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  1. I’ve been on Navigator 3 times and Indy twice. Will be n the Mariner in Nov. Indy is a lot larger. The kids play area divided from the pool. Promenade longer. Personally I like the smaller ships. They have much the same layout. Both Indy and Navigator updated fairly recent. Navigator got a new pool deck layout and a Hooked Seafood. Also Jamie’s. Didn’t eat at hooked but ate at Jamie’s and it was good. Johnny Rockets has been moved from up above to the pool deck. And there is a free Taco Cantina. Served pretty decent tacos.
  2. We have done the round trip from Seattle twice. Both stops in Juneau and Skagway. Our first trip in a JS. Beautiful. Northbound land will be starboard. South in the port side.
  3. We turned Emerald during a cruise and the last night of the cruise we got recognized for achieving Platinum! 😳 We will turn Diamond in the middle of our cruise next week. Perhaps we can celebrate On the balcony!
  4. We have been on a few. Our last one, there weren't enough people to get a special lunch. Other ones we have gotten the lunch. One we got off as a group, went to customs and passports scanned, then back on. Last one we got off and went somewhere they had chairs (downstairs, not the usual boarding area). Sat there for a bit then a customs officer came and didn't even check our passports to get back on. If you are keeping the same cabin it is great. 2 we didn't keep the same room. Only had to pack stuff in the drawers. Left clothes hanging in the closet. Luggage and our hanging clothes were in our new room waiting. When we changed rooms, we didn't get to go back obviously. It is nice to go to the room and escape the mad rush as people board.
  5. We were on American. I couldn't believe it either. I think they didn't want to hold the bags in the back. I guess if they checked everyone in early, where would they put all the bags? If it was a total of $150 and not per person, I would go for it. How much do you value your time? If I had to take a leisure stroll off the ship and still get stuck there from, say 1100 to 05:00 that is still quite a bit of time to wait. Then the trip in the plane on top of that.
  6. Yes. Even if you don't do the self debark I would say it is ridiculous. Time before last we were off before 8. At the airport, they wouldn't let us check in. Too early for our bags. So we sat in the unsecured portion of the airport for a few hours. I think in that case we were scheduled for about 1 pm going out. If you haven't looked around at an airport, most anyway, there is not much for activities, food, etc before the security checkpoint. So the wait seemed tortuous. We couldn't really go anywhere since we were lugging our bags around. 😞
  7. OK. Can we crawl out of the weeds? Back to the original reason for this thread - crystal blocks. My opinion stays the same. Those of you that have cruised enough to get a block, they shouldn't make you have to go get it. I can't imagine there are that many on a particular sailing. A computer algorithm could help them figure it out.
  8. Too bad Royal doesn't do anything on charters like Celebrity. I have been on only 2 Celebrity cruises and I am Select there. On charters.
  9. One would think that Royal wouldn't make you chase down your blocks. But alas, we are lowly Emerald and will reach Diamond next cruise with no recognition pin. Sorry. We did get one. The last night of the cruise we turned Emerald we got one Platinum pin. Yes I know that they don't count the cruise you are on when you change. And I have been told to just go ask for one. I would think though that if they want you to come back, they would at least give you the $9.99 pin. But I guess when you get up in cruise nights there is no incentive for them to spend money on you because you already showed you will sail with them. But the last couple have been on charters so perhaps they don't count that.
  10. Just off Mariner. You have to swipe your Sea Pass card to see pictures.
  11. Yes totally if you are doing self debarkation and a taxi or ride share. Our last three cruises in Miami we were off the ship shortly after 0730.
  12. Thank you for your service. I had never heard of that before but it is nice that you both get recognized for your sacrifices.
  13. Yep that is them. They only had two loungers each in them plus a small table between the loungers. I certainly could have used one. I got stiches removed a few days before the cruise and they discovered my wound was infected. I didn't read the bottle of antibiotics until after the first day in the sun and I was burnt. I wasn't supposed to be in the sun. It was OK though. I sat in the rattan chairs under cover to read or sat at some of the tables. After day 3, DH was able to get me in the shade for a majority of the day.
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