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  1. Are you serious?! Lol thanks everyone for your comments. They are along the lines of what I was thinking.
  2. Sending the best of wishes. We are watching the news horrified from New Zealand!
  3. Thanks. Obviously travelling from New Zealand and being away for a month luggage is an issue but also don’t want to offend anyone. He would normally wear a nice pair of dress jeans and a smart button up shirt but I realise jeans are out so will put in a pair of trousers. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, that is pretty much what I was thinking.
  5. I’m really nervous to ask this because I don’t want to start a dress code argument but.... this is the first time I will be cruising with children. We are cruising on royal princess in January out of Los Angeles. I assume there will be 2 formal nights. Could those of you who have/do cruise with children please give me an idea of what would be acceptable for a 11 year old boy and 14 year old boy to wear. We will have 12 and 14 year old girls with us but they’re sorted with dresses. Really appreciate your advice.
  6. Thank you thank you thank you! This has helped to relieve so much anxiety for me! 💐
  7. Oh ok I will look into that. So if we sort a limo would that pick us up out the front? What about a town car?
  8. That’s my concern to?! I’m stressing now as I have mobility issues and will be being wheelchaired from the plane (pick up my mobility scooter at my Santa Monica hotel). I planned to just grab a taxi from straight outside as find it very difficult to climb into a van (shuttle). Oh dear
  9. Thanks. Looks like I’m staying on board the ship yet again.
  10. Hi. From reading threads on Mazatlan I understand you are able to walk from the ship to Old Town following the blue line. My question ion is, I will be on a mobility scooter. Do you think I will be ok on their foot paths using my scooter? I also see that they use a shuttle from the ship to get out of the port. How do people scooters use the shuttle? I would so appreciate your thoughts.
  11. I am renting a scooter for my upcoming cruise out of Long Beach through special needs at sea and they have told me that I will be able to pick it up at the terminal and take it onboard myself as they now have a kiosk at the terminal. So wonderful that I will be able to use it for embarking and disembarking! Yay!
  12. Hi. I’m wondering whether to book a carnival’s accessible tour or us I could just do done if puerto Vallarta from the ship in my mobility scooter? I’ve been before do just want to look around etc. last time I wasn’t in a mobility scooter and I can’t remember that it’s like getting off the ship and looking around. Is it wheelchair/scooter accessible? Would I be able to get to the beach front etc?
  13. Hi. I'm wondering whether to book carnival's accessible tour or if I could just do some of Puerto Vallarta from the ship in my mobility scooter? I have been before so just really just want to look around etc. last time I wasn't in a mobility scooter and I can't remember what it was like getting off the ship and looking around. Is it wheelchair/scooter assessable?
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