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  1. I faxed in the request with my brokerage statement this past Thursday. It was posted on my cruise personalizer within one hour.
  2. This happened to me the other day. I figured out that the price went up because I picked mu own seat assignments on American Airlines. They charge extra to do that. The cheap price is if the airline assigns your seat number when you actually check in for the flight. You get whatever is left.
  3. One more thing. If you go on your own, make sure you know where the bus will be to take you back to the ship. You will have to walk back down the hill to some assembly point. I saw the tattoo as part of a land tour. It was too hard to get to where our bus was supposed to be. We ended up walking a couple of miles back to our hotel.
  4. That should be plenty of time, if you are within a mile of the castle when eating dinner. Be aware that the climb to the castle is a continuous uphill walk that takes a little longer than just a mile hike. Also, the area will be really full of people. Getting into a restaurant might be a bit of a challenge. A reservation, if you can get one, would be helpful.
  5. The Geirangerfjord is the most beautiful and well known in Norway. It is a must see.
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