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  1. HI- is the exact same flight still available to purchase on the Delta website? If not, it may be one of the "ghost" flights that have not been modified yet. In that case, it would probably be worth a phone call to Delta to confirm Our exact flight was no longer for sale on the website right after we read about the changes. It looked like our itinerary was fine when reviewed in our account but the flight was definitely canceled.
  2. We were also on a "not Cuba" cruise, also our 1st on Majesty and felt the same way- we enjoyed our time and the ship. Staff were excellent.
  3. Hi, not Ruth but can answer your question as I have been researching as well- yes they do pick up at Richard's Bay cruise port
  4. That's great to hear-DH is an avid snorkeler- where would the best places be?
  5. We sailed from Dublin in June. Embarkation began at the usual late morning time. Sailaway was at 8 and, to the best of my recollection, the muster drill was about 7-730pm. Those who were eating had to leave for the drill ( we were in Tuscan Grill for our station so did see interrupted meals) and then return to complete their meal .
  6. I'm glad you were able to get this addressed. They had not notified us of the cancellation of our flight ether ( and it also looked unchanged on our record). That's why I wanted to post and hopefully spare others from unpleasant surprises down the road.
  7. We really enjoyed 7358 on Reflection in June- did not have any motion sickness altho I can be prone to it. Very quiet cabin (it and its neighbor concierge cabin are in their own corner behind a door accessed only by the room key).
  8. I agree with Jane Austen Cruiser- I would not think anything about it either if I saw you bring your child to the cafe but that's not what happened to us recently- our 3 year old grandchild was sitting, watching the fountains in the solarium on Equinox (not in the pool and not speaking or making any noise as he was fascinated by the jumping water sprays) and we were asked to leave. The staff member was pleasant but just pointed to the sign stating the age restrictions for the area. Hopefully over by the spa cafe seating, that would not be the case.
  9. Welcome! It is always better to have your choice of the replacements rather than what's leftover😉 Also, good to hear that Korean air was fine as that's what we were changed to also.
  10. We sailed out of Dublin in June of this year and were able to board at normal time ( I think we were having lunch on board before 12 noon), even though the ship was not scheduled to depart until 8pm. At embarkation we had to ride a shuttle from the check in point to the ship but on disembarking, taxis came right up to the pier ( no shuttle )
  11. I am not sure how they are handling the flight changes for Tokyo - that doesn't affect us. However, the flights from Singapore are being cancelled and those with bookings on the Delta marketed flight will ultimately have to be moved to a different airline with different itinerary/flight times and probably different equipment/seating (and may not have the fare class available that was initially booked- that happened with our flight).
  12. That's the problem- they have made the decision to leave but have not yet addressed the flights already booked. here is the link to one announcement: https://thepointsguy.com/news/delta-to-leave-tokyo-narita-for-haneda-axes-singapore-flights/ When we called about our flight, the phone rep had to check and confirmed that this is occurring.
  13. Heads up to all who may be booked on Delta from Singapore Changi airport or Narita Tokyo airport- after sometime in mid to late Sept.2019, Delta will no longer fly to Singapore and, after sometime in late March 2020, will use a different airport in Japan. It would be good to check on the status of any current bookings you may have that depart after those time frames and investigate partner airline availability. .
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