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  1. A quick note - It Does Not cover anything from the Mini Bar in your cabin or alcoholic beverages ordered through Room Service.
  2. This is not quite true. Concierge was able to board prior to Aqua on our 2019 Edge cruise due to the special embarkation lunch. There was a bit of grumbling from Aqua passengers when Concierge was called before Aqua.
  3. Here is my guess and it truly is a guess. There is a limited amount of space in the terminal to separate people. Once inside the terminal, knowing how some people can get, they would be pushing toward getting on the ship even if their time had not been called. That is certainly what I have observed at Terminal 25 on the cruises pre-COVID. It is probably easier to keep them outside separated than giving them closer access inside the terminal.
  4. Jim, I hope this is true. I didn’t want to take the chance on past cruises of the right person getting paid so I gave cash. I’ll use your method on our next cruise and follow up with the staff member.
  5. From what I have been told and have done in the past, you can only designate additional gratuities for your cabin attendant. I’m not sure about butlers. You do this by going to Guest Relations and filling out a form. I have been told if you do this for a server the extra goes into a pool for all F&B staff. It is also recommended that you let the individual that you are doing this so they can look for it in their pay. Also, check your online account and make sure it is charged to your account. It may take a day or two.
  6. I believe you meant to say no charge for breakfast or lunch at Eden Cafe. Dinner in Eden is a Specialty Restaurant.
  7. My guess is that X offers the 30% discount for the 1st night specialty restaurants. There is no need for a package on that night. In other words on a 7 night cruise you buy the 1st night special 30% discount and the 6 night package if you want to eat in a specialty restaurant each night.
  8. Have at it @jg51. Get it off your chest. It slides right off my back. Turtles, I agree the make up lunch is no big deal unless they are serving filet and lobster. I haven’t heard what the meal is. We have had the E Day lunch a few times and sometimes it was very good - Lamb Chops, other times it was very pedestrian. We have occasionally skipped it for a relaxing meal at the Spa Cafe.
  9. I totally understand the fact that the Port Staff is contracted by Celebrity. What I don’t understand is why there is not enough Celebrity Staff out there to make sure their guests are not treated well during the embarkation process. For many cruisers this is their first impression of Celebrity and while Celebrity will have the next 7+ days to improve their impression, some will always remember their first impression.
  10. The reason for eliminating the Embarkation Lunch is due to the adherence to specific boarding times that are selected when you check in for your cruise. It is all as a result of the new protocols due to COVID-19. There is no guarantee you will be able to board in time to dine at the luncheon. From what I have read about the cruises that have already taken place there are no longer priority boarding times for cabins other than suites and a few other VIP cruisers. Hopefully this benefit for Concierge Cabins will be reinstated once we get closer to “normal “ cruising life. You may or ma
  11. The Eden Cafe is open on Embarkation Day.
  12. The answers are correct, but I am “assuming “ that you are booked in a suite. Luminae is the assigned dining room for suites.
  13. Per the original post #1 the Grand Reopening is scheduled for January 27, 2022.
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