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  1. If you lose your leg and go to customer service, do you need to sort through a big bin of lost legs to find the right one?
  2. That can happen and does happen. Was the new cabin an upgrade or exactly the same category? If it was an upgrade, did you have the cabin marked "no upgrade?" Even that isn't a guarantee, since I've seen folks who got an unwanted upgrade even after requesting no upgrade. I hope you can get your cabin back.
  3. We got ours for a cruise that was canceled for March 2020. It felt odd to get them, but I doubt it's surprising.
  4. I think you've been very unlucky in your turkey dinners. Correctly prepared, roast turkey is flavorful, moist, and delicious. Badly prepared - well, it's bad.
  5. The BinaxNow monitored test works. You just need to make sure that's the one you get.
  6. I had a couple of good experiences with crew chat on our August cruise. They do get back to you right away, and both times they were very helpful. I like this feature.
  7. You're right about this. In my opinion, it's a poorly designed website these days if it doesn't function well on both desktop and mobile.
  8. We have a suite coming up, and I've got fairly modest plans for suite breakfast. I plan to ask for a plate of fresh pineapple every morning (I've done that in regular dining), and I plan to ask for eggs benedict made with smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon one morning. That's the entire agenda.
  9. As the others said - could be any time. It was a week before final payment for our August cruise a few days ago for our 10/31 cruise.
  10. Not to be picky, I say as I'm being picky. But it should be a semicolon if written as above. 😃
  11. This is good advice. We did one cruise back in August and have one coming up at the end of this month. The times that arrival groups were available varied wildly between these two cruises. If you don't want to check the app every day, then checking the roll call is definitely a good way to go.
  12. No question, but a wish that you'll have a great cruise on the Grand. I'll be interested to see your posts about the comedy cruise thing. I've never been on a theme cruise.
  13. Interesting! We were on one of the Majestic sailings to Alaska, and we simply loved the lack of crowds. Different strokes.
  14. In the app, under Travel Checklist, you'll see an item for Arrival and Departure groups. Click through that and take a look. You won't be able to choose an arrival time yet, but you will be at some point. For our August cruise, I was able to do that a week before final payment. But for our 10/31 cruise, it only became available a few days ago. No idea when it'll be available for our next one in April 22. Keep checking is all I can say.
  15. Not surprising. Nice to see that they don't require two weeks after a booster shot.
  16. Well, when all else fails, pile it on higher and deeper. 🤣
  17. Mastermind, huh? Nevermind the personalized, many folks have not found this experience to be simplified.
  18. I hear you on that hope! Our next sailing is 4/23/22, and I'm hoping it gets easier to get tested by then. I'm not of the opinion that the current protocols will be gone by then.
  19. It was an urgent care facility, not a pharmacy or directly with the county. We had to supply insurance info when we booked the test, but nobody mentioned it when we took the test. I suppose they could see they had the info. I wasn't sure who would pay for the tests or if we'd get a bill from the urgent care center, but then we got the statement from Medicare that they'd paid it.
  20. Our county does do it for free, but it also says results will be available in 4 to 6 days. Really helpful. Medicare paid 100% for our tests for our August cruise.
  21. Who can say? My guess is that it's a strong maybe on all questions. And it'll probably depend upon who you finally can talk to at Princess.
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