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  1. I agree with your closing statement, OzKiwiJJ. Thanks for your detailed reply.
  2. Sorry, it's Princess. The pre-cruise purchase price (via website) is around $89 per day. I 'm thinking the on board price purchased on the first day might be less.
  3. Could recent users of the above please tell me what the current on board price is. DH will need to start saving for our Christmas cruise. Are cocktails still allowed?
  4. Could someone share what happens to your future cruise deposit when you cancel a cruise? Is it refunded after 2 years or forfeited? I'm unable to cruise at the time I had originally planned and will have to cancel. I'm not sure if I need to transfer the FCD to a later cruise in order to keep them. Many thanks if you can help clarify this for me.
  5. I have been trying to delete my current avatar and replace it with the popular single letter in a square. The new /small size limit suits this type of avatar. Can anyone help me please? I can neither cancel or upload my profile picture at this point. Will the glitch be fixed in due course?
  6. Hello Nonnie, The Princess Land tour pre-cruise will take you to all the tourist" hot spots" in less than a week, but it is pricey. That said, it would cost the same if you DIY over a longer period. My suggestions: Western Australia - Bungle Bungles in the Kimberleys, Margaret River south of Perth, Adelaide and nearby Barossa Valley (wine district), Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Queensland's Great Barrier Reef and Cairn's hinterland, Northern Territory's Uluru. You can see a bit of Tasmania if you include it in your cruise itinerary. If you stay withing 100 miles of the coastline you can minimize cost and time constraints. We're a big country with lots to see out of the cities. Enjoy your time over here.
  7. I couldn't agree more. A bottle of wine exchange would be great!
  8. For the itinerary, it would have to be our B2B South American cruise (Valparaiso - Miami) February, 2011.
  9. My sentiments exactly. We're on the same cruise next May and the information was invaluable.
  10. Hi Bob, It will be returned to the CC account you used to pay for them. If you have closed that account since purchasing the FCCs, then you'll definitely need to contact Princess or your TA. I had a problem with the latter (closed CC account) last month and my TA intervened to have it redirected. Also check the date you purchased the FCCs as the refund process starts at that time. Hope that helps.
  11. Hi Pooh, I keep checking as well, but it sounds like we'll just have to take what comes in the surprise box ;p
  12. The itinerary was the star of the show as were the warm and friendly people of England, Scotland, and Ireland. and IMO, finding good coffee on any cruise line is as difficult as finding an unpleasant Canadian or Australian cruiser! Was this necessary?
  13. Another vote for SPB. We took the package of excursions in 5 Baltic ports. Day 1 in the museums was very congested and it was hot indoors. The canal down to Peterhof on Day 2 was simply the best! I would recommend you take a tour group that offers smaller groups (15 pax). Enjoy you time in St. Petersburg.
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