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  1. Check your spam filter as well. A few emails from Crystal wound up in mine.
  2. It's all explained in this thread..... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2785976-baha-mar-convention-center-all-must-go-there-for-antigen-test/
  3. We live in Florida. Hurricanes preparedness is a part of life here, just as snowstorms were a part of life when we lived in the northeast. Pre-pandemic we normally cruised every February and Sept/Oct. In my opinion, the weather and sea conditions were always much better in the fall. Seas being way rougher in the winter. Tropical forecasts have only gotten better since we've started cruising. As stated, ships have no problem steering away from these storms and in nearly every circumstance they can sail faster than the tropical systems can. I never worry about Hurricanes when I book these trips. Worst I figure that can happen is the ship gets rerouted and I have to figure out excursions in the new ports. For me, life is about measuring risk vs reward. Cruising during Hurricane Season doesn't pose much of a risk, in my opinion, because of what I stated above. Everyone has their comfort level. If it makes you anxious to cruise this time of year, do something else. For me, I'd rather be at sea. Nothing else even comes close...
  4. I would call Crystal. One of the people in our party called customer service the other day and they were extremely helpful.
  5. That's good info. I'm afraid our stop there July 11th will most definitely be cancelled as well. Hopefully the cases can be eradicated and most of those booked on other sailings will get a chance to see the little gem that Bimini is. No matter what, we will be back as we travel there when we can.
  6. Just got word from BMB. You can arrange for the site manager to meet you in the evening for drop off. FYI I contacted him using What'sApp. Saves on international call fees and roaming when you are on the island as well.
  7. Ol' Southern Gary beat me to it! 😃
  8. I have had the same concerns in the past and as a result we have purchased these. They work great and make for one less thing to worry about! https://www.amazon.com/Cruise-Luggage-Holder-Seal-Steel/dp/B07H8W58BC
  9. Any cart I've rented there has had lights. The Queens Highway is mostly well lit. No traffic circles and driving on the left is no big deal since traffic is very light. Not many cars at all on Bimini. Just remember.....KEEP LEFT⬅️⬅️⬅️
  10. We are not Casino people as well. During normal times the bars in Alicetown were quite hopping at night. The End of The World bar and another small bar that the name escapes me and Big John's too can be quite lively. But with covid and less than 8% of everyone vaccinated in the Bahamas and mask requirements I don't think those things are going to be happening or not quite to the degree that they used to. If you look up earlier in this thread I posted some renderings of what the beach club looks like at night and I know they are planning to have bonfires on the beach, parties, etc. on Virgin cruises. Not sure if Crystal will be doing the same thing but I hope they will be.
  11. Why choose? Get the cart for the full day. Explore the island in the a.m.. Hit the ship for lunch, then take the cart to the beach club for the afternoon (early evening?). Darn. I just gave away my plan 😃
  12. Be sure to "refine your search" to "Bimini" when searching for carts or other information on this link. Also this link is useful to search for things to do or other information on any of the islands that we will be visiting.
  13. You can take the cart up to the beach club as well. Great transportation option for a long day on a small island.
  14. https://www.bahamas.com/plan-your-trip/things-to-do This link has some golf cart vendors as well as other info. Yes, you can pre-reserve. A 4 seater is $50-100 a day in my experience. You can haggle a bit with the vendors in the lot if you like.
  15. For those who are interested....grab a golf cart from a vendor in the parking lot of the casino (located not far from the end of the pier) and head south. North Bimini is only 7 miles long. Alicetown at the southern end of the island has a small straw market, Radio Beach (locals beach) with a few huts selling fresh tropical drinks and killer conch fritters, Big John's Marina has a nice bar with a deck on the bay and The Bimini Big Game Club is in Alicetown as well. At the very southern tip you can walk along the stunning waterfront on the western side or grab the short ferry to South Bimini ($3) and walk down to Bimini Cove Marina for a drink at The Square Grouper. On the Queen's Highway (the main road, impossible to get lost) you can stop at a bakery for some fresh sweet Bimini Bread or a Conch Salad at Joe's Conch Shack. Bimini has a lot to see and do if you take the time and the locals would surely appreciate some business.
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