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  1. Just a few thoughts. Expect a totally different experience. We've been on the Oasis and recently the Symphony. Both of these ships excel in entertainment. Yes, you need to reserve in advance and show up early to get the best seats, but the variety and quality of the shows is among the best out there. On the Symphony, we opted for the Ultimate Dining Package, so we ate at specialty restaurants each night, our favorite being Wonderland. For a ship this size, both embarkation and debarkation went relatively quickly. The only real feeling of "over-crowded" was during the $10 sale in the promenade, which was quite a madhouse. Other than that, folks tend to distribute themselves throughout the ship so most areas don't seem all that crowded.. On the down side, wait times for the lifts often could be lengthy.
  2. Of course, now that song is stuck in my head! Look forward to your review.
  3. I would only say it's likely. Our March 30 Symphony sailing reopened the previously sold-out bookings for The Key, with a "20% Discounted Rate" of $24.95.
  4. Also, try to remember to hold the mat you're sliding on with the palms of your hands up. Although this seems unnatural, it forces your elbows towards your body and away from the slide walls.
  5. Hopefully others who have visited more recently can answer about the current situation at Coco Cay. Last I checked the zip-lines at Labadee were $99 & the coaster was $26 for 1 ride, $36 for all-day access, but again, these prices may be out-of-date.
  6. Are we talking this upcoming April? If so, be aware the target date for the "new" Coco Cay is May 2019, so last minute construction may still be going on and not all facilities may be open. The port at Falmouth is somewhat self-contained with shopping and restaurants within the gated area. We found the zip-line and Alpine coaster at Labadee a lot of fun. The more "aggressive" merchants are confined to a single area that is easily circumvented or transversed by tram. They also have an indoor venue with "local" merchandise where aggressive haggling doesn't seem to occur.
  7. The questions I would ask myself to determine if it's worth it: Do you plan to get the higher speed Surf & Stream Voom Internet? If yes, how much is it currently going for? (hint: price against 1 person, 2 devices) If it were available, would you opt for a relatively less hectic lunch at Chops on embarkation day? If yes, that's a $22 pp value. For the remainder of the cost ask yourself if it's worth that amount to you not to have to line up 30-45 minutes early to get a good show seat (reservations are for show times, but not for specific seats or section). Do you want to get on the ship as early as possible to explore, sit by the pool, experience the slides, etc.? Are you the type that wants to get off the ship in the ports as soon as possible? Do you plan to take your carry-on luggage with you when you board? If so, would you like to at some point before cabins are available (~1:00) to drop them off for cabin delivery? The advantage here is, from reports, your carry-ons will be in your cabin when you get there, your port checked baggage can take some time before arriving. Is it worth it to you not to have to stand in a sometimes long line on debarkation day?
  8. Life holds no guarantees, but our one experience with an Oasis class ship was an Eastern Caribbean itinerary and we didn't notice any motion. Stick with itineraries that don't pass through the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico, choose lower decks and mid-ship and hopefully you'll be fine.
  9. I will get back to this after the trip. I had already made reservations prior to The Key being offered, but will see what I can find out.
  10. This remains a big point of confusion. The Cruise Planner for my 03/30/2019 Symphony sailing still states in its description of The Key: • Reserved priority seating at shows in the Main Theater, AquaTheater and Studio B. No reservations required pre-cruise or onboard. BTW: The Key apparently is sold-out for this sailing
  11. I've only seen the financing option come up once while checking bookings and I believe it was back in October when RCI was first partnering with Uplift (a 3rd party vendor). It was shown first on the "Select Your Room Type" page as an option.
  12. Deck 5 jogging track port and starboard forward I believe. "In sun" may be a relative term here.
  13. Per Cruise Planner for 3/30/19 sailing: Chops $53, 150 CP $45, Jamie's $46, Hooked $39 and Wonderland $55 Menu on Cruise Planner for Hooked is not showing an up-charge for the Whole Lobster Dinner.
  14. I wonder how much of this is related to the purchase of DreamWorks by Comcast/NBC Universal
  15. This is from an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article of June 13, 2018: Volunteer. Connect Relief: Food distribution, home reconstruction Join Mission 500: Security industry professionals interested in assisting families during a Oct. 31-Nov. 4 service trip All Hands: Gutting, mucking, debris removal, mould sanitations, cement and CGI roofing. Two-week volunteer commitments in Barranquitas and Yabucoa available. Para La Naturaleza: Cleaning and taking care of ecological gardens; help endangered species Visit Rico: Farming, agriculture experts Amigos de los Animales: Help local animal shelters find homes for abandoned cats and dogs. Volunteers can also help clean shelters and photograph animals for the organization website. Instituto Nueva Escuela: Help paint schools, repair playgrounds and mentor children affected by school closings and budget cuts post-Maria. Americas for Conservation and the Arts: Social media experts, digital/web proficient workers to help with volunteer coordination Chef José Andrés’s World Central Kitchen: Help cook and package fresh meals from one of the #ChefsForPuertoRico kitchens to deliver to the territory’s recovering communities. Explora PR: Adventure travel company with internship and volunteer opportunities geared toward outreach, summer camps, camps for children with autism spectrum disorder and more. Vamonos: Student-focused tour operator with volunteer opportunities related to service in orphanages, foster homes, soup kitchens, construction, environment, schools and more.
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