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  1. Hi all, I need some help from the experts. I am going to photograph an old journal which was donated to the museum I volunteer for. We have the setup all ready, but I would like to tether the camera to my laptop so I can easily see the pictures I am taking. This journal is delicate and historically valuable, so we would like to do this process only once. I would like to see largely and clearly the pictures I am taking to ensure they are sharply focused. The camera will be on a copy stand, so I can't put my eye to the viewfinder. I see online that I can use a couple different programs, does anyone have any great suggestions? The cheaper the better, of course! Thanks, Vic
  2. Couldn't you cancel just one person? Then they could book another room. Vic
  3. I'm an iced tea drinker with breakfast and lunch. I drink either the Earl Gray or English breakfast. I put 2 tea bags in each cup, then pour it into my larger drink cup over ice. If I remember I take some bags back to the room and make strong tea with time to let it cool before I add the ice prior to drinking. Vic
  4. The 70 - 350 is for APS-C. It is slimmer and lighter weight than the 70-300 and most importantly, I don't have the 70-300. 🙂 I may have to wait for a trip to Canada to get it, as it is $1000 US or Cdn. I'm in Oregon, so Canada isn't that far away! There is a good thread on dpreview titled, Anyone else baffled by the 70-350? Vic
  5. Has anyone taken a look at the E 70-350 lens yet? That sounds like a great lens for cruising. Vic
  6. There is probably a 9:00 pm departure. That means you must be onboard by 7:00 (two hours prior to departure). Boarding probably starts at about noon. Vic
  7. A few days in Venice before our cruise. Vic
  8. For Alaska I would rent the 70-300 lens. You're in NY, you could probably get it by Monday. Or go to one of the big stores and rent it. Markeb, try the 18-135, it's an awesome lens! Vic
  9. I have Corel PaintShop Pro and Video Studio. I also use Adobe elements. For my limited needs work very well. If you buy a lens or camera from Adorama you can get the Corel products for free frequently. Vic
  10. It doesn't cost anything to call and ask. I would consider it an upsell, not a cancellation. Vic
  11. I would book a Cicchetti tour for the first evening you are there, just riding the water bus to the meeting place will be an eye opener. There are several companies which do them. They will take you on a walk around town and introduce you to some wonderful places. You will probably see a place to eat dinner, or ask the guide for a recommendation. They can probably direct you to a gondolier or you can book that ahead of time too. If you want to live the good life, go to St. Mark's square after that, get a table on the square, order a drink (preferably Prosecco) and listen to the bands. Make a reservation for a St. Mark's & Doge's palace for early the next day, again, lots of companies to choose from. I would also browse some books or websites and figure out one more thing I wanted to see. If you can't figure one special thing, then after the morning tour, I would start a long, meandering walk back to the ship, stopping to browse shop windows and maybe stop for coffee, gelato or a pastry. I wouldn't plan too much because just walking or riding around is a treat! Have fun! Venice is our favorite city, just because it is so unique. Vic
  12. I travel with a A6000 and A6300. The 18-135 pretty much stays on the A6300. I haven't tried the 18-200. The 18-135 is lightweight, I love it. Only if I am shooting wildlife of some kind does it come off. I sold my 55-210 and 18-105 when I bought the 18-135. I also have the 24-240 (just ok) and I rent bigger lenses when I want them. These are from a weekend trip to Hood River, Oregon. I'm a casual photographer but I have photos all over my house, computer screens and mobile frames - as Dave says, "It's a great time to be a photographer!"
  13. Spring in Hood River Oregon. Happy Easter! Vic
  14. What is the more northerly wetlands? I'll be in central Fl in a couple weeks. Great shots, as always! Vic
  15. I'm curious. What would be the response if, at the beginning of a week long cruise, there was an announcement in the daily, "Due to staffing shortage, Cagney's will be closed this week. This will enable us to allocate our resources more effectively and provide better service at our other specialty restaurants." Vic
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