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  1. We weren't in the room. The pics were taken by VMax1700, and I'm not sure if he stayed in the room either, or just "visited" on turn-around day.
  2. https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?tab=2 and map here: https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?tab=3
  3. There's some pictures of similar cabin Koningsdam 6169 HERE (click on thumbnails to enlarge)
  4. Here is a predictor: https://www.gi.alaska.edu/monitors/aurora-forecast Sep 1 and 2 look pretty good. read:
  5. By waiting until you are on board your wine steward gets credit for the sale, which s/he appreciates.
  6. Our one Prinsendam cruise was from Barcelona to FLL, but I don't consider it a repositioning because the next cruise went back to Europe. 🙂
  7. Correct. That is why HAL has a Hotel Service CHARGE added to your account daily for services rendered. Tips are what you give to those who have served you exceptionally well, and are in addition to the HS CHARGE.
  8. I think this is 4107. 4167 would be a bit more blocked because the tender is taller than the turtle-shell lifeboat, and a little further back, but I think you could get some views over the tender or behind it. https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/koningsdam-986/accessible-balcony-cabin-275234/accessible-balcony-cabin--v12698101/
  9. Amsterdam, FLL to Los Angeles (ship went on to Vancouver for summer in AK). FLL was the end point of a GWV, so about 1/3 of the crew changed there. Service was a little erratic in the MDR for a couple of days, but smoothed out. Other than that everything seemed normal.
  10. We were in Denali for the very last ship of the season and several places closed at Noon or early afternoon for staff parties. On the ship we didn't notice any difference in service. Of course they had all AK themed merchandise on sale.
  11. We've found that shops that sell postcards often sell stamps too, and have a mail drop slot.
  12. You must use local postage, and I recommend that you mail them on shore. I've had postcards "mailed" on the ship not reach their destinations for several months, or sometimes never.
  13. I'm pretty sure there still is one ...
  14. Will there be some kind of prize for the person who makes the 500,000th post on the subject of tipping? 🙄
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