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  1. I received an email on 3/30 from Carnival telling me my April 16th cruise was canceled - by Carnival. Filled out the form provided and requested a full refund. On 4/8, I received another email - standard form letter from Carnival, saying they were sorry " your reservation has cancelled. If your cancellation occurred during the penalty period the amount will be listed below." At the bottom of the letter under "Penalty Assessed," the amount shown is $0.00. They also noted that the "unprecedented situation" is delaying processing times so "calling/emailing us" will not expedite the process.
  2. Based on Carnival's most recent notice of cruise cancellations, I took advantage of their offer and asked for a full refund. I was booked on the Paradise for April 16th, solo cruiser in a Cat 1A cabin....two bunk beds and of course no windows. The ultimate issue for me was not so much the overall coronavirus situation, but more importantly, the possibility of getting quarantined in a small inside cabin for 14 days. While certainly not the end of the world, and yes I could certainly do it if I had to, but why take such a risk? It was only a 4-night cruise to Cozumel out of Tampa, so it's no
  3. I had submitted an earlier one as well, but without any email notification to me specifically. This one was different in that the email was personalized to me and I just followed the link in the email to the form to request a refund. My thinking is that this recent Carnival wide cancellation required them to start over with the processing, hence the request to fill out the newer form. There was a very clear statement in their email to the effect that "this letter supercedes any previous offer received." BTW, Carnival isn't saying it will take 90 days, only that it may take up to 90 days
  4. Got 4 emails for my 1 booked cruise. (They all were exactly the same with the same time stamp. ) Filled out the form ASAP for a full refund and received the standard message that the form and information had been received. I don't think they're going to be sending out any confirmation emails, just the acknowledgement that they received the form when you submit it. My best guess is to watch my credit card company for the next 90 days for the refund to be posted.
  5. If nothing else, I certainly appreciate your apparent eternal optimism!😁
  6. I'm booked on the Paradise out of Tampa on April 16th. There are no cruises available on Carnival's website anymore for that date on the Paradise. Pretty obvious this cruise is not going to go, so why wait until the last minute to inform us of that? With only just over two weeks until my cruise, you would think they would know by now whether or not it was a go, and let booked cruisers know that so they can make their decisions.
  7. As a 30-year plus cruiser (35 under my belt), I have always enjoyed cruising, but not sure if it will hold the allure for me that it once did. I also think it's doubtful that cruise lines will ever be able to recover financially from this and worse, there are a lot of people who simply will never cruise again, no matter what incentives are offered. Here's a question - how excited would anyone be to step foot on the Diamond Princess ever again, no matter how many times it was "sanitized?" I think one of the worst realities that cruisers are now dealing with is the harsh reality unmistakable f
  8. I don't typically quote my own posts, but I wanted to post again with my former message in context. I live in Florida. The Governor's office has declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus and is urging people not to travel unless absolutely necessary. In addition, the State Department and the Center for Disease Control are telling people specifically "not to take a cruise," period. In light of these events, one would hope that Carnival will step up to the plate and offer fully refundable cancellations, instead of holding currently booked passengers hostage to a future cruise credit
  9. I'm booked on a solo cruise on the Paradise Apr 16th - a short 4-night to Cozumel. I'm not worried about the coronavirus as much as the possibility of being quarantined for two weeks in an inside Cat 1A cabin. Even though I would take extra meds and several books, that would still be like being inside a dark prison cell with no windows, doing laundry in the sink, etc. I'm sure I could survive the ordeal, but why take that risk in the first place? At the moment, I'm still undecided as to go or not go. Will continue watching current events to see what unfolds. It would be nice if Carnival
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