and bench seating.
  2. As you say, Royal does. That made hubby very happy. It was great.
  3. There was a seared tuna appetizer that was so good I got it two different nights.
  4. They also do special dishes at breakfast. I think it was some kind of crepe, different each day. Can't remember about lunch.
  5. We toured the Enclave on the Royal recently, with the full intention of purchasing it for the week. If there was an outside window in the Enclave, it was hiding from us. Looked totally interior.We found it to be very dark and claustrophobic. Didn't book it.
  6. Back in April, an erroneous charge for a premium drinks package was put on our account. Neither of us drink at all. We were able to get it taken off, but it did take some effort and was annoying. I guess anything that can happen will, but I can't see why these things seem to happen so often.
  7. To see the aurora, it wasn't a problem for us either. 😃
  8. They told us to leave the tv on the Princess channel and they'd announce it if the aurora showed up. We did, aurora did, and Princess did. Middle of the night.
  9. Me too on the Kenda obsession.
  10. We only sailed on the Ruby once, and we loved her. Never have sailed on HAL, so I'm no help there. Any Alaska sailing that goes to Glacier Bay is fine with me.
  11. Interesting question. I don't have a cast-in-cement answer, but this may shed some light. I saw a price drop for one of my 2020 cruises some weeks back. Sent email to my PVP to ask her for the adjustment, but got an autoreply that she was out of the office for a few days. I didn't know how long the price would stay down, so I called Princess to ask for the refaring. The person that took care of it for me went through some checking: any promos - no, non-refundable deposit - no. Then she told me that she could take care of it without any problems. That makes me believe that this particular Princess rep - note the qualification there - thought that if the deposit was non-refundable then I'd lose it. Take that with a huge chunk of salt, rather than a grain. Probably depends on who you speak to.
  12. We've seen people playing chess from time to time, but I can't say when the last time was. Never saw it crowded.
  13. I put us under the buffet kitchen once on the Coral, and I can tell you there was a lot of noise coming down from that kitchen in the wee hours of the morning. A lot of noise, very early and continuing on. Looking at the deckplans for the Sea/Sun, I wouldn't touch the inside cabins under that white area on the deckplan. Not with a ten foot pole. Can't say as to the balconies.
  14. I book directly through Princess, I've refared several cruises, and in each case I kept the same cabin.
  15. Yeah, I bypass extra cost items too. I was happy to try this burger in the MDR, where it didn't cost me a thing.
  16. It was offered in the MDR on the Royal back in April, so I got it there. Was at dinner, rather than lunch. I liked it, but I wouldn't pay extra for it.
  17. Princess Ernesto burger.
  18. Yes, there's a just a door. Go all the way forward on Lido on either side of the ship. Easy to find if you know it's there. This deckplan screenshot shows the doors (circled) and the four cabins, L101 to L104.
  19. You'll be fine. It's a short cruise, and you'll probably be busy enough that you won't miss the balcony.
  20. You might want to consider one of the four cabins all the way forward on Lido. These are sold as obstructed, since they look out on a railing, but in my opinion they're really good. These cabins are larger, and they have the merit of easy access to the small deck over the bridge. Most people never find it, and it was very uncrowded on Glacier Bay day. The view was good from the cabin we had, L104. Of course, these are up high in the ship and forward, so if motion bothers you then they might not be your cup of tea.
  21. Is it just me, or does "Enchanted senior officers" sound funny? Makes me expect a scene out of Sleeping Beauty or some such, where ship officers have been placed under a spell.
  22. The only Platinum benefits we've ever cared about are priority embarkation and free internet minutes.
  23. We live in Northern California, so drivable ports are San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle. It's a no-brainer for San Franciso - drive. Hubby hates to fly so Los Angeles is also a drive, a long one. Last time we sailed from Seattle, we flew, but I'm betting that if we sail from there again hubby will want to drive. His first choice is to never fly anywhere again, but he's making a one time only exception in 2021 to do a Western Caribbean out of Fort Lauderdale. I'd like to do Hawaii again, but we can't leave our cat for two weeks for a round trip (neighbor watches her but she misses us too much) and I don't want to pay what Norwegian charges for a week around the islands. Plus, last time we flew back from Honolulu, hubby was a really unhappy camper. I'm happy that we can work around flying as well as we can.
  24. Our first cruise was on the Carnival Jubilee. That ship looked like the biggest thing on earth to us. 1486 passengers. How times do change.
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