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  1. The last time we stayed at the Hotel Jazz. Very clean and nice. Good area. https://www.hoteljazz.com/en/ On our next visit we want to try a different area so were booked at the Ohla Barcelona. Friends stayed here and highly recommended it. We always book rooms where the rates are refundable. Hotel 1898 rates for a refundable room was outrageous compared to their non refundable rates. https://www.ohlaboutiquehotels.com/en-gb/home
  2. We used Barcelona City tour HOHO and will be using them again. Two routes made it easy.
  3. I agree with the above. We were able to get checked in early (not usual in Barcelona). Took a quick shower, changed clothes and hit Las Ramblas. Do not miss this area. We loved it. If you can’t get an early check-in then check your luggage with the hotel and get back out there. 🙂 We were in bed by 7:00-7:30. Slept like a baby.....
  4. This is the same thing that I see when logging in to our cruise. The Premium Beverage Package was one of the four perks. If we have to pay the 20% gratuity which we were not charged for when making the reservation and deposit then our price will be $331.20 for twelve nights. Hopefully this will only be for new bookings even though it still does not set well with me. In comparison I just looked at what NCL charged us for the beverage package “service charge” for seven nights for two. $277.20. 😳 Right now X is still a better deal but I have found that since we booked NCL in April that they seem to be the king of the nickel and dime program. I guess we are starting to see the future of cruising where you book a stateroom and everything else will be “a la carte” and I do mean everything.........
  5. RCI started non refundable deposits on Grand suites and higher a few years ago. If you cancel I believe the charge is $100.00 per person and the remainder of the deposit is applied towards a future booking. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂 RCI stated too many people were booking multiple suites and then canceling at the last minute when final payment was due. We never booked more than one stateroom at a time on any cruise line but it’s one reason RCI will not get any future business from us. We book suites but we never know if we will need to cancel a trip. Too risky. If X starts this then we will move on.
  6. NCL does charge for suites. We’re booked in the Haven H6 and we were charged $138.60 per person for our drink perk.
  7. Thanks for your responses. Most of the negative reviews on the hotel were on Yelp but TA is a mixed bag of reviews. Homeless does not really bother me. We have that here in Palm Springs and it’s not an issue. We also have a reservation booked at the Hyatt in LB. Will make a decision between the two.
  8. Can anyone who is familiar with the San Pedro Cruise port please tell me your thoughts on the area? We are booked at the Crowne Plaza San Pedro due to the fact that we can leave our car with the hotel/valet for the week and they shuttle us to and from the port. Reading on some sites like Trip Advisor that the hotel told guests not to leave the hotel in the evening. Not safe. Gang activity and homeless issues. Not usually one that gets alarmed easy but they’re making it sound like a really less than desirable area. We just like the ease of the parking situation. Thanks for any feedback.
  9. Yes. Le Petit Chef at Qsine replaced the previous Silk Harvest.
  10. We’re trying our first NCL cruise in ten years in October. We chose NCL due to being able to drive to the port (Los Angeles). We don’t expect the same experience as X but then each cruise line being different is a good thing. We will be in the Haven and our total cost will be more than X suites class by the time we added in the extras that we usually receive on X when booking a suite. I hope that we enjoy it as we need more west coast options.
  11. Unlike RCI I can see both prices at one time. Pretty transparent to me.
  12. Thanks for keeping Celebrity an overall great cruise line. We really enjoy all aspects of the cruise line including the MDR.
  13. I think that you have it correct. That’s their choice but fortunately for us west coasters the competition does not see it that way and we’re getting more ships to choose from. Actually RCI used to be one of our favorite lines but now they have fallen below a few others. I would much rather see Celebrity bring more ships out here. This year they are doing some nice cruises on the Eclipse.
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