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  1. Am in a Signature Suite on Oosterdam Mexican Riviera December 7, at an amazing after-final-payment price. Couldn't get an equivalent super deal on a Neptune Suite. So, just added Club Orange for $25pp/pd = $350. I know many 4 and 5 star Mariners are dismayed, expecting Club Orange to erode their hard earned benefits. But, I want easier embarkation, disembarkation, and tendering at Cabo, due to a new mobility challenge *sigh*. And, am still only 3 star.
  2. My former PCC is gone from HAL. AFAIK, no one has been assigned, as I got no email when he left. While I do have a travel agent, there are times when I want to book directly. I've called the toll free number a couple of times, but - *sigh* Anyone have any suggestions, either about how to do this, or to recommend a PCC they like?
  3. frankc98376 - as the OP, that was what I needed to know. I want cheap Spanish wines, like Freixenet cava. Aside from everything else, Rite Aid didn't have any.
  4. Thanks! But I don't Uber or Lyft - trust issues with unlicensed drivers. Would taxi or use a hotel shuttle.
  5. The reason I mention Holland America Line in the title? I bring aboard more than a bottle or 2, and pay the corkage. For me, this location near the pier and the Wyndham Bay Front was a bad choice. The prices are very high. The choices are limited, and skewed to high end California wines. There are few to no under $10 choices here. I couldn't find anything from Chile, Spain...in fact, the only non-US wine I grabbed was Yellow Tail Merlot, IIRC it was *on sale* for $10. I got the recommendation for this store here on this forum, and I may be a lone voice in the wilderness, but....if I had it to do over, I would take a taxi to BevMo. Or, even rent a car and drive to LA to find a Total Wine. I spent $230 on 9 bottles of wine. I expect $100 would have covered it at Total Wine - for much better wine, especially sparkling wines. Just one opinion.
  6. Thanks! I had problems with flowers only once, bringing on. Glad for reminder can't take them off, thanks again.
  7. Cherie, I watched this vid about the Hilo farmer's market - and was hooked
  8. Thanks! So much! Roommate says if everyone just spoke Latin, we wouldn't have these problems, LOL. I mean Chrysophyllum cainito which looks like -
  9. I'm hoping to squeeze in a visit to a farmers' market on our cruise, or perhaps a visit to a grocery store or florist to get local flowers. I've bought flowers while on a cruise ship in past, and *DO KNOW* that even if I buy them, it will depend on the ship's officer on duty at the gangway whether |I'm allowed to bring them aboard HAL Eurodam. Either way, I'll still have had the chance to see them, and briefly own them. My roommate is a master gardener, who claims there is "no such thing as boring plant material", which of course includes fruit and vegetables along with flowers. We will visit Oahu on Tuesday, Feb 26, and have a private driver out of Honolulu who knows about my roommate's motto. Our other port stops are Wednesday on Kauai (Nawiliwili), Thursday on Maui (Lahaina) the Friday and Saturday on the Big Island, first Kona then Hilo. I know Saturday, March 2 is a day for the Hilo farmer's market for fruit and vegetables. Is it too early in the season for star apple? What's likely to be in season? And other recommendations? I've also read sometimes the local Foodland is the best place for reasonable local flowers?
  10. Cat Shepard, I know FaerieVert can answer for herself, but I'm going to answer - I hope FaerieVert doesn't mind. When you're a booked passenger, and can log in to the "Already Booked" section of the HAL website with a booking number? You can see the Cellar Master Package, or book it for 1, or for 2 - and the price for 2 will be less than double the price for 1. If you are an infrequent cruiser, and wonder where information on things like price per bottle of liquor come from, or a variety of other things? Which you can't find? It may be due to NOT being currently booked. I'm currently booked, and it's the first time I've been able to see that part of the website for a couple years. Apologies if anyone sees this as a thread hijack, NOT intended FaerieVert, - this is the best "Live from" thread I've read in a long time. It's mainly due to your easy, readable style, but also the great extra media added. Thanks a bunch for sharing your vacation time!
  11. I'd order the larger one and leave it unfinished. But I'm that person who at a table full of medium rare orders? Also orders medium rare yet gets medium well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Hello again FaerieVert! Thanks so much for posting earlier on our Feb 20 roll call. Like JayHawk66 and Augustina, will be following your thread eagerly,. I'll be stopping at that same Rite Aid for Pepsi and Frexeinet. Question for you: are you touring any National Parks? Although the shutdown is over, I'm anxious about whether the parks can get back up to speed for tourism after such a long shutdown, with limited budgets. And, Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island has its own challenges, due to the 2018 eruptions. I feel for you about that "day of" flight. I purchased last minute from a well known discount agency, which includes air. Agency prefers to shepherd all the chicks. But, a "day of" flight from an airport where it snows? NOPE. Deviation fee paid. I started cruising HAL when I was your age, 25 years ago. Demographics were no different then. Now, I've aged in....in what feels like a blink of an eye. So CARPE DIEM!
  13. Nope, not me. The cruise line says what their "rules" are. They even publish them, so you know before you book. My tip: don't try "my money, my vacation, my rules" on Cunard. Also, on Holland America Line - mandatory muster drill. On one of my cruises, the couple in the penthouse suite was lucky. The captain agreed not to throw them off the ship if they apologised publicly at the drill for holding everyone up. They thought he was kidding, until he gave them the microphone. A lot of talk here about how SeaTheW0rld isn't following NCL's "rules" - even the ones that aren't published, like pagers. I try to find out what the "rules" are before I book, so I can be polite and follow them. Your Mileage May Vary.
  14. Real question: do regular cruisers on the line refer to it as "NCL", or as "Norwegian"? Both? Neither? Because regular cruisers on Holland America line call it "HAL" = like the name Hal. When someone calls it "Holland" I know they likely haven't cruised those ships more than once. I type RCCL, but say "Royal", as in "Loyal to Royal", even though that's an old slogan.
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