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  1. Just to clarify. I worked for Princess medical department which covers the medical departments of the carnival group I.e. Princess,Hal, Seabourn and P&O. My main focus was in one of these fleets although I have also worked on one of the other The policies and procedures are across the carnival fleet and staff are often interchangeable in the medical departments. I wanted to answer a question and gave the same reply as the OP obtained from Princess. I was just trying to helpful and don’t understand the tone of two of the replies - ah well what can you do when someone chooses takes offence - behind the keyboard
  2. Thank you for your comments there is an ICU on board and most basic lab tests can be performed. In fact some more than the ER I worked in here at home most ICU drugs are supplied and patients can be intubated if needed. Surgery is not done on board. There is basic X-ray but any further diagnostic imaging is sent to medical facility ashore as are urgent consultations Of course you don’t need to believe any of this because it’s on the internet😜
  3. Didn’t dispense advice and nor would I. Some asked if the test could be done and I told them it could - end of
  4. I worked for princess medical in the clinics on another cruise line of the carnival group till last year. The same medical policies are across all the carnival group fleets
  5. Yes they do have the equipment and you can have the test done. You will have to see the doctor first for the initial order. Your own doctors order will not be used on board. So there will be an initial consultation fee and then the cost of the test each time. All billed to the on-board account. Not sure if insurance will pay as it is a chronic condition but as some one has said the clinic is not involved in insurance claims
  6. Fly transat to the UK at least once a year from YYZ to MAN or LGW. This year had to do the trip twice. I have no issues. When I can afford it I fly club which is very comfy. I have to say I flew AC to LHR this year and did prefer it but only because There was a seat sale. Whether Transat’s pricing will remain so competitive after the takeover by AC remains to be seen
  7. Another vote for hotel jazz. Stayed here at least 3 times an never disappointed
  8. We have neighbours who are snowbirds to South Carolina. The condo they own doesn’t allow pets so off they went to the Internet and got their emotional support dog certificate. I was disgusted and told them so. I have worked for a few years for a cruise line and did a 49 day amazon cruise. A passenger did the 49 day and then decided to extend for another 2 weeks. All of a sudden she needed her emotional support dog for the last 2 weeks. How did she manage the previous 49 days. She also managed to go ashore without it and expected guest relations to look after it - which surprisingly they did It was a horrible thing. Not trained and pooped where it wanted. I was disgusted
  9. Have so enjoyed your blog. Well written and lots of interesting adventures. Wished I had found it at the beginning.
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