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  1. We have used the same TA, local brick and mortar, for at least 18 years. Over the years we have developed a great travel relationship with her. I would never attempt to go it alone, she takes care of every tiny detail. I travel worry free. I guess it just depends what your experiences may be. Happy travels.
  2. After 70 plus cruises i still get excited when I get my travel documents. It does not matter which cruise line it is with. The Crystal documents package just add an extra little thrill. Leaving Saturday for our wonderful cruise on Symphony. 😍 Looking forward to meeting some of you on this sailing.
  3. Keith1010, just wanted to say thanks for all of your postings. We will be on our first Crystal cruise in one week and have read many of your postings with all the great information. This cruise is from LA to Caldera, tropical, and I am taking a light colored (ecru) jacket and ties for the BTO nights. Hope I do not get too many stares. As we have gotten older we tend to not get so dressed up, been there-done that. Looking forward to a great cruise, great food, drinks and new friends. Thanks again.
  4. We are still waiting to hear back from Costa concerning our itinerary change and re-booking. We leave in two weeks for another cruise (another cruise line) and will have limited access to internet, just hoping they mess things up even more while we are gone. 😧
  5. Is there a charge for movies in the Celebrity Suite (the hump suites) ? Thanks for the responses.
  6. Do you mean that I will have to wear shoe to tea????? How gauche? Just joking, my feet will be clad. 🍷 😎 Thanks for the replies, guys.
  7. We usually have 3-4 cruises booked at all times. Even had 6 booked once. These are not just 'wish booking'. They are cruise bookings that we actually follow thru. However, we do not stay with only one cruise line. We have been on 73 cruises and have used 13 different cruise lines. We are destination cruisers, always looking for new places to sail to. Having a few future bookings gives me something to look forward to. Keep on cruising. 😍 🍷
  8. Is it okay to wear shorts to tea? I know they are frowned on after 6:00 pm. I guess shorts are permitted after six if you are going to or from the pool/spa. Thanks so much.
  9. Tiffany, thanks for your post. We will be on Symphony two weeks from Saturday, our first Crystal cruise. We are looking forward to some delicious food (and maybe a few glasses of wine). After many cruises (on 13 different cruise lines) we have gotten numb to most shows, but we will try them out, just may not stay. I am in the older crowd and love my down time to read and SLEEP. My old body requires a lot of rest. Thanks again.😍 😎
  10. Similar situation here (in the States). We booked the Mediterranea for Nov. 21, 2020 for a cruise that included Seychelles, Madagascar (Port Louis, St Denis, Victoria Nosy Be, Tamatave. We booked a Panorama Suite at a very, very good price. Now I see that the cruise will be from Singapore to Singapore-a nice itinerary but not the one we chose. We were assured by a Costa rep that our price and cabin selection would be honored but could not assure us that we would be able to get our selection on our desired destination. We would be open to postponing this cruise (with our desired itinerary, cabin selection and price). I have talked with our TA and Costa and have been told to wait and check back next week. Really getting frustrated. I am interested as to what happens to you guys, will keep checking back here and will post updates on our situation.
  11. I understand that people have different priorities, pocket books, etc., but I cannot see paying that much money for the extra 'options' at Coco Cay. We will be there in November and will probably go to the pool for a while, maybe have lunch and return to the ship to enjoy it while it is not crowded. 😁
  12. We have always been able to get extra pillows without any problems.
  13. We loved it, not concerned with it being more open on the balcony.
  14. Sorry if we offend people by talking about our past travels. We are fortunate to be able to travel a lot. We have been to 140+ countries and understand that travel is one of the best educators there is. Our cruises are solely destination travels. We considerate ourselves very lucky to have the opportunity to experience so many cultures. We do not flaunt this, but we do encourage others, especially young travelers, to sacrifice in other areas so they can travel as much as possible.
  15. I understand that with quality comes a price, and I do appreciate quality. Thanks for the posting, I will have a look when we are there. 😍
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