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  1. I would recommend going to CC's sister site Tripadvisor.com and post your question under Sanford Florida
  2. Nice. They are running a November special for residents of the County for $15.00. Still paid $10 to park, bought $10 worth of food, and $10 worth of stuff! It was a great day. I had not been in 11 years and the Atlantis show alone was amazing.
  3. Dont know about the discount but we were there from 10-3 and felt like we saw most of it.
  4. I was at KSC last week and one day is plenty of time to see it all. Rent a car. Simple drive.
  5. I am a little late but would love a copy if someone can help. psbgsa@icloud.com
  6. Well it has been a while since I visited this thread. It is my hope all is well with each of you! Port Canaveral has some exciting expansion plans in the future!
  7. Anyone have a Link to their site?
  8. I use Avis who has electronic transponders for the tolls but they charge a surcharge of $2.50 a day plus the tolls. If you stop to pay there are 2 between the airport and here and I think a total of $2.50
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