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  1. We have had 7 cruises cancelled because of the virus. Expect our November cruise (on Celeb. to Australia) to be cancelled as well. We have 5 currently booked. Time will tell.
  2. I have seen people wear the robes that are furnished in your cabin. It is a fun evening with food, drinks and entertainment. Just let your hair down and enjoy it.
  3. I posted this a while back and got several nice responses, all indicating the upgrade bidding would be at 80 days. With all the covid mess going on I understand a lot of things are not as they have been in regards to bookings, etc. We are now at 73 days and have still heard nothing. The cruise has yet to be cancelled so I am hoping it will actually sail-late January. Anyone have any ideas changes in the upgrade process? Thanks so much
  4. Thanks for the responses. CC members always come thru, thanks again
  5. How many days before a cruise can you make a bid on a Haven cabin? Thanks 😀
  6. Eek !!! Hoping they get things cleared by Oct.....we have B2B starting Oct 15. We are having cruise withdrawal.😲
  7. BellagioCruisers...(have we cruised with you guys before)......we totally agree with you. We have booked B2B on Serenity Oct 15-29. We had two cruises cancelled for earlier this year.......on another cruise line. We missed Indian Ocean (with a side trip to Taj Mahal) and another around Japan. Like mskatiemae, we will take many extra precautions.......carrying our own hand sanitizer, masks, and medical equipment to keep tabs on our condition. My husband is a doctor and that gives me some confidence in traveling. Yes, it is a risk and maybe not for everyone. I certainly hope th
  8. I am interested in this as well............we are on the Meditererran in February................English speaking 😄🍷
  9. I have read many postings concerning this subject and have not found a definitive answer to my question. I apologize to those who may want to chastise me for asking again. We have an upcoming cruise on the Nieuw Statendam. I plan on purchasing a 4 bottle wine package for dining room consumption. Am I allowed to bring on board two additional bottles for consumption in my cabin without incurring any fees? Thanks in advance for your response.😄
  10. We have never been on a cruise where tap water was not offered at all meals and in drink machines around the ship. We have been on 14 different cruise lines. We have an upcoming Costa cruise (first time on them for about 20 years) on the Mediterranea in February 2020 but we have the Intenditore drinks package. Will water be included in this package? 🥛 🥛
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