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  1. So sorry to hear that, Les. Take care
  2. Couldn't agree more, Les. Hope you're keeping well 🙂
  3. As we boarded, I was very concerned that a number of staff and crew were wearing face masks. Alarm bells were definitely ringing, especially so that boarding was delayed due to deep cleaning until 6pm. We were among the lucky ones , but are reluctant to book anything too soon. I should add that on disembarkation day, our steward was very nervous about 'something'. I'm sure a lot of staff and crew knew something was very wrong.
  4. We've eyeballed the offerings out of Brisbane, since there's a new departure terminal there now and fancy the trip up to the PNG islands again. Hopefully this time next year might see us in a safer travel environment.
  5. Posting here and your good vibes paid off 😊 and I received that deposit today. Now for the overseas cruises to open up so we can complete our bucket list...hopefully 2021???
  6. Thank for your replies. Sounds like the "Princess cancelled" cruises will always take priority for refunds, while the "client cancelled " ones will have to wait for around final payment time?? December is looking more likely for our cancelled Feb 2021 cruise. Alas, these are trying times and there's not much we can do about it.😢
  7. I cancelled our Princess February 2021 Tasmania cruise, since we were not prepared to risk our health with the pandemic flare-ups and a vaccine not forthcoming in time. That was 127 days ago. The deposit was a full one (over a grand and via a TA). Does anyone thing we'll see this before Christmas?
  8. Hi denmarks, Seems to be an error re the Ruby. I had better luck with this address: cblish@princesscruises.com Using the listed one only bounced. Perhaps an edit is in order?
  9. No we don't. Our mobile phone is from the dinosaur age 😧
  10. Our first medallion cruise is coming up in 3 weeks and I have been receiving emails to download the app. We do not have i-phones. Will we be given a medallion to open the cabin door and make purchases on board without owning an iphone? I'm not interested in the other app features as I can use the internet cafe to access our ship account, etc. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  11. I agree with your closing statement, OzKiwiJJ. Thanks for your detailed reply.
  12. Sorry, it's Princess. The pre-cruise purchase price (via website) is around $89 per day. I 'm thinking the on board price purchased on the first day might be less.
  13. Could recent users of the above please tell me what the current on board price is. DH will need to start saving for our Christmas cruise. Are cocktails still allowed?
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