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  1. Just in case you are not subscribed, here are the links for the last 4 days. I have to say it's great being on a ship this size only 20% full. https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/09/anthem-of-the-seas-postcard-1-southampton-and-embarkation/ https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/09/anthem-of-the-seas-postcard-2-sea-day-1/ https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/09/anthem-of-the-seas-postcard-3-liverpool-england/ https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/09/anthem-of-the-seas-postcard-4-greenock-scotland/
  2. Cruise number two post lockdown. https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/09/anthem-of-the-seas-cruise-preamble/
  3. I had completely forgotten about this topic and something just prompted my memory about it. I think because the forum software changed, and I wasn't able to automatically cross post, I just forgot about it. However, I'm still here and blogging albeit with a 20 month lay off from cruising. The good news is I have been on a cruise............... https://www.wansbroughs-cruise-blog.me.uk/2021/08/scarlet-lady-long-weekender-preamble/ With a couple more to follow soon. Its great to be back!!!!
  4. We would return too but the deal would have to be great. The app was very up and down, no deck plan on it and its not exactly the best to navigate with lots of things are tucked away. We had a Sea Terrace and the bathroom was tiny but functional. Great shower though No much storage in the cabin but plenty if USB charge points. Could do with more around the ship as my battery was constantly needing a charge. Entertainment, we saw the band (name escapes me) on Friday who were okay but then never saw them again. Dual Reality was excellent but was there ever anything else on in the Red Room? Food was good but were told in Razzle Dazzle there was only the single menu. I assume this was the same for all restaurants. Only The Wake and Razzle Dazzle were open for Breakfast Lunch and dinner. I would have liked to try the others and given it was 3 sea days they could have opened them to allow others to experience.
  5. Hello Mike, long time no see. We just got off this morning, after the initial testing issues we had a great time. Seems they still have work to do with embarkation. Disembarking was a breeze. Enjoy your cruise. 👍🏼
  6. 24 hours which I think will be after sail time. Potentially it should go live after 7:00pm
  7. I just noticed they are now saying 1 hour prior to boarding time. "No matter how you plan on getting there, Sailors must arrive at the testing site no more than one (1) hour prior to your selected boarding time (selected in the app in Ready-to-Sail). Early arrival at the testing site won’t result in an earlier embarkation; so please adhere to your selected allotted time slot. "
  8. Ahhhh. Thanks 👍🏼 Just need the bloody thing to work again so I can see it. Its been okay for the last 2/3weeks and since yesterday I keep getting the whoops page. Its not very stable is it.
  9. So how did you come by all this information, I've received nothing?
  10. Nothing in the post as of yet, anyone else had anything?
  11. Me too. Ship is on;y sailing at 50% capacity so what is it going to be like with a full ship?
  12. Anyone managed to book a restaurant yet? We have Razzle Dazzle on Friday and Pink Agave on the Sunday night but can't find any available slots for Gunbae on the Saturday so hoping they keep a certain amount back for foot traffic.
  13. What I have found frustrating is not being able to view more than 3 time slots, wouldn't it much simpler to see all available slots instead of just 3 that are greyed out and unavailable. Not very impressed so far.
  14. I struggled to find it too so you are not alone.
  15. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2459-virgin-voyages-roll-calls/
  16. On the NHS website You can view and download your COVID-19 vaccination status online. You need an NHS login to do this. You will be asked to create an NHS login if you do not have one already. NHS login registrations may take longer than usual when there are high numbers of requests. You will need to register at least 2 weeks before your departure date.
  17. I reached out via email, Sailor Services Crew are investigating.
  18. That part on my app is greyed out. 🙃😐😒 Its still telling me to complete payment too even though we have paid in full.
  19. Where can you choose your arrival time or is this only for the higher priced accommodation?
  20. The app works fine, its the PC that doesn't work....keep getting Aw Dang.....Please Try Agian
  21. Quite impressed with the phone app but the website isn't too clever. Do we get sea pass cards as well and bands?
  22. We are booked too. 😁 I have checked and you may well have a point about maiden voyage. I can't find anywhere that says anyone has actually taken a fare paying cruise on her. Have you booked your car park? According to the website spaces are limited and there are special rates for each cruise, this one is £25 for the cruise.
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