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  1. Thanks Ernie. I will let you know how this cruise goes. I really wish Celebrity would place a ship out here full time. Hoping NCL fits the bill.
  2. Great post Ernie and spot on as usual. Moving to the west coast we knew Celebrity wasn’t a major player in this market so after a ten year hiatus we’re going to try NCL again. The new Royal class from Princess do not appeal to us. The balconies are so small. My husband and I booked the Bliss for early October. It’s going to be nice to only have a short drive to catch a ship. 🙂 Trying the Haven so hopefully we will enjoy it. Now trying to catch up on what we need to know. If you have any pointers please feel free to share. That’s always fun. Hope all is well down in south Florida. Now back to the subject of the Joy. Did not mean to hijack the thread. 🙂
  3. Hi PC....🙂 Which is why I take 80% of what’s posted here with a grain of salt. 😉
  4. Hey Paul. Off topic. Just saw you and your wife on House Hunters. Good luck in Louisiana. Beautiful home. :) Gordon
  5. I agree Ernie. I detest the Destiny class design and Carnival has rode that horse for years. Now it looks as though they're going to use the new LNG platform across multiple lines. I like what I see about the Edge but this is RCCL who is always pushing the envelope so I'm not surprised by this very innovative design.:) I think the balcony concept on the Edge is great. Still on the fence with the Flying Carpet. I look at it as a variation of the Oasis class Rising Tide bar but on steroids and passengers won't be riding it while it's in motion. I just looked at the renderings of NCL's off the shelf design and thus far I don't care for it but I'm sure by the time the ship is built there will be a lot more changes but I'm not a fan of pushing balconies back so far from the sea. What is great is the very healthy order book for the shipyards. The cruise industry continues to grow and the future looks bright.
  6. True. Richard Fain made a statement a few years ago during one of the earnings call that the company was looking to move out the Vision class. One Quantum class ship replaces two Vision class ships capacity wise plus they're less expensive to operate and an Oasis class replaces three Vision class ships. I expect at least one Vision class ship to be sold each year until all are out of the fleet.
  7. Very interesting. I lost interest in RCI several years ago. Celebrity is now my go to cruise line but the new MSC Seaside looks interesting. RCI has turned too family/kids friendly. Most of us saw it coming back when the Voyager was introduced.
  8. Thanks! We will probably squeeze something in. Enjoy those upcoming cruises.
  9. We flew out of Venice in 2013 and 2014 and I would not chance it. I found check-in and security to be slow. Even flying Business class made for a wait to get checked in.
  10. Congratulations. That will be two great cruises. We love PS. Having fun with getting the house set up. I keep a photo diary as we go along and update as more is complete.:) I still read CC almost daily but seldom post. I still try to stay on top of the industry. This new MSC Seaside looks amazing and I'm glad that they're growing to keep the other big lines in check. Competition is a good thing.:)
  11. Doing well and thanks. Taking a break from cruising. We decided to purchase a vacation/eventual retirement home in Palm Springs last year. Took six months to remodel and now we spend all available time out there. 😀 We will be back at sea one day though.
  12. This is not the case. X has brought in a younger cruiser. Bars go late into the night. The ships have a Miami DJ in the martini bar and at midnight it's still going strong. The Solstice class feel more open than the Freedom or Oasis class.
  13. Hey Ernie. Excited for you. I know you will write a great review and post plenty of photos. Can't wait to read the review.:)
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