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  1. I have heard this elsewhere and have been trying to find actual confirmation that it is true, Anyone care to point me in the right direction?
  2. I think you will find that Kelly Hoppen is just an interior designer, not someone who would oversee the total transformation of areas of the ship. I have no issues with the new decor, just Celebrity's decision to remove public areas. Hoppenisation is a tongue in cheek term I have preferred to use other than the Celebrity Revolution thing which does now seem much more appropriate. Revolution - a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.
  3. I hadn't realised the Sky Lounge had bit the dust too. How sad!!!
  4. So, in order to please the bean counters, Celebrity have taken away, in your opinions an underutilised space to provide suite passengers with their own outside deck area to increase profit. Okay, lets run with that and look at the other end of the scale. Because there is less public space, the ship then becomes less desibarble to normal passengers and the many standard cabins don't sell as well, these then end end up going at a reduced rate so they don't sail empty. Swings and roundabouts..... Celebrity are trying keep up with the Joneses and should concentrate on what they were do
  5. I hear what you say but my photos were selected specifically without people and at times when the rest of the ship was equally as quiet. To address this here are a couple with people.
  6. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been on all of the S-class ships at least once and it's a design that has always ticked our boxes ever since we sailed on Equinox back in 2010. The Celebrity product has in most cases been the go-to brand because of our enjoyment of the ships and onboard environment. I was initially pleased to hear after the launch of Edge that the S-class were to get refits to bring them into line with the newer brand image, what I hadn't realised until recently was that one of our favourite places on the ship was going to be off-limits after the refit. I'm talki
  7. Photos and details of the refit were publicly announced on the Celebrity website 17th December 2019. Here's just a sneak peek of what you can expect onboard... A Sneak Peek at Revolutionised Celebrity Silhouette® There are some rather similar looking images to the ones in your YouTube link....... Silhouette refit started in January 2020 and took 42 days finishing at the end of February..... You'll be telling me the earth is flat next. 😉
  8. Thanks for the link but its all CGI and what X would like you to see, not what is there in reality. I don't actually recall seeing a Verandah cabin either.
  9. I have been fascinated by the distribution of ships myself, not by design but because we fancied a change of scenery I was in the region last weekend and took a few photos. Its really sad to see them sat out there when they should be all over the globe and filled with passengers.
  10. I've not been on here much recently, I can't bring myself to thinking about cruising. I do have a question though, are there any photos of what a Hoppenized S' class cabin looks like? I am curious to see what the difference is.
  11. Some more reading for you. 👍 https://www.love-weymouth.co.uk/crui...-weymouth-bay/
  12. We did 3 B2B's in 2017, cruise one started in Auckland and finished in Sydney, cruise two started and finished in Sydney and went out to Fiji, cruise three went up the east coast to Port Douglas and back. Would I recommend it? Without a shadow of doubt. Do it all again at the drop of a hat. I wrote a blog for the 36 nights plus about it if you would like to have a read to give you more of an idea. https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2017/02/celebrity-solstice-b2b2b-oceania-cruise-preamble/ One day I hope X bring back the circumnavigation, i
  13. I know what you mean, always something to get anxious about. Just watched it to see if I could recognise any crew but not this time. We are due to sail on her again April 2022 and were looking forward to seen the refit which now looks like it isn't happening.
  14. Are there local tour company's on the dock side at the longer stops? Some of the official excursion prices are eye watering.
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