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  1. Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for. Hope you enjoyed your trip!
  2. We always acquire a few beverages to take onboard and it seems like Carnival uses different type bottles (plastic....) or containers in different ports. Would anyone who has recently taken the Dream out of Port Canaveral remember if they had Michelob Ultra and if so, what type of can/bottle it was in? the 16 ounce plastic bottle/ 12 ounce can, 16 ounce "stay cool" aluminum bottle etc. While we still buy more than our share from the ship, we like to have some in the room and didn't want to stand out with an unusual container if we could buy the same thing before cruising on the January 30th sailing. Also, any special suggestions for the Dream to take along? We are platinum on Carnival, but this is our first "inaguaral season" sailing so any tips from veterans cruisers would be appreciated.
  3. We had two of the cabanas rented for eight of us. I got to the Shore Excursion desk (on the 5 day Carnival Destiny run) around 5:30 on the first day and they had six cabanas left. Ironically there were three people that had tried to rent the private oasis (the larger cabana at the end of the beach)
  4. I took the girls from my office on a cruise as part of an incentive for hitting a certain goal and while I've done 18 cruises this image is one of my top five. If I hadn't taken the photo myself I would have thought it had been manipulated. If you're going, you'll love it.
  5. We're sailing the Legend, but I suspect they try to be somewhat consistent. Thanks for the quick updates!
  6. A few other great items Print our your cabin info, return flight information and contact info for when you get your luggage tags to go home. Print out a set and throw them in your bag, that way on your final night you're not spending 10 or 15 minutes scribbling your information on the tags. Small clothes pins or clips to keep the window blinds closed during the daytime naps.
  7. In the past they've always been in the 16 oz plastic bottles, but I've heard they may moved to the new cans. Just trying to make sure the small stock I bring for the room matches what they have on the ship. Thanks!
  8. We have traveled on several ships within CCL. Typically I wire advance a deposit to the casino division to have available on board (let's just say it's a decent size amount) so they know we are coming and place us on the guest list. Anything on the ship, Spa, Supper Club, very elegant birthday cakes, drinks etc are available as a comp from the Casino depending on your level of play. Just don't expect them to give you a $60.00 supper club visit after loosing $200.00 at the roulette wheel. But in reverse, even if you win $3,000 one night, there is still a great opportunity for benefits. Here are just a few thoughts after several of these cruises and getting the opportunity be invited to dinner a couple of times with the Casino Manager and other staff. I never play slots so I can't give any advice in that area, but some of these ideas could apply to slots also. * Each and every time you sit down at a table game, take out your sign and sail card and lay it in front of you. The dealer will have a supervisor to come over and record the information so they can rate you or at a minimum say hello. Don't expect a drink or free gift if they don't know who you are. Remember there are typically 2,000 people on the ship. If you play a lot by the 2nd or 3rd day when you pull your card out the manager will wave, call you by name and you can put the card up. In 14 cruises (not all on CCL) I've never gotten nor ever seen an Ocean Players Club card. I'm sure they exist but I've always just used my sign and sail card. * The casino uses a ratio of time played versus amount wagered to determine your rating.. Throw a $100.00 bill down for one hand of blackjack each night and lose and walk away and you probably will never get much of any comp even though you've lost $700.00 on a 7 night cruise. Bet $25.00 (typically, but not always the minimum amount to get rated on blackjack) and play for 3 hours a night and walk away even every night and you will definitely be on their radar and probably enjoy several perks. Winning or losing is not what they base the rating on. Many times people will indicate they lose a large amount of money in the casino, but it's the time played that kills their rating. * Never ask for a freebie when you first meet someone in management. One Casino Manager said he gets about 50 to 75 requests the first day of every cruise from people for a free drink. Typically on the first night he doesn't buy anyone a drink as he would wait and see what their play levels are. However, the people who just introduce themselves and say they are looking forward to a wonderful trip are really the exception and stand out in the mind of the management group. * Chat up the dealers. I can't tell you the number of times I have sat down with a dealer one night and the next night they are managing that area. Apparently they have a lot of training programs and sometimes people are helping on busy nights. Find out about the dealer and what are their favorite ports, or where they wish they could cruise to next. You will probably get some great information along the way. The dealers actually want to carry on a conversation if possible. If a dealer recognizes you and you have been nice to them, they will try to be nice to you. * TIP. This by far is the most frustrating issue in cruise casinos. The casino staff works off tips just like everyone else, including your room steward, wait staff, etc. While Carnival puts some tips on your room charge, the casino staff gets nothing out of those monies. I suspect many of you spend more time with the casino staff than your waiter and room steward combined, but yet never acknowledge their great service. It doesn't have to be a huge amount. Maybe a $5.00 chip every once in a while (or higher based on your betting) If youv'e never noticed, they have a bell beside the tip drop which they ring when you typically give a tip. I can promise you, managers will notice when the bell is ringing and they will be much more receptive to helping you when you help them. We've been lucky enough to have a lot of perks over the years and have gotten to know some wonderful people in the casino. I would agree that each host and hostess along with managers, do things differently but typically if you try some of the above it will go a long way. Good Luck!
