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  1. SweetCheeks takes the tour on each cruise (49) and learns/sees something new and amazing each time. Equipment, services, etc. are constantly evolving and upgrading, he’s never been disappointed. go straight to the desk the minute you board and sign up - word is getting around about what a great tour it is, and it fills up pretty quickly.
  2. Carnival Caesar salad is the only one in the world I like - I keep trying at home, but alas . . . .
  3. You know when you sit at the Alchemy Bar for Happy Hour, and they include that nice little plate of olives and cheese bites ? So what kind of cheese IS that? We’d like to serve it here at Casa Oblivious. I’m sure it would taste better at sea, but . .....
  4. Currently have B2B booked on the Breeze starting Nov. 21 - keeping fingers and toes crossed, it’s a 50th milestone as well as celebrations with good friends we’re cruising with. Hope is tenuous, but not willing to give up till carnival sez so. 🤞
  5. MUCH prefer Fantasy Class - we’re happily retired, approaching 50th cruise), travel with retired friends frequently, and everything we want is there. We love Sea says (brunch is awesome, Tea Time is excellent) we love Port days (if you stay on board, you practically have the place to yourself), and when you do go ashore ports are much the same as the larger ships so itinerary remains excellent. We have cruised bigger ships, however resisted the urge for climbing rock wall, bungee jumping, , etc. so it’s all in what you expect from carnival - make informed decisions. If traveling with youngs
  6. Have you cruised the Panama Canal itinerary? We enjoyed the whole cruise itinerary so much we’re doing it again - it’s a real treat. What were your impressions? We’ve finally learned how to enjoy repeat port calls as well as the ship being our excellent all-inclusive. Happy campers . . . I mean cruisers😊
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