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  1. catl331

    Christmas bitcoin bonus. Free 71 $

    This is being posted on many forums
  2. catl331

    Navigator App

    does that mean you are using paid internet access?
  3. catl331

    new (later) boarding times?

    No, no, no, and no. This is something they have been doing on the K'dam ever since it launched.
  4. Could also be the strength of the magnets being used. "Rare earth" magnets will stick where weak ones won't.
  5. catl331

    new (later) boarding times?

    It is normal for K'dam.
  6. I would not like to see three Nieuw ships concurrently. Two is too many IMO. Just plain Ryndam is fine with me. Nieuw Amsterdam makes sense to me both because the Amsterdam is still sailing and it is the old name for NY City. Nieuw anything else does not.
  7. catl331

    Half Moon Cay with Two Ships

    Definitely go to see it at least once. We like to get one of the earliest tenders possible, spend 2 or 3 hours, and go back to the ship for a late lunch just as the incoming crowds are starting to get heavy. We've been there 6 or 7 times (a couple of times with 2 ships) and it never gets old for us.
  8. You should start your roll call in the N.A. roll call forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/461-nieuw-amsterdam/
  9. catl331

    SiIde by Side

    One of the HAL ships could be at 19. Still walkable if you don't have tooooo much luggage. Or, one HAL ships could get 29. If that happens there should be a free shuttle running from the mid-port garage.
  10. I know they have them in the Lido. Maybe they would get them for you in the MDR.
  11. catl331

    Guarantee room assignment

    We've done 9 guarantees and several of them appeared between 19:00 and 20:00 FL time, or just before close-of-business in Seattle. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not.
  12. catl331

    Daily activities

    You've gotten replies on your earlier thread:
  13. catl331

    Oosterdam to Alaska newbie

    Even on Gala nights you will find many men in just a collared shirt and slacks at the Early/Open dining, and even some at the Late/Fixed sittings.
  14. We get lots of sunrises like that in FL, and most turn out to be beautiful days. 🙂