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  1. We have been on quite a few cruises but first with Disney. We looked at what excursions we might be able to do with the grandkids. The excursion booking is now available. We signed on first thing this morning. Unfortunately everything is sold out (well anything we can do with a 3 and 9 year old). A coworker said she heard from others that new cruisers to Disney get to book their excursions last. That the more you cruise with Disney, the sooner you can book excursions. It sure seems to be that way since everything says in red letters SOLD OUT. Is it really true or did everyone on the ship book everything this morning? I am used to Royal Caribbean's website being on the fritz more often than not. Is this an Internet problem or is it that the excursions are released early for some cruisers?
  2. We did it on Explorer. It was very corny. I liked it. Will I do it again? Probably not. The food was good. I can't remember what it was other than it was a special menu with a couple of choices.
  3. It depends on the line. I know a performer who has done Carnival, Royal, and Norwegian (bouncing between the three full time). He got better compensated on one line but was in a room on deck zero or zero zero. It was horribly cramped although he didn't have to share he did have to suffer a short twin bed. He was also treated as crew so had to wear his name tag when in public. On others, he gets assigned whatever and he has been in really nice insides, ocean view, and once a balcony. Some areas he can use as a "guest" while other areas for crew he can access.
  4. Now you made me look it up. 9062. This will make our second time on Brilliance and both times deck 9 but I somehow didn't pick that room. Whew.
  5. I got hit on by the food dog in Cozumel. I didn't know what it was looking for. It alerted. I panicked. Mind racing. "Any food?" Nope. It was the apple my husband carried in the beach bag. The day before. After insisting we had food in the bag we were sent for a secondary inspection which came up empty handed.
  6. Ditto. Other cultures. You would think someone who cruises to foreign ports would want to experience the unique culture of the people. Instead, it seems many want the Disney version polished and glowing, everyone speaking English, U.S. safety standards, etc.
  7. It isn't so much about the "types" of items detected, it is more about the view. Rum Runners are very easily seen. Trust me, I ran one through full and empty. Full, it glows. It doesn't really matter what liquid is inside. However, what the item looks like is based upon how it is oriented in relation to the x-ray beam. A 3D just helps you see what an object looks like as if you could pick it up and turn it around. I can run a gun through in certain orientations and it will only show a rectangle. In other words, look down on a gun from the top. All you really see from the top is the top of the slide. You can't see "through" to what else is under that slide like the frame and other components. Having 3D capability just allows the operator to manipulate the image of the object so you can see the silhouette from different views as if you were turning it in your hand. To the other poster who saw the screen...yes there are colors on the screen. Each color indicates a different class of material present. I can tell you the orange or "reddish" image on the screen could have prompted additional inspection based upon other things present. A Rum Runner does glow orange in a machine.
  8. So I am a total X newbie. Last one was a charter so no deals to be had. I just saw yesterday that there was a little 2 day cruise before ours and the cost per person was about the same as we would spend staying overnight in Ft. Lauderdale so I booked it online. Discount for a B2B? I didn't know that. How do you get it if booked online? I also noticed today that there is supposed to be a free upgrade for Select (got there from RCCL) but you have to ask for it at the time of reservation. How do you ask a computer? At this point, I don't want an upgrade as we are in the same room as the next cruise and will be the first time we haven't had to change rooms on a B2B. Also, RCCL asks for your flight information and when completing your check-in you pick "consecutive cruiser" from the drop down. Couldn't find it on the check-in for X. It wanted us to pick a time to check-in.
  9. I think you have your wisher wound up pretty high. Royal is continuing to build the behemoth Oasis class ships and all these years later still selling them at a premium. And they are selling full. Me? I have yet to find a reason to step foot on one of them because I like the connection to the sea. I'm afraid I must be in the minority though because I am happy on a smaller ship and sitting staring at the sun play off the waves. The clientele they are trying to collect are Gen X or Millennials who want bigger, better, faster.
  10. I Googled cruise ship passengers crime and came up with a top 10 list. Of those, only one was in the Caribbean (Roatan) and it was mostly about the high crime on the mainland. While it does mention that Roatan has a higher crime rate than some other ports, the major complaints were all about the mainland. The rest of the ports were scattered throughout the world - Indonesia, Phillipines, Turkey, etc. And there were so few news stories on cruise ship passenger crime that the first page of results showed stories about a cruise ship passenger that was robbed onboard after winning in the casino to a 2012 story about passengers robbed in Puerto Vallarta. The other stories were all about the one OP posted about. If you only get those results and a 2012 story makes the front page of searches, something tells me it isn't too dangerous.
  11. So our first two cruises were Carnival. I hated both. As you can see by my signature I haven’t been again. Before beating me up, yes i would consider it again. It’s just since 2012 most of our cruises were theme charters and we go wherever they do. That said, what did I hate? Our first cruise left Long Beach for Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo. It took us 3 days to get to Puerto Vallarta. I didn’t know how to relax. Now it could take 10 days to get there and I could care less. I found I couldn’t relax and for some reason didn’t pay much attention to the daily schedule. They will entertain you if you have an open minded and fun attitude. We also didn’t plan much at the ports so it was boring. The next cruise had tons of rude passengers which at the time was enough to ruin my time. I had only been on one ship and the first was easy to negotiate, I found this layout difficult. The children on this trip were little hellions. I found the ship decor horrible thinking that cruises were supposed to be elegant. Well, sure. I didn’t pay over $100 a day per person room and board in a balcony but I wanted more for my money. Looking back, except for the kids throwing water on me by the pool I could easily do it again. What has changed? We have matured. We let a few years go by and thought we would try it again. And we found cruise critic. If you are reading this you are much better prepared than I was till our 4th cruise. This website has made cruising for us soooo much better! Now that DH has retired, we are no longer constrained by lack of vacation time. So for our non-charters we have been looking at Carnival’s Hawaii cruises. You can have a good or bad team time no matter the line you choose. That said, I think my stepmother won’t enjoy her next cruise. Going from Crystal to Symphony of the Seas is a bit drastic! 😱
  12. Grits. That's what you call that pot of "stuff" next to the oatmeal in the Windjammer? The only good grits I have had were in New Orleans. Perhaps I am spoiled but I didn't think the white glop the texture of thick cream of wheat tasted anything like the grits I got in NOLA.
  13. Sorry. That wasn't a drug dog but a food dog. Been there three times in the last few years and the last two have had the dogs. The dog "alerted" on my bag and I about had a hemorrhage (see my user name to find out why!). Then he asked if I had food in the bag. No I took an apple out this morning. He asked if I was sure and sent me to secondary screening. There were piles of bags sitting there with food in them. Cozumel is an island and they don't want stuff coming off the ships and bringing unknown pests.
  14. I met two couples on the same cruise who were pinnacle. I guess "met" is the wrong term. I observed them. On our lunch for the B2B cruisers, one couple couldn't be bothered to sit with us commoners. While the rest of us were seated on the port side of the dining room, they announced their status and demanded to sit in the middle of the dining room, thus standing out from the rest of us. They were visited by multiple officers and got a lot of attention from the waitstaff. The other was at the Schooner Bar. They stepped in between me and my husband as we sat at the bar waiting our turn waving frantically because they needed to be served before the rest of us.
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