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  1. Only the CA (purple) are Lanai. The rest are just OV.
  2. Occupant of 4012 (farther foward) said " It is above the very back of the Show Lounge and the room does get some base reverberation from music during the shows and practices – noticeable but not earthshaking. "
  3. On the 3 newer ships, besides the interior connecting doors, a small section of the balcony dividers can be opened, not removed.
  4. On deck 4 I would choose a starboard side VB, as they are not above the galley. We've had a couple of cabins over the MDR and never had a noise issue. At times when the MDR was busiest we were either there ourselves or elsewhere on the ship, not in our cabin.
  5. We have never booked an inside and never will. DH and I both have to have at least an OV for natural light.
  6. Like CruiserBruce, the Noordam was our favorite ship until N.A. arrived. I like the Library/Explorations Cafe on the Noordam much more though.
  7. I don't know, but I doubt it. Halfacts is a site created by CC member richwmn and maintained by him and 3 or 4 other HAL forum habitués. All of the content comes from Rich and us HAL fans. If/when you have something to contribute, see the home page halfacts.com 😄 p.s. - another extremely useful site for HAL info is rogerjett-photography.com
  8. We've only had two stern cabins. Maybe it's my imagination, but I've felt a bit of "corkscrewing" in both.
  9. Here is one of msmayor's shots that is not available on halfacts AFAIK
  10. They're fine on my WIN 10 laptop with Chrome but not with Edge or Firefox or IE
  11. There's lots of good pictures at https://halfacts.com/vista-class/
  12. Unless you are in a cabin that is very close to your lifeboat of course some will arrive before you.
  13. I can see it being done with a "smart" (i.e. wifi enabled) TV.
  14. If you're referring to my post, I didn't mean to imply that her condition 9 years ago is relevant today, only that we have unhappy memories of her compared to the other 3 S class ships. I guess now that the Ryndam and Statendam are gone I'd have to say that Veendam is my second most favorite S ship. 😄
  15. We've been on a four S class ships, and the Veendam is our least favorite because of the condition she was in the last time we were on her. (Oct 2011). I rate them 1 Ryndam 2 Maasdam 3 Statendam 4 Veendam
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