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  1. Holland and Princess are both owned by Carnival. Makes sense.
  2. I understand your concern, but somewhat disagree. The brand of alcohol served with the Elite Happy Hour are not ones I choose to drink. Maybe I'm a bit "snobbish" but when I'm paying for a cruise, I drink what I usually drink at home or possibly even try some new libations that I don't care to spend money on in case I don't like it. I'll take the 10% discount and use it to upgrade to premium when or if it is necessary. Not that I would turn down a higher % discount.
  3. You’re welcome, but I have to thank my DW who heard this from a nice lady in the UK on Facebook. We all need to work together in order to keep the staff at Celebrity up to date on new policies. I guess Cruise Critic is faster than their internal communications sometimes.
  4. I also have made the change through my TA. When I first called her she said no I couldn’t get the switch unless I had something in writing from X. She called back 10 minutes later and told me yes I could make the change. This was for Edge to Silhouette on 1/24/22. I’m not sure if all ships and itineraries are eligible.
  5. It seems to be a bit of a communication issue with X. Not everyone has received the updated information. It may not be for all cruises. Ours was identical with one exception. They are doing an overnight in Curaçao instead of a day in Bonaire. I’d suggest another call to X. In know Captains Club reps don’t have the new information as of 4 hours ago, but may by now.
  6. Here is the good news for our January 24, 2022 cruise. Saner heads have prevailed at Celebrity. You can now make the change to Silhouette for this cruise and keep your pricing and perks. It took some time, but I guess they figured it was the right thing to do. Thank you Celebrity. It is not Edge, but it is on a Revolutionized ship - Silhouette.
  7. Totally disagree with your opinion. An airplane flies through the air to get you from one place to another. A ship floats on water to do the same thing. Leave it it up to the passenger to make the decision to change, but don’t charge an extra $3k for the same itinerary.
  8. I made the same comment in a previous post. Many of us have had an airline change equipment on a flight we have booked. We might have to change seats but the price doesn’t change. This amounts to the same thing only here they changed ships.
  9. I have spoken to X to express my displeasure about our 11 night Edge cruise that is being replaced with with a Silhouette 11 night cruise cruise. Same date - 1/24/22 and same itinerary except an extra overnight in Curacao, no Bonaire. Price for a Sky Suite for this cruise is an extra $3,148 for two. Same exact Perks on both cruises so their new pricing policy doesn't come into play. What's the difference between an airline changing equipment for your flight and a cruise company changing your ship? You may have to change seats on the plane or cabins on the ship but it is still t
  10. All Edge cruises OVER 7 DAYS have been cancelled. My 11 night January 24, 2022 ABC Island cruise has been cancelled. Here is the STRANGE PART. They have added an 11 night January 24, 2022 AC(no B) cruise on Silhouette. Same cruise except no Bonaire. I asked about Shifting to the new Silhouette cruise but was told I had to cancel and rebook at PREVAILING RATES. For me that means instead of $4,499 per person for a Sky Suite it would be $6,073 per person for a Sky Suite. That is an additional $3,148 for two people on a ship that X considers to be a downgrade. Personally I like S Class just
  11. Key West might be the ultimate people watching town in America. Although I will say the people watching was better the time we visited not on a cruise compared to the visit as part of a cruise with at least 5,000 cruisers wandering around. I definitely see both sides of this argument.
  12. The SV is a much better cabin IMHO. Celebrity learned very quickly that many cruisers preferred the SV over Concierge, Aqua and Regular IV Balcony cabins mostly due to the true balcony in a SV. As a result they raised prices on them early on. There are a very limited number of SV cabins. The pricing is based on supply and demand. Celebrity bases their Captains Club points based on category, not the price you pay. Depending on when you book, the pricing on every cruise will vary a great deal. I know there are some cruises where a Regular balcony costs more than a Concierge based on timing of
  13. Update to previous post. - It was actually Jason Liberty the CFO. The break even was on an EBITDA basis. See link below. I don’t see the 50-60% comment in this article. https://www.barrons.com/articles/royal-caribbean-ceo-sees-a-changed-industry-with-fewer-ships-and-passengers-initially-51590088201
  14. The obvious choice of ships are Edge and Apex. They only need about 30% occupancy to break even. The older ships are more in the 50 - 60% range for break even. This is break even for that actual cruise. It does not include any allocation for debt service, corporate expenses etc... Before someone one asks for a source - it was from an interview or conference call months ago that I believe Richard Fain participated in. I will go back and see if I can locate the actual post.
  15. Are you sure 10160 and 10162 are “connecting”? It is my understanding that they each have their own entry door as indicated by the notch from the hallway on 10160 and that there is a separate doorway that can be closed and locked at the hallway that creates privacy for those two rooms when booked together. I didn’t think there was an actual door between the interior of the cabins.
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