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  1. I would love to try sweetbreads. If I did not like it, I ordered it, I would just move on to the next course. You don't know if you don't try it. If you order it by mistake, that is different. Explain to the waiter and request something else.
  2. This $10 fee might just be available for control if need be. On Princess a few year ago they had a corkage fee policy, but they only charged it when necessary. We were never charged a corkage fee, but another person at our table was. She brought a bottle (sometimes 2) with her every night into the MDR. Some people are just plain wasteful and the waitstaff can spot them. If a person orders a second entree and eats it, let them have it. If they take only two bites, then charge them. It could be an option.
  3. How about we make some suggestions or alternate ideas. Instead of making money by charging for a second entree, they could do a diners club package. $99 per guest for a 7 day cruise. DO NOT require all people in the cabin to buy this! This could include 1 wine tasting, special Starters (not on the regular guests menu), larger portions of some entrees ( like a larger lobster tail), special Mains, and sampling plates. This would make the other guests at the table jealous and would want to find out how they could get the package. Some, including myself, would find this appealing and other would have no interest, but this would help cover the cost of those with large appetites (the 16 year old football player) without raising the cost of their food. One last idea, host a special event for the members to give feed back.
  4. I just ordered the Caribbean Conch and Seafood Chowder. So we will see what they will actually deliver.
  5. We will be on the March 24 cruise. In planning I was looking at the "Culinary Indulgences" and there are several options like Seafood Chowder & Lobster Roll $17 and states "Enjoy Seafood Chowder & Lobster Roll from the Lobster Shack at Half Moon Cay, featuring fresh Caribbean Lobster grilled beachside." How do they do that? The Half Moon Cay is NOT on our itinerary...Or maybe it is and they have not informed us yet. Maybe I will order the Caribbean Conch & Seafood Chowder $5 just to see what HAL comes up with. My guess is that this is just another website problem.
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