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  1. We had an interesting vacation in Texas last month. Laura crashed our beach house party, after she left we got to go back for a couple days. I had fun taking beach pictures of the first grandbaby! Vic
  2. We flew to Texas and back last weekend, I caught this out of the airplane window. Mt Hood in Oregon and you can see Mt Jefferson (I think) in the background to the left. Vic
  3. Something new in the back yard, sunshine and flowers! Vic
  4. It's been raining all week here in Oregon. So when I noticed the sun was shining brightly at dinner time, after raining heavily a few minutes before, I ran for my camera and out the front door... The trees and birds believe it is spring. Vic
  5. Last Saturday we went to the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Ridgefield, Washington. We never left our car, but were able to enjoy the drive-around park. This one was through the windshield, so not the greatest focus. It's a mink taking up the entire road as he walked toward us. Look at those claws. Vic
  6. I guess I filled up our patio fountain a little too early. Vic
  7. I have, and I've never regretted it. I've bought both locally and from Adorama. I've also sold through Adorama. Vic
  8. Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington State. Can anyone tell me if this is a Golden Eagle? I wanted for years to see a swan fly, they are beautiful and the thing that surprised me most is you almost always see them in pairs, and they are usually synchronized (or darn close to it)! These images are both cropped. Vic
  9. Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, playing with my new 70-350 lens. I think this is the "Synchronized Flying" event. Vic
  10. I took these yesterday. It was my first time using the 70-350 on my 6300. They are straight out of the camera. I like it MUCH more than the full sensor 24-240 I traded in on it. I look forward to using it in better light. Vic
  11. Happy New Year! I got the new 70-350 lens for Christmas, here are the first couple pictures. Obviously not the greatest day to use a new zoom lens. Welcome to December in the great northwest! Vic
  12. This project is on hold until next week. Enjoy the holidays everyone and thanks for the ideas! Vic
  13. Hi all, I need some help from the experts. I am going to photograph an old journal which was donated to the museum I volunteer for. We have the setup all ready, but I would like to tether the camera to my laptop so I can easily see the pictures I am taking. This journal is delicate and historically valuable, so we would like to do this process only once. I would like to see largely and clearly the pictures I am taking to ensure they are sharply focused. The camera will be on a copy stand, so I can't put my eye to the viewfinder. I see online that I can use a couple differ
  14. Couldn't you cancel just one person? Then they could book another room. Vic
  15. I'm an iced tea drinker with breakfast and lunch. I drink either the Earl Gray or English breakfast. I put 2 tea bags in each cup, then pour it into my larger drink cup over ice. If I remember I take some bags back to the room and make strong tea with time to let it cool before I add the ice prior to drinking. Vic
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