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  1. As I stated in a previous post, we disputed the charges about three weeks ago. Received an immediate temporary credit for the amounts being disputed. Credit card company stated that it could take up to “two” billing cycles to close this out. My guess is MSC knows this and will take their time. I have patience when I’m given a window of time to expect the refund but not when they start playing games by moving the needle to their advantage. They’re not doing a lot to build consumer confidence here in the North American market. Sad.
  2. I am aware of how this works. Was told that MSC has thirty days to respond or the cc company will move to the next step. It’s better than waiting around for MSC to be pro active on refunding the money.
  3. I did receive my refunds for my two canceled X cruises about three weeks ago. It took some extra leg work on my part but I now have them. MSC is another story. They keep changing their refund policy. I finally filed a dispute with my cc company. Within twenty-four hours I had a credit on my account for the disputed amount. I will let the cc company deal with the cruise line. I’m a patient person but when a customer service rep keeps changing their stories each time that I call (3X), I got frustrated. From reading the various boards the common theme is a very slow process on refunds. I simply think the lines are holding onto as much cash as possible all while alienating those that they will need in the future. Now we’re in a fight to get back over seven grand from United but that’s another story.🙂
  4. Same story for me. MSC cannot give enough information for their CS reps to at least be consistent. Yesterday I disputed my charges. This morning I had an email from my cc company. They issued me credits for the disputed amounts and will be going after MSC. If MSC decides to ban me it’s their loss and not mine. Even though most of this story is about RCI, MSC is mentioned too. Not thinking too highly of MSC right now. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article242638061.html
  5. We have been on lockdown in Palm Springs since 3/17. The Governor locked the state down two days later. We only venture our to go to the grocery store. We are required to wear a face covering for mouth and nose if we venture out other than walks or hikes which we are allowed to do as long as we keep the six foot distance. We have to keep a mask with us when walking in case needed. Restaurants are still closed to dining in. Many have either remained open or have reopened for pickup and delivery. Salons/barber shops still closed. We make the best of it. We’re fortunate to have a nice private backyard and pool/spa to use so the walls do not feel as they’re closing in on us. Of course last week we hit 110 degrees. This week we’re cooler.🙂 No cruises other than a TA next October on the Odyssey of the Seas booked. Will play it by ear once we feel that it’s safe to travel. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Since 3/30 I have had the opportunity to speak with three different customer service reps and each time the story is completely different. MSC cannot get their stories straight. I realize that things change but so far MSC has handled this entire situation poorly. I guess Richard Sasso and Ken Muskat have not realized that they will need their loyal customers when this crisis ends. They need to wake up. I just ask that MSC be transparent and not play games which is exactly what they’re doing. Maybe MSC needs a social media surge.😉
  7. Holland America and Princess cancels certain summer sailings. Celebrity cannot be far behind. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22904-princess-cancels-remaining-2020-summer-season.html https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22905-holland-america-cancels-all-2020-alaska-europe-and-canada-sailings.html
  8. NCL found some money. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22898-norwegian-raises-2-billion-over-1-year-of-cash-if-needed.html
  9. Then you will have a legitimate reason to file a dispute after 5/21.
  10. In a word “no”. All of the cruise lines are in survival mode and IMHO it’s only going to get worse. I do not like the idea of any cruise line going under but I think it will happen. I also don’t think that some of Carnival’s brands will make it. Princess has had some major damage done to its image and has a lot of work to do to turn it around. It will be a while before the cruise industry is back on its feet again.
  11. Spoke with MSC this morning. Finally reached an agent that had some knowledge and took the time to place me on hold several times as she messaged her supervisor. They are handling refunds based on your “sail” date. The 60 day window of when you request the refund is out the window. I was told that they are currently working on early April sailings. Also I was told that credit card companies are pushing back due to the amount of refunds being processed world wide. I was told the same thing by Celebrity when working on my refund. She stated that the cc companies are telling them it could take up to two billing cycles to post. Bottom line is I would not expect to see a refund until after your sail date was to happen. At this point it seems that the process is changing almost daily. I read an article yesterday that Visa is overwhelmed with people disputing charges. It’s a mess all the way around and I’m to the point that it’s not worth getting worked up over.
  12. I’m actually surprised at how low the deposit is for the YC. On RCI they moved to non refundable deposits on Grand Suites and higher a few years ago. Too many people were grabbing suites on multiple ships and then once closer to final payment they canceled the sailings not wanted which created a lot of open inventory. As a consumer it did not make me happy as while we would never hold multiple suites we do have things that come up and cause us to move or cancel bookings.
  13. The above from RCI is what each cruise line should be doing. Staying transparent is very important now more than ever. Cruise lines will need their most loyal customers when this pandemic is over as the media’s reporting on this industry has been and continues to be less than flattering regardless of what most seasoned cruisers think. I think some of the executives have lost sight of that. I also look at a cruise line as a business. I pay for a service and expect to receive what I paid for. I don’t owe them anything else nor do they owe me more than what we contracted for and I’m not their friend. IMHO the cruise lines are overwhelmed right now. Not making excuses but they’re dealing with changes almost daily. I doubt that MSC USA has a large accounting department. Maybe they should look at moving some of their customer service reps over temporarily to help process refunds and FCC’s. Refunds will come but I think it may take longer than we were originally told.
  14. Below is the email that I received from MSC on 3/30 when I submitted for my refund on their website which has different wording than what is currently being shown. If I don’t receive a full refund by 5/30 I will dispute the full amount with my credit card company. They asked for sixty days which I will give them but not more than that. I want to be fair but not happy with their latest refund policy change. Cruise lines need to be careful. They will need the cruising public when this is over. Do not alienate your best customers. Dear ....................., Your MSC Cruise Assurance Form has been successfully submitted. Your Refund Reference Number for this request is - .................Use this Reference Number for all future correspondence regarding this request. Your refund will be processed within 60 days. Thank you, MSC Cruises
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