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  1. Did we miss our free bags of laundry while on a 14 night Holland America cruise? NO!! (and I am very frugal) $7 a day per cabin gets you unlimited laundry. And there's more! It is returned (beautifully pressed) either hanging on a hanger or neatly folded in a straw basket wrapped in tissue with a gold seal. Celebrity, I would gladly give up our Elite benefit for this service!
  2. I used to say Bah Humbug, I can certainly stay in a cabin that is not a suite! Now, not so much. It's that quality vs quantity. Cruise more or suite??
  3. They (Yardbirds) sound fantastic. What a band! Thanks for the music.
  4. I hope I am not reading your post correctly. Do you mean to say the the suites doubled with the new ship Reflection (and not refurbed Reflection)? We are nervous about what you mentioned, Luminae being crowded due to so many suites. You confirmed our fears, sadly. Is there a better time to eat there when it is not so crowded? Sorry OP, to hijack your thread. Thank you for all of the pictures you took. I really dislike the RS (lack of) color. It looks like it was fashioned after the movie Pleasantville, before the color came. But then again I wasn't in love with the previous RS color schemes before the refurb. Other than the lack of color, it is a wonderful suite.
  5. I remember your original thread. Thank you for following up with us! I'm glad you enjoyed X.🙂
  6. Ahhhhh. HAL's unlimited laundry for $7 a day per cabin is just wonderful. It comes back on hangers, all pressed or if you like, folded beautifully in a straw basket. I had a cotton blouse that NEVER looked so good after they got done with it. They even ironed my jeans. Celebrity, are you listening?
  7. Heart Full of Soul!!!! Love it! They were way ahead of their time!
  8. I am so enjoying your report. And we would love doing this cruise one of these years. I''ll be interested to hear about The Yardbirds, my personal favorite 60's band (tied with The Beatles, of course!). Shapes of Things, I'm a Man, Over, Under.... I could go on. Can't wait to hear about them!
  9. So that explains why they wouldn't let us in! OP, I love your zest for life! And what a beautiful picture you have in your signature. I love reading threads like this. Thank you!
  10. Have you ever seen a steak come out of a plastic bag following sous vide? Trust me, you wouldn't want to eat one. They will sous vide the steak at rare temp and always do a quick sear on the stove top or BBQ.
  11. I'm sorry, I'm not sure if it is $2.00 or $2.50 per soda. Either way, my husband finds the soda package is worth it for him, but he drinks a lot of soda. He likes that they will give him unopened cans that he can bring back to the cabin. He does not drink alcohol (that's my job!) so it is a small price to pay to make him happy. We are in a suite in Nov so he will not buy it because it is served in Michael's Club.
  12. Wow, that terminal is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I hope we can use it in Nov!
  13. Can I assume that if the Edge isn't there, they will use it for say, Reflection?
  14. Wow, Nawaz is an awesome room attendant!
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