  9. These aren't secrets but they help me make my cruise experience memorable. A few more ideas to help your cruising experience; Pre-print on labels the addresses to any one you want to send post cards or letters to. Saves the hassle of taking address books, plus serves as a great reminder not to forgot that "special" person. If your bar tab is as large as my wife (aka the flower) and I's you seem to accumulate a lot of receipts along with documents etc on the way to and from. I carry a small vinyl bank deposit bag (with the zipper on top) It collects all of our small scrap paper, receipts, boarding tickets, etc and upon return I can put all of these in a manilla envelopes with our room cards, folio receipt, etc. I have gone back to those envelopes countless times for a variety of reasons, i.e. frequent flyer miles, looking up how much a gift cost etc. Set your tv to the bridge cam when you go to bed at night (the t.v. will be black) but will slowly come to life as the sun rises. If you're an early riser, if not, turn off everything, close the shades and sleep till 3p.m. If you have a balcony room that adjoins someone else in your group and you would like the divider between your rooms open, go immediately when you get on the ship to the pursers desk. Believe it or not they have a limit of the number of these they will open (I've been told for safety reasons) and you room steward will typically not be able to open them for you. Have fun during your sail a way. Remember the old days when there was confetti and streamers that everyone shot when you pulled out of port? With environmental concerns it doesn't happen anymore. Want an eye opening way to have a fun sail away? Try Bubbles! We first sailed with a couple that took a few small bottles of childrens bubbles, essentially liquid soap, that they had bought for .99 and it was a great time. Everyone thought it was a really interesting way to sail away. We found some toy bubble gun's (you insert a bottle in the bottom and pull the trigger and it will shoot hundreds) for about $5.00 at a toy store and we carry them on each cruise now. Lasty, make yourself a "cruise kit" I keep a small tupperware type container (it's not even big enough to hold a pair of shoes) and before each cruise I toss it in my checked luggage (you'll see why when I give you the contents) That way it's always there and ready to go. It may sound crazy but almost all of the items I have used at one time or another. Flat first aid kit. A few antiseptic swaps, bandaids etc. Typically a campers type from Wal Mart is perfect. One small container of Purell hand sanitizer A miniature cigarette lighter (neither of us smoke, although I will get the urge for a cigar every once in a while) A miniature bottle of OFF insect repellant An off brand Gerber multi-tool. It has a knife, small pliers, etc. Handy for everything from cutting a string off a frayed edge to using the pliers when ultimately your luggage zipper is caught. A miniature screwdriver set (the kind used for repairing glasses that has an extra couple of screws) Nothing is worse than having to use your duct tape because the screw to your sunglasses fell out in the sea. A combination corkscrew/bottle opener. I hate getting a bon voyage bottle of wine and having nothing to open it with..... 5 to 10 wet one individual wipes. Throw a few in your pocket at each port. You can never tell when you will have a chance to clean up before a lunch or after a long day of touring. SHOUT individual stain remover packets. Perfect for that occassional food dribble that I am required to get on my shirt I planned on wearing later in the week or within 5 minutes of putting it on. Two rolls of Tums. We can talk all we want about buffets and multiple meals, but you also have to worry about the consequences and it's not like you can run down to the local convenience store in the middle of the night. The always critical extension cord. A aa mag-lite. Perfect to put beside the bed for when a late night bathroom run is needed, plus an added bonus, screw the head completely off, stand it on it's end and it makes an excellent night lite for reading. A tube of super glue. I've actually used this a few times for a minor repair that duct tape wouldn't help, specifically a decorate type button or item on my wife's clothes. A few safety pins. Not usually for me, but definitely a life saver for my wife. Clear finger nail polish (once again for my wife, she wears more hose on these trips than at home and ultimately a repair has to be made) A bungee cord (for the balcony rooms) 2 refrigerator magnets, thick size (for the AC unit when the bungee cord is being used) Three or four pens, for some reason we can never find one to write a note or jot something down. A small hotel type sewing kit Immodium AD, once again for all of over indulgence and port visits. A couple of minature chip type clips. Sometimes they are used to hold things on a refrigerator or come in a bigger package, you could always use clothes pins or the like. We always use ours on the window drapes to keep sunlight out early in the morning. Zip ties. These are the ties usually to hold audio video cables together (you've some the much larger ones used as plastic handcuffs in riot situations on t.v. etc.) We always put these as a lock on our luggage, not so much to keep anyone out but to keep the bag from opening inadvertently. They can be taken off by security if necessary very easily, plus it lets you know immediatly if someone has been in your bag. Almost all of the above items are very very inexpensive and a majority of them I found a "everythings a dollar" type store.
  10. I'd vote for a big take half the road, gas guzzling, 8 passenger SUV, maybe not an Escalade, but certainly an Expedition. Think about it, most of their ships are a floating city, they obviously have as a whole (not the biggest) but on average the largest ships on the road (water) A lot of amenities (the Exepedition) but not known as having all the bling bling (Escalade)
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