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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm on Vision on the 29th of this month using the drink package for the first time. The bar service sounds a little worrisome. I was hoping it had improved since there have been consistent complaints here on this board. I know I will have great time regardless but it sounds like I need to go in with somewhat low expectations as to service at the bars.
  2. The only drinks I have booked in advance are some of the soda and beer coupon things and the 7 bottles of wine at dinner package. For 85$ I'm not expecting much but as long as it's not Boone's Farm quality I can live! I do wish that MSC allowed you to carry on a bottle or two of wine but at those prices you won't see me complaining much. Beth
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Just checked our online registration to find we have been upgraded from an inside guarantee to a superior balcony. I am stunned!
  4. Kathy, The boys attend WVU Tech, a small school here in WV. They played in a National Championship this past season and are looking for a way to celebrate. They guys come from US, Australia, South Africa, England, Germany, Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina so I am sure that we will be easy to spot at check-in, lol. Beth
  5. Kathy, I saw where you were bringing a 17 year old and an 18 year old. The boys traveling with us are all 19-21 so in similar age group. I know they plan on hitting the disco every night. Will they let your 17 year old in the club or the 18 year old in the teen program? Not sure hoe strict MSC is. I know Costa was not strict at all.
  6. No room assignments but I'm not picky. Just happy to be on the ship! Since we have seven cabins total with our group I would imagine they won't all be in the same vicinity. We also didn't receive dining times so not sure if that is standard procedure for MSC? I saw where the large group on board had second seating so ust assumed we would probably have first. Beth
  7. We just added a few more folks to our group. Now have 12 college soccer players from 9 different countries on this cruise. All of us have guanrantee cabins so it will be interesting to see what we end up with!
  8. Just booked this today. Myself and a good friend plus my son and 8 of his college soccer teammates. First time on MSC but have done Costa several times so I am sure we will love it.
  9. Last week we waited maybe 45 minutes on the first formal night but we were a party of 10 who all wanted to sit together. We were fine just chilling in the lobby listening to music but when we got back to our cabins we each had a plate of goodies and a note of apology. That definitely made a good impression!
  10. We sail this Sunday on the Glory and have had one cabin out of the three we booked clear the waitlist for the anytime dining. I'm not picky about what dining we get but it would be nice to have our group of ten at least have the same time. Looks like we will be making a trip to try to change once on board :(
  11. Brifro--was that 10.00$ per person for a cab or for more than one? We are considering using this lot since we will have two vehicles carrying 10 people total. Our thought was to drop luggage and 8 people at the port, then have two drive the vehicles to the parking area. The other off site parking areas have shuttles but charge extra for over two people per vehicle so we figured may as well save what we can.
  12. I have been asked twice on over 30+ cruises for the "letter", once on RCI and once on Celebrity. I always have taken it just in case. On Celebrity they made it clear that we would not have been sailing without it. I agree, better safe than sorry!
  13. It wasn't so much the experience I had but rather Carnival's response at the time. Our cabin, on a full ship, over Christmas, flooded with sewage. I understood not being able to be moved to another cabin, I understood the cleaning crew, the three industrial fans, etc., just couldn't get past the fact that Carnival refused to have our ruined items cleaned, reimbursed, etc. The purser's desk actually asked me to bring any items that were damaged by sewage to the desk for their inspection! And I was using a walker at that time after surgery! We laugh about it now and it's become one of those family legend kind of stories, but it did make me steer away for a while. I'm on planning on chalking it up to a fluke and a not great Purser's staff that trip and having a blast next month!
  14. Ok, ok, I was one of those people who had a not-so-great Carnival experience and said never again. Booked for next month on the Glory with much excitement plus a little trepidation. Have done 30+ cruises in that time frame on every major line but Carnival. Please convince me I made the right decision, lol!!
  15. Just goes to show that it's totally a matter of personal opinion. We loved Tommy McPhee but found Eric Stone to be intolerably boring!
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