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  1. Neither. Just someone with too much time on my hands who likes to play around with numbers.
  2. The numbers are based on the total number of available cabins for the cruise. They do not include the 244 OV or the 212 Inside Cabins since those are not for sale on these cruises. There are 2 Penthouse, 8 Royal and 8 Celebrity Suites not included in my numbers. So yes, it is based on what would be considered a100% Full Ship of the cabins available. I believe Baron Barracuda's Load Factors of 30% and 50% for break even numbers are based on an actual Full Ship of just under 1,100 cabins, not the 593 that I am calling a Full Ship.
  3. Since I have a bit of time on my hands, I checked the numbers of cabins available on two of the cruises leaving St Marteen. My question is - Is X happy or disappointed with current bookings given how much has been made about people really wanting to get back on the water? Here are the numbers (I only checked Sky Suites in these numbers): July 3rd - Aruba, Curacao, Barbados - Sky Suites - 21 Booked out of 32 - 66% Booked - Aqua - 56 Booked out of 107 - 52% Booked - Concierge - 72 Booked out of 158 - 46% Booked - Veranda - 145 Booked out of 296 - 49% Booked - Total Bookings - 294 Booked out of 593 - 50% Booked July 10th - BVI, St Lucia, Barbados - Sky Suites - 21 Booked out of 32 - 66% Booked - Aqua - 58 Booked out of 107 - 54% Booked - Concierge - 49 Booked out of 158 - 31% Booked - Veranda - 146 Booked out of 296 - 49% Booked - Total Bookings - 274 Booked out of 593 - 46% Booked The % booked for the entire ship does not include OV and Inside since those cabins are not available. Your thoughts are appreciated.
  4. I agree with 8-11. In addition the middle two cabins have a slightly lager balcony. Here is a picture of the Aft Cabins on Edge compliments of the sadly now departed Edge Queen VT Cruiser
  5. Here is the email from LLP: For the last twelve months, I have been eagerly awaiting the day when I would be able to share the news of our return to service with you. And that day is finally here. I am beyond thrilled to announce our long-anticipated return to cruising! Starting June 5th, our newly revolutionized Celebrity Millennium will homeport in the tropical paradise of St. Maarten and begin offering two seven-night cruise itineraries in the Caribbean. I am forever grateful for a lot of things today. I am grateful for the loyalty and support you, our most loyal guests, have shown us over the past year. Your words of encouragement, concern for our crew and willingness to work through these challenging times with us means more than you will ever know. I am grateful for the leadership and collaboration of the St. Maarten Government for working with us to welcome our guests back to their beautiful island safely. And I am grateful for the entire team at Celebrity Cruises for working day and night to make this a reality. Now, beginning March 25th you’ll be able to book our new summer season of Caribbean cruises for a week of world-class dining experiences, thrilling shows and dreamy, stylish staterooms all while basking in the sun, culture and history of some of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Our itinerary offerings include: • Aruba, Curaçao and Barbados - This trifecta of spectacular islands offers plenty of wonder from Aruba’s natural rock pools, caves and volcanic lava formations; to the colorful Dutch-colonial-style buildings and the Willemstad City Center UNESCO World Heritage Site in Curaçao; to snorkeling and catamaran sailings in the cool blue waters of Barbados. • Tortola, St. Lucia and Barbados – In addition to the many water adventure offerings in Barbados, this itinerary adds in St. Lucia’s lush green landscape and relaxing Sugar Beach; along with one of the British Virgin Islands’ treasures, Tortola, with its mountainous landscape and beautiful sandy coves that are enough to make any beach lover swoon. We want you to be among the first to join us in our return to service and we want to make it as easy as possible for you. • Take advantage of special air and sea pricing offering exceptional savings on all Summer 2021 St. Maarten sailings starting at $1,999* per person for a veranda stateroom. The offer applies to new bookings and flights must be booked through Flights By Celebrity and prices include airfare taxes. No promotional code is needed. • Celebrity will offer a range of curated tours for all interests and price points at every port of call. Private Journeys and Small Group Discovery Tours will also be available for those guests preferring to explore the destinations with only members of their family or traveling companions. • Simplifying the luxury vacation experience, Wi-Fi, drinks and tips are now ‘Always IncludedSM’ on every Celebrity cruise. And, Celebrity’s “ Cruise with Confidence” program provides flexible cancellations and best price guarantees. As always, the health and safety of our guests, crew and places we visit continues to be our top priority. The ship will sail with vaccinated crew and will be available to vaccinated adult guests and children under the age of 18 with a negative test result within 72 hours of embarkation. In addition, guests must meet St. Maarten’s travel requirements, which currently include presenting a negative PCR test taken within 72-hours of arrival to the island. Celebrity Millennium will sail with comprehensive, multilayered health and safety measures developed with expert guidance from parent company Royal Caribbean Group’s Healthy Sail Panel and Global Head of Public Health and Chief Medical Officer; and local health and government authorities. These measures, including vaccination requirements, will evolve in keeping with current public health standards. Details on all health and safety measures across the entire Celebrity Cruises vacation experience can be found at https://www.celebritycruises.com/healthy-at-sea. Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we announce additional plans to bring our entire fleet back into service. I know many of you, like me, can’t wait to start traveling again. Celebrity is all about opening the world and brighter days are ahead. I look forward to seeing you back on board very soon. All my best, LLP President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises
  6. Great Move! You will love the view and real balcony.
  7. Kim - You will have an Infinite Veranda in your Concierge Cabin. It is not a true balcony, more like a sunroom that has a window that slides down about halfway from the ceiling. Your best choice other than Suites is a Sunset Veranda. They have true balconies and are located across the aft part of the ship. Here is is photo of the Sunset Verandas. The far left and right cabins are S1 Suites. The others are SV’s.
