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  1. The main lagoon near where the ferries dock is shallow and good for kids. There are other beach areas further down that are not roped off. There is a reef off the north beach that has pretty good snorkeling.
  2. beautiful beach and not too crowded last week.
  3. There were no jellyfish at Blue Lagoon beach last week
  4. We had booked with them for our upcoming cruise but were notified by Fernando that unfortunately he was closing his business
  5. Blue Lagoon is a lovely beach day but the only shade is up under the palm trees and you need to be there reasonably early in the day to secure one of those spots.
  6. We were there last week- included lunch buffet had hamburger, hot dog, grilled, chicken, barbecue chicken, corn on the cob, sweet plantains, french fries,pickles, lettuce and tomatoes and then fruit punch or lemonade to drink. We did not go to the bar for food but they did make good frozen strawberry daiquiris!
  7. I agree with AlexMar- we looked at DIY but it was a lot more effort than just booking the ship's excursion.There were 4 ships in port that day we really didnt want to have to compete with all that traffic and have to taxi over to get the ferry when it picks up on the pier for the cruise excursion. It was a really lovely beach day. My DH is a snorkeler and found some pretty decent snorkeling on the north beach ( you must wear a life vest so bring your own or rent for $5) - there are lifeguards there as well. The water was gorgeous and calm. We really enjoyed our day and would do it again if we had another Nassau port stop.
  8. Blue Lagoon water was crystal clear a few days ago.
  9. Hope you enjoyed your trip as much as we did ours 😊 we did the southern Caribbean on Equinox a few years ago and really enjoyed the ship and the itinerary.
  10. Just off Equinox- last sailing before Revolution dry dock ( which was great by the way)- daughter and son in law ate at Tuscan for their anniversary dinner and loved it. We did Sushi on 5 for their lunch $25 special and really enjoyed it- there are choices for the non-sushi lovers also 😉
  11. Our grandson had a blast on the cruise without spending much time in the play area- he loved the elevators, climbing stairs,watching the water and birds and action off the balcony, getting milk and cookies at Cafe al Bacio, not to mention the activities off the ship when in ports. We brought some amusements for him to play in the cabin as well. There are Disney and other kid movies on the TV for quiet times. The wait staff in the dining room really watched out for him and brought his food out early. It was a great holiday time together
  12. HI- just off Equinox with our toddler grandson (not quite 3)- there were 2-3 hour long time periods each day where the under 3 year olds could play in the kids area if accompanied by an adult. There were some family activities scheduled also like family bingo and scavenger hunts but we did not try those.
  13. It looks like a good bit is outside of security- here is NY Times article about the new Jewel https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/11/travel/singapores-changi-airport-jewel.html
  14. Agree- the date was only mentioned in reference to the lawsuit issue. As far as previous travel restrictions, those who had already purchased travel were grandfathered- this is the link to the treasury dept info on travel to Cuba under the people to people licenses when the restrictions were tightened in 2017: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_new.pdf "While new individual people-to-people educational travel will no longer be authorized, travelers who have already completed at least one travel-related transaction (such as purchasing a flight or reserving accommodation) prior to the President’s announcement on June 16, 2017 may engage in related individual people-to-people travel and transactions" so we can hope that this set a precedent for what will happen now🤞 but time will tell
  15. And based on another posting, Blexie tour guides were detained earlier in the month...
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