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  1. I’m not sure what “street” we are looking at, but at the moment we US citizens cannot travel to the EU because of the high numbers in the US not because of the numbers in the EU. It’s our failure to control the virus. Let’s hope we get it together and flatten the curve.
  2. If you really want this cruise because of the itinerary and you have a good deal, you might want to do the Lift and Shift if the same cruise is available in 2021.
  3. Our first Celebrity cruise was on Horizon to Bermuda back in 2002 and she did not have any balconies at that point in time. I will say that it was the only time I got a little seasick on the trip over out of Baltimore when we hit some rocky seas the first night when we hit the open ocean.
  4. TeeRick - This is a great topic, although the moderators may not want us discussing places to go other than on a cruise. We are in the US, Virginia specifically. We took a 6 week road trip through the US 6 years ago and visited 10 National Parks and enjoyed all of them It was about 8,500 miles. We didn't get up to Maine, but since that trip we have gone up to Acadia and really loved that part of the country. I agree that the Adriatic is an area we would definitely revisit on a land tour along with Northern Italy and Switzerland. Amsterdam is also a great place to visit and we are disappointed our B2B there in September was just cancelled within the past couple of weeks. For us, some interesting golf courses are important during road trips. We aren't that good, but a round of golf is one of the activities that we can do where our minds are totally taken off of the current events taking place. Here's hoping that we will be back on the water soon and that therapeutics along with an effective vaccine are available.
  5. Each cabin is allowed two (2) 750ml bottles of wine. There is no charge to drink in your cabin. There is a corkage fee if you bring it to the dining room. I’m not positive of the current charge, but I believe it is $25.00 USD. No alcohol/spirits are allowed to be brought on board.
  6. My reply addressed the original post about dumbbells on Edge. I do not recall seeing any barbells on Edge that offer you the ability to select your choice of plates and clips. If you are talking about land based gyms, I agree they all have both dumbbells and barbells. The Free Weight choices on ships are much more limited and usually limited to dumbbells of a predetermined weight.
  7. It has been about 18 months since we cruised on Edge, but I don’t think the dumbbells have the option to add additional plates. If you look at the photo the dumbbells on the rack are not the type that allow additional weight to be added. 100 lb. would be the maximum. I also found the machines to be minimal. The S Class ships have a better variety of machines.
  8. There is or was something called the "Standard Package" I'm not sure they still offer it. It was/is one step below the the "Classic Package". No need to worry about it if you are planning on either Classic or Premium.
  9. The only crew member you can tip extra by going to Guest Relations is your Cabin Attendant. I suggest you do this a couple of days in advance. It shows up on your TV Guest Account when it is paid out. It took 2 days on our last cruise and I had to call to confirm it was in progress. Other areas can can also be included like Food and Beverage but not by name of an individual.
  10. It is sometimes parked at the Raw on 5 restaurant.
  11. Edge does not have a specialty restaurant with the same “ambiance “ as Murano. Edge was designed to have a different feel than previous ships. I’d call it a bit more casual and overall brighter based on the colors and design of furniture, paint schemes and carpets. The 4 MDR’s are all nice since they all much smaller than the S and M Class dining rooms. We enjoyed Edge for the most part and will be back on her but only after cruising Equinox one of our favorites.
  12. I am confident that Celebrity knows how to staff based on the number of guests cruising. They are in the enviable position of knowing the exact load factor prior to each cruise. I am also confident that that most of the people posting on the board do care about the crew. Suggesting it is the cruisers responsibility to make sure the staff makes up for any shortfall in compensation makes as much sense as suggesting X should charge me less because my stock portfolio has taken a hit due to the current economic situation. Their dynamic pricing model allows them to maximize profits and is a smart business practice. It is also ultimately X’s responsibility. to make sure their staff is fairly compensated
  13. The 3 Night Package is really not much savings. Here is an example: - Book First Night in Tuscan - $30.00 - You choose time - Book 2 Nights in Murano for the days you want and time you want - Total is $100.00 - Total for 3 Nights in Specialty Restaurants- $130.00 Versus - 3 Night Package - $129.00 where you can only select a time for the first night. And they might assign you to LePetit Chef, not a venue I’d want to do again. You Save 1 dollar ($1.00) and many cruisers are using OBC for these dinners the one dollar in savings is negligible. My opinion is the Six Night Package for $204.00 is the best deal Celebrity offers. That works out to $34.00 per night. This is for M and S Class ships. E Class packages are higher.
  14. No, you cannot split up the Dining Package with another couple. If you purchase the package online you need to check off the names of the people that are purchasing. You can add additional people but will need their ship reservation number and names. You will see that option when you go online to make your purchase. If you have more than 2 people on your reservation all of the names will appear and you select who is to be included. It’s a little difficult to explain, but easy to do online when making the actual purchase.
  15. You will be making the actual reservation once you board the ship. Depending the cruise, certain time slots and restaurants fill up quickly. An example would be you are celebrating your anniversary while on board and you definitely want to dine in Murano at 7:30 on that evening. You may get on board and find out that Murano is totally booked that night or is only available at eith 6:00 or 8:30. At that point you need to decide what is most important to you. You do get to choose a specific time for your Day 1 dinner in advance, but not the restaurant. This can be changed once on board. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the discount is nice, but eating where and at what time might be more important. The early and late dining times are the least popular. Times from 7:00 - 8:00 tend to be the most popular partially depending on ship demographics and where you are sailing. Either way please enjoy your cruise. PS - If you are booking the Penthouse or Royal Suite all bets are off. You will get whatever you want. LOL
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