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  1. Aus Traveller, You wouldn't be able to tell me the ASX code would you please? I did a search and several different possibilities came up. Carnival Group, Carnival Corp and Carnival PLC. Is it CCL:US? Thanks. Tracey.
  2. Hi Aus Traveller, Thanks for your reply. Good news on both fronts!! Tracey.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in buying some Carnival shares, but as they're a US company, did you guys need to purchase through a broker or is there a way to do it yourself? Thanks. Tracey.
  4. I've often wondered about buying CCL shares as we too are cruising more (located in Australia). It seems the main perk to having these shares is the OBC. My question is, is the OBC due to having CCL shares over and above what you get in an advertised deal, either through the cruise line or a TA? Thanks in advance. Tracey.
  5. I'm going on Explorer in a few weeks and I'm struggling to get information on exactly what's included in the $19 per day package. The website says soft drinks (blah, blah, blah) 600ml bottled water, juice, mocktails, espresso coffee drinks and T2 beverages. Doesn't specify hot chocolates or mochas, which is what I like to drink. Espresso coffee drinks - does that include hot and cold? The bottled water and mocktails would be nice to have but I'd like to know for sure about the others before I purchase, as it's dearer to buy once on board. Thanks in advance.
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