  8. Fortunately no more floor sitting for muster drills with the new format of viewing the video in your cabin or on your personal device.
  9. If you only plan to use the Thermal Suite one time, then Blu is the main advantage. The smaller four (4) main dining room layout on Edge is one of the best changes Celebrity implemented on E Class ships. The additional CC Points probably don’t mean much if you already have Elite status. My recommendation would be to check out the Sunset Veranda cabins where you get a true balcony and use the savings for a couple of Specialty Restaurants or upgrading the Classic to Premium drink package. As an FYI - Sunset Verandas sell out quickly and do cost a decent amount more than an Infinite Veranda. The best SV Cabins are the 2 in the middle of the ship on Decks 7,8,9,10
  10. I am sure they did lots of research into what went into the new E Class ships. I have sailed Edge and really enjoyed the ship. I had another trip planned on Edge for January 2022 that was cancelled and changed to Silhouette. My point of the failure was the balcony furniture that has replaced the larger table and chairs that were on the S Class that makes eating a meal on the balcony difficult to enjoy. The IV furniture on Edge was also not conducive to having a meal either with a tiny table and the chairs a bit uncomfortable. We actually booked a Sky Suite for the cancelled Edge cruise in order to have a true balcony vs. the IV. I'll find out if a meal on the balcony of the Revolutionized Silhouette is still something we will be able to enjoy. Lastly, just because they did lots of research prior to building the E Class doesn't mean they got everything right. Just ask Coca Cola about the "New Coke". I feel they got a lot right on E Class, but there were also some mistakes made. Putting form before function is my biggest gripe especially since I know it is possible to have both form and function work together.
  11. Up early for a walk on the track as the sun rises. A quick workout at the gym. Back to the cabin to shower and dress before our room service breakfast arrives. Then a relaxing day reading in a shaded area on the pool deck. Followed by a light lunch and a short nap in the cabin. Check out any onboard activities and a couple of cocktails. Back to the cabin to clean up and get ready for dinner. Stop by the Martini Bar for a drink and conversation with fellow Martini Lovers and then head to dinner. Followed by the show in the theater whether or not we enjoy it or have seen it before. Make our way back from the show stopping at Cafe al Bacio for either coffee or a nightcap and bring it back to our balcony where we review the day or discuss plans for tomorrow. Crawl into bed and thank God for his/her blessings that we are able to have such a glorious life.
  12. Since it’s almost Valentines Day. Here is a picture from our balcony on Eclipse in Aruba on 2.14.18. This won’t happen again with the Revolution of the S Class ships. A real downgrade of the cruising experience. Enjoying a meal on your balcony without having to try and balance your food without spilling it on you or the deck. Hopefully X can rectify this total fail on the E Class ships and stop the insanity when the S and M Class ships are updated. Please ask experienced cruisers what works and what doesn’t work.
  13. I’d go for Edge if a Sunset Veranda is available. Our only issue with Edge was the Infinite Veranda. The 4 Main Dining Rooms were almost like having a dedicated dining room similar to Blu or Luminae. It is also significantly different than an S Class ship. The trade off is no al fresco restaurants on Edge.
  14. Getting back on the crew vaccination topic. From what I have read, a person that is vaccinated may still be able to have the virus and pass it along even though they will not get sick. If true, the only thing vaccinating the whole crew will accomplish is keeping them well. Not that keeping them well is a bad thing. It simply may not stop the spread of the virus onboard.
  15. I’m not sure the Sky Lounge is what you are lookin for if it’s for a pre dinner cocktail. It is located at the opposite end of the ship. The Martini Bar is more centrally located for a pre dinner cocktail.
  16. I was thinking it more like the Pony Express
  17. There are Specialty Dining Packages available in your Cruise Planner that are discounted based on the number of nights you purchase. Here is the only downside to the discounted packages - You cannot book them before your cruise. You may not get the restaurant of choice or the time you prefer to eat on the package. If you are willing to purchase without the discount, you are able to select the day, time and restaurant choice. Many people will say to wait until you board because discounts are available. That is true in many cases, but again the choice of date, time and restaurant may not suit you. The only real exception is for the first night of your cruise. You usually get a discount of between 30% -35% that night and can choose your time and restaurant.
  18. Agree with the previous two posts. Eden is much more than the dinner/show. It has a good breakfast and very good lunch with the best brownies and chocolate chip cookies onboard. The bar is a more relaxed area vs the Martini Bar. You can actually sit there and converse with other cruisers and the bartenders unlike the way they have ruined (imho) the Martini Bar on Edge. Eden also has an area outside with a few chairs and tables to enjoy your food and drink.
  19. Yes you can use the OBC in your cruise planner and you are correct about the VAT that may be added depending on which ports are included in your itinerary.
  20. I find it interesting that the limited time discount being offered to CC members is for new cruises that are booked by 1/31/21 but are only valid on cruises from 7/1/21 through 12/31/21. Does anyone see the July 1st date as an indication about when X feels cruising will either be somewhat back to normal or possibly a new start date. We already know that March 1st is their current start date. Could April, May and June also likely be cancelled soon?
  21. I am assuming you have seen this picture of Edge. It definitely shows that 11274 is wider than 11273. I don’t know why the depth would be much different. The 2 Center SV’s are the largest balconies on Edge. The difference in width decreases as you go higher on the ship.
  22. I believe the 10% discount is only a limited time offer. It is only for new cruises booked by January 31, 2021 departing July 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021
  23. You and Fouremco are are undoubtable right. I will object to one thing, wasting time is one of my favorite pastimes at present. 😵
  24. Have you checked to see if your DH might have a secret savings account to stash his winnings??? LOL
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