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  1. I moved my deposit on an 8 nighter in October to the last week in November. I had a non-refundable deposit on the October cruise and Carnival transferred it to my new booking. This is the last cruise I am re-booking. I'm done with booking, re-booking, FCC's, OBC's, refunds, organizing timeframes with my family members, etc. I'm hoisting the white flag, I surrender. In addition to the November cruise, I re-booked a cancelled cruise to April 2022. While I am in coronavirus purgatory, I am planning a trip to the beautiful Florida Keys where I can do everything that I love to do
  2. My records indicate that 8 day cruises have been banned by the CDC through October 31, 2021. I had an 8 day cruise booked on the Horizon departing October 23rd and received an email from Carnival giving me two options available to me. Jedi bobs, you should have received the same email from Carnival. I could wait it out and see if the CDC lifts its ban and they offered me $100 OBC to keep my reservation intact and pay the balance when due. If the cruise is eventually cancelled, Carnival will give me an FCC and OBC or full refund. The second option is to cancel the cruise be
  3. I think Carnival is allowing changes without penalty on booked cruises through the end of 2021. I had a B2B booked for October 2021 and neither cruise was cancelled (yet) and I called Carnival and re-booked a cruise for the last week of November 2021. I had non-refundable deposits on both B2B cruises which they transferred both deposits to my new booking and gave me a $50 OBC. However, I think Carnival is still applying their rules and regulations on cruises booked for 2022 and beyond. I have a cruise booked for April 2022 and think if I called to make any changes, I would be a
  4. I received the same memo regarding my 8 day sailing departing Miami on October 23, 2021 on the Freedom. I booked the following week's 6 day cruise so I could do a B2B. Since the CDC has banned all 8 day cruises through October 31st, If I cancelled the October cruise, I would also cancel the following week, however, both cruises were booked with non-refundable deposits. I decided to call Carnival to see what they would suggest because I have no hope that the October cruise will sail. To make a long story short, they cancelled both cruises and moved my reservation to the last week of Novembe
  5. Everyone has a different story regarding their bookings on Carnival. I also have had my share of re-booking, FCC's, OBC's, etc. I have a B2B booked departing from Miami on October 23, 2021 on an 8 day Carnival Freedom cruise and my second week is a 6 day departing on October 31st. I received an email from Carnival advising me that the first week of my B2B (the 8 day cruise) might, perhaps, maybe will be cancelled. I asked for a deposit refund but they refused. My balance isn't due until August so I have time and when the due date arrives, I will call Carnival and ask for an extension if t
  6. I empathize with you. I re-booked one of my cancelled cruises from April to a cruise in October 2021 but who knows, the Coronavirus may rear it's ugly head again so every booking is now a crap shoot until the cruise lines can get their re-start plans approved and the CDC lifts the no-sail ban and the virus cases move down instead of up. My hope is that you cruise in January. Will you take a refund or re-book if it is cancelled? I'm getting tired of the re-booking/refund/OBC/FCC game, ad nauseum.
  7. I am not holding out any hope that my November 1st cruise will sail. i have booked a room at a hotel in the Florida Keys for that week and a snorkeling excursion. I am bringing lots of beer, rum and vodka, a bathing suit and my snorkel gear. Hasta la vista, Carnival.
  8. I spoke with a Carnival representative and she said my November 1st cruise has not been cancelled as of today, September 16th..
  9. Thank you ProgRockCruiser for responding. I am going to call Carnival today. I live in Florida so car rentals, airline flights, etc., are not a concern and I am assuming my cruise has been cancelled but it is still showing up in my cruise planner.
  10. I wonder why my cruise on the Breeze from Ft. Lauderdale on November 1st is not on the list when the cruise on the 7th has been cancelled?
  11. Hi BrezQ from Massachusetts. My April cruises were cancelled so I took the FCC and OBC and re-booked for April 2021, another B2B on the Magic departing from Miami. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will be sailing by then. Originally, we were booked on the Breeze from Fort Lauderdale but received an email notifying us that we would now be sailing on the Magic from Miami. They gave us another $200 OBC to compensate for the change. I now have $800 OBC on my cruise next year, I have a lot of drinking to do and I think I'm up for the challenge!! Hope you stay healthy and your cruises
  12. SKRIDGE: I agree with you. Honest and frequent communication with the cruising public should have been a priority. We're all adults, treat us accordingly. I feel sorry for the newbies who decided to book a cruise this year. I hope they have found their way to informative web sites such as this to be kept abreast of news. If not, the entire cancellation process will be confusing for them. I ignored every email from Carnival enticing me to purchase spa treatments, shore excursions, etc. I usually order bottled water for my stateroom but didn't even do that. Keeping everyone
  13. Well, I just received an email from Carnival stating it was my last chance to save 20% off spa services on my upcoming cruise in November. Is there such a thing as robo emails? Do these emails go out automatically to all booked cruisers regardless of cruise status?
  14. Banditswife: I agree...the cruise lines have had plenty of time to develop a plan of action for future cruises.
  15. I agree, there is no way they're going to sail on November 1st. I'm allocating my refund to my vaca in the beautiful Keys. I'm packing my car with lots of beer, rum and vodka. You still have to wear a mask in the Keys when you are in public areas but I'll be sitting under a palm tree or swimming. ProgRockCruiser: After I saw that memo that re-positions the Breeze to Port Canaveral, I knew there was no way I was sailing on the 1st from Port Everglades. Best of luck everyone, stay well.
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