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  1. Thank you carefreebee. You have a lot of good information there.
  2. We will be on the Sky Princess at the end of November. I’ve been on the Regal Princess but never the Sky. I like to explore the ship. I get up early before the crowds get in the way to get pictures. Later on I like to watch people. I will be 76 on this cruise and won’t be able to see as much as I would like. Those of you who have been on the Sky, what are the “Do Not Miss” places on the ship? What is a nice bar to just sit, sip, and watch the ocean? I appreciate your suggestions.
  3. I just tried the "Special Offers Sign Up". I got a thank you email from Princess. So we will see if I get any more emails. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have an email address to ask about my email. I am not getting any email from Princess. I just read a post about an email offer for gift cards. I did not receive that. I have not received any email from Princess and I have a cruise in November. Thee only emails I have received is when I made a purchase for the cruise, so I know that the email address they have is correct.
  5. One problem is that Princess has not updated their information. The FAQ states "In advance of your cruise, visit Cruise Personalizer® to confirm your booking is complete, tell us any special needs, pre-reserve shore excursions, specialty dining, relaxing spa treatments or print your travel documents." They need an Ocean Medallion App FAQ. Also it is difficult to find answers on CC. There is "Ocean Medallion App - Part 3" where is Part 1 and 2? There is "Ocean Medallion Questions - Part 2" where is part 1? With my dyslexia it is difficult to read thru 50 pages to get an answer to a question
  6. I suggest you call Princess and ask them about check-in. They need to realize that some people do not have smart phones or tablets.
  7. and what if you only have one phone for the two of you?
  8. My app has both of our pictures. We should be able to order both of our drinks thru the same phone.
  9. Glad you asked. I was wondering the same thing.
  10. I just entered our passport information. It did not ask for an upload. I don't know where they got our photos from. They look a little outdated.
  11. I just got the Cancellation email too. I was on the Aug 29th cruise on the Gem. I guess I will try again.
  12. How is the specialty dining package used? Do I tell them when I make the reservation if I am using the package or do they automatically charge against it the first couple of specialty dining restaurants? I want to make sure I get the best use of the package.
  13. Thanks, I had the same question. We have a cruise booked for July 4th with a backup cruise the end of September. I really hope the July cruise is a go. I need a cruise right now.
  14. DO NOT forget to take the Apple Watch Charger with you! I forgot mine on the last cruise. I had this new watch and could not use it. They did not sell Apple Watch chargers onboard ship.
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