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  1. I had to call Crown and anchor to get mine applied for our cruise at the end of September. They had to call and verify the transaction. It showed up a few hours later after they verified it.
  2. We were on the 9/26 cruise also. We had a blast as well. We didn’t book any excursions because all the islands required masks indoors and outdoors. We have been to these islands many times, so we didn’t mind not taking excursions. We enjoyed our time on 5he ship. We were able to do a little shopping in St. Lucia and St. Kitts. We liked to play blackjack and craps, so spent time in the casino. We also did Chef’s table. I don’t believe there were any cases of Covid because none were announced. We were really impressed with the food in the ocean view cafe for lunch. It was great having the food served. Everything stayed neat and clean. We we’re on an RCI cruise 2 weeks before and they were much stricter. We always had a mask with us because we had to wear them to and from places. Once outside or reaching a bar, we could take them off. In the casino, when you sat at a table, they handed you hand sanitizer and they wipe off your sea pass card with sanitizer. The big difference is number of children. Our Equinox cruise had around 4 children. Royal had more, so that may be why they had different guidelines.
  3. We used Uber. Hotel wanted $16 per person. We paid that for the 2 of us with tip for Uber.
  4. We walked off Royal Allure and used Cocoa Beach Shuttle. We left the port area around 7:45. We got to the airport before 9:00. We were booked on a 1:30 flight and ended up changing to 11:45 nonstop flight after we got to the airport. Fortunately, United had no change fees. We were at the gate in plenty of time.
  5. It seems like a good idea to continue. We were on a 7 day Edge cruise in July and had some cases of breakthrough Covid. We just got off a 12 day cruise on Equinox Friday and had no Covid cases on board.
  6. I don’t think there is a way to upload it to the app. You take it with you and they will take a picture of it when you check in at the port.
  7. Yes, my husband likes Caymus. We just got off Equinox and it was an additional $15.60 per glass.
  8. We were on Allure last week and were allowed to leave ship without an excursion. Royals protocols seem to be different. There wasn’t much open.
  9. We have left our car at Homewood Suites in Dania Beach. They have a stay and cruise package. We have also stayed at a hotel and driven to Park and Go by the port on the day of the cruise to leave our car.
  10. We just got off Allure on Sunday. We walked off with our luggage at 7 Am. Our Coco Beach shuttle picked us up at port around 7:45. We were at airport in plenty of time for a 11:45 flight.
  11. No, your test is supervised online. We just did this for our cruise leaving on Sunday. It was very easy.
  12. Hubby and I just took our tests this morning. We each created an account on the NAVICA app. When I ordered the tests from Emed I entered both our names for using the tests. It’s my understanding that if someone other than us needed to use the tests, they could create an account on the NAVICA app to use one of the tests. We are leaving on a cruise Sunday and have another one the end of September. So we will use these tests again, but will make a CVS appointment as a backup. I don’t think the last 2 in our box will still be valid for our February cruise, but tests may not be needed by then.
  13. I had the Moroccan chicken on a previous Equinox cruise and I liked it. You still need chefs to prepare it properly.
  14. I ordered tests on Thursday and they were delivered today even though I paid extra to FedEx to deliver them tomorrow. They have been sitting outside now for 4 hours and I won’t be home for 3 more hours. I’m worried they will be ruined.
  15. We have that same cabin booked for the 9/26 cruise. Thanks for posting the pictures.
  16. We have a 1:00 boarding time,
  17. We booked some B2B cruises while on the Edge in July. One was a 9 night and the other a 10 night. We received $50 discount on 9 night and $100 on 10 night. We booked 2 seven nights B2B and received $50 discount on each leg. We were told it would take a few days to apply the discount and they would send the invoices to our room once applied. We got the invoices 2 or 3 days later with the credit applied. Celebrity transferred the bookings to our TA and the invoices from him also had the credits on them.
  18. Thanks for the reply. We decided to change to a 2:30 flight to be safe. Unfortunately, it’s not direct like the earlier flight.
  19. United changed our return flight to 11:45 from 12:15. We were planning on walking off Allure with our luggage.I think the earliest time off right now is 7 Am. We are using Cocoa Beach Shuttle from the port to the airport. Can we make this flight or should we change it to a later flight? United is offering us a free flight change since they changed our original flight.
  20. You can upgrade to a better seat and pay American Airlines. We have done this in the past. I found that I couldn’t do seat assignments prior to final payment on American Airlines without going through Celebrity Air.
  21. Enjoy your cruise. Looking forward to following along. We will be on Equinox for 12 nights on 9/26. Fortunately we got a cruise fix a couple weeks ago on Edge, but 7 nights went by so quick. Can’t wait for 12 nights. Equinox is one of our favorite ships. We were so happy to be cruising again, we stayed on the ship the whole time.
  22. We were able to get flights on Celebrity Air on United for $100 less also Cleveland to Tampa.
  23. It’s been awhile since we have cruised Royal. I thought we used to get some free minutes of internet or a discount on internet package. I’m not seeing anything about this as a benefit when I looked at the Crown and Anchor site. Has this changed or am I not remembering correctly.
  24. We were on Edge last week in an S2 and we thought the tub was great. It was not small in our opinion. We loved it.
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