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  1. catl331

    internet Nieuw Amsterdam

    N.A. has had the unlimited since Nov at least
  2. catl331

    internet Nieuw Amsterdam

    See post # 8 of above thread
  3. catl331

    Newby Who to use for booking - Yikes

    We've always looked at using TA's as "having someone on our side" in the event of problems, and as someone to help with details outside of HAL's purview such as land or air travel before and after cruises. A couple of times we have had to make changes, and all it took is one short phone call and waiting for a return call. Getting benefits that HAL won't offer are just the cake icing for us.
  4. catl331


    So far they are not enforcing the suggested times. Just do as you had planned.
  5. catl331

    Access to Port Webcam

    Yes, for Port Everglades and Port Canaveral. Go to https://www.portevergladeswebcam.com/replay.php or https://www.portcanaveralwebcam.com/replay.php
  6. catl331

    K'dam vs NS - Is one better?

    In the early reviews of the K, many people were reacting to some fairly radical changes to HAL traditional ships, especially the promenade, the modern art work, the lack of a good library, and the preponderance of black/white/gray/chrome in the decor. In the two years between launchings, those changes have been well publicized, and first-timers on the NS were more aware of what to expect. People who have sailed both ships are not the ones who have said "not for us" or "never again", so when you combine those factors, you are not seeing as many negative reactions for the NS. That's my theory anyway!
  7. Balcony is the standard 6' x 9'. We have had cabins as close to elevators as that and not been bothered by elevator noise. Late at night we noticed faint bells, but nothing annoying.
  8. HAL says: Name changes require the prior approval of Holland America Line and may not always be possible. Cruise contracts are nontransferable. Name changes and departure date changes are considered reservation cancellations and are subject to cancellation fees. I take that to mean that you would be cancelling the entire reservation and re-booking whether you found someone new to go with you or sailed solo. As a solo you would have to pay the single supplement.
  9. catl331

    Nieuw Statendam

    Also Nami Sushi, which is inside the Tamarind but has a la carte pricing. Also, drinks are not free at the Grand Dutch Cafe.
  10. catl331

    Access to Port Webcam

    I don't think there has ever been one on top of a condo. The portevergladeswebcam.com is on the corner of one building on the 2nd or 3rd floor, and that's the one that does the close-up waves.
  11. catl331

    False Notifications

    Under Account Settings/Other Settings/Notification Settings, choose Do Not Send Notifications 🙂
  12. catl331

    What To Do First

    But you can only book a cabana ahead if you want one for the full cruise. If you want to try for one for just a day or two that should be done post-haste after boarding. Also, if you want to use OBC for booking tours that can only be done on board.
  13. catl331

    Nieuw Statendam

    Or maybe it's whichever ship is catering lunch on the island ... which is also the first ship in?
  14. catl331

    What To Do First

    If you want to sign up for a cooking class or rent a cabana for just a sea day or two, take care of those ASAP as they tend to fill quickly.