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  1. One time when we tried to book the Royal Family Suite for 4, we were told there had to be a minimum of 5. Hmmmm?


    So for our Adventure cruise next June we booked 2 afts (they are not ajoining) but one is a corner and this made my husband very happy.



    The Family Suites open up as available too as few a 2 people sometimes when they haven't sold after final payments. I know, I have gotten a deal on them 3 different times with only 2 people and once with 3.

  2. That may be the case. I forgot about that change, they used to keep your original price before. I see the price on the western Allure on 10-5 for a D8 is up $150 since Feb 14 so if they repriced your room and applied the Platinum discount you would be paying more.


    so if you call back be sure to ask if they are repricing to the current rates if you apply the discount

  3. I can see all the pricing and I signed into my account and just went through the motions of planning a cruise. I was looking at Jan and Feb 2015.


    If you try to just put in Anthem and any month you get the three pages but I can't see the second page, but if you narrow it down by a couple months at a time you can see the prices

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