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  1. Thank you!! I think we all make this harder than it should be.. my problem is I had done this back in July before testing was required.. and then my cruise was “cancelled/changed “ as we were going out if Bimini which got closed 12 hours before our flight…changed to sept 13 out of Miami.. still apprehensive if this one will happen🤪 see you on board!!
  2. I know I have see this numerous times but can’t find the answer. does the Bahamas accept antigen test or just PCR?? the web site is unclear thanks
  3. Wonder what would have happened if you refused? winder what would have happened if you tested positive? Interested to know if those disembarking Monday sept 30 are required to test?
  4. Did they just test the passengers disembarking tomorrow in Nassau? very interested in what that passenger does tomorrow? Did they test passengers disembarking in Bimini and Miami?
  5. I was referring to testing passengers disembarking in Miami.. not understanding why the testing for those passengers.. just wondering if it was an optional test? And what would be the ramifications of testing positive at that time as well as refusing to be tested?
  6. But the question is… what happens if you test positive embarking?? What are the protocols for that?? My understanding is you only required to be tested if are flying into US.. walking across border, driving or arriving by ship dies not require a negative test..
  7. Thanks… really wonder why this new test protocol.. wonder if you would have been quarantined in Miami at some location. What is the procedure for this since I thought you did not have to be tested arriving in US by ship… only by plane..
  8. When were you tested before departing? Did they tell you why? Since you don’t have to have a negative test to dock in US. What would have happened if you had tested positive?
  9. Keith…. The difference is I know the risk going to hotels and restaurants etc.. the issue is they did not advertise FULLY VACINATED And take my money then change to unvaccinated! That is the issue.. I am sure they feel they had a reason but I will never feel they did the right thing to their loyal customers… including “CHANGING” my cruise 12 hours before departure to another port on another day on my expense!
  10. OK.. my story… long time Crystal traveler.. booked July 11 Luxury Bahamas cruise of fully vaccinated cruise round trip Bimini.. also purchased the prepackage at Ft lauderdale and Bimini.. TWELVE HOURS before our flight we were notified Bimini was not a port anymore and we needed to get to Nassau on our own dime as well as fly home from there., not feasible and way too expensive on that short notice. we then rebooked for September 12 out of Bimini… still fully vaccinated cruise. Costing more to change our flights as well as losing the Bahamas visa cost. AND paying for another visa. Now one of the luxury Bahamas stops is a day in Miami . our choice get a 25% refund or book a future cruise or fly to Bimini and then return to Florida. And go back to Bimini to fly home so we changed to boarding in Miami and our pre cruise charge will be refunded.. when? Who knows?? have large credit on air fare but we have decided for now to go on the cruise and make the best of it. Am I happy with the way Crystal has treated us? NO …. Not customer service .
  11. My understanding when I booked my luxury Bahamas cruise July 11-18 was it was on those days and to and from Bimini. Totally understand when different ports on the cruise had to be changed for various reasons… although I do believe Crystal should have figured things out before selling the cruise. My problem is being told my embarkation and debarkation and THE DATE changed but my cruise was not cancelled.. so what is to stop them from changing to embarking in NY?? so I am supposed to change my air with 12 hours notice?? I was given the choice to rebook for a later date but now I am paying MORE for my air and having to get a new Visa which will cost me another $80. and all of this with no assurance that the cruise will be as described when I originally booked. very disappointed in Crystal who we have cruised with for years. Customer service and compassion seems to be non existent.
  12. Vince.. crystal did not lose money on passengers embarking in Bimini on the sundays.. crystal called it a change not a cancellation. So insurance didn’t help nor did crystal! We were told to get to Nassau on our $$ the day before or reschedule at a later date. all with 12 hours notice of our flight for the pre package.
  13. Sept 12 for us from Bimini.. Miami on our day 2..we are doing pre at ft lauderdale and 2 nights in Bimini..of course we were doing that on July 11 and were notified on July 7 that it was changing to no Bimini.. already packed for leaving when got e mail to change to Nassau… TWELVE HOURS before our flight.. trying again for sept 12… so guess we are going from FLL Florida to Bimini to Miami to Bahamas and then back to FLL..
  14. Thanks for asking.. no we did not board today… changing flights and hotel at this late date was too expensive. rebooked for a later date havent checked if we can renew the Bahamas visa or have to pay for a new one
  15. FYI my agent called Crystal several times on Wednesday and was told repeatedly the cruise was NOT cancelled.. then after 3 pm was told itenerary and date had changed. TA received a e mail at 8 PM saying we had received it earlier that day.. we received the e mail at 10 PM! TA had been contacting them repeatedly for days with the same answer.. cruise going to Bimini. we are not new to Crystal.. having cruised for years with them singing their praises. had 2 cruises cancelled last year with Crystal and one with Princess, all with great customer service. This however has been an extremely different experience!
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