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  1. It seems they had some type of engine problem last week and had to shorten a cruise to make repairs and amend that weeks itinerary. Just wondering if all was normal again.
  2. How was the shortened cruise ? How did they handle the mishap ? Would love to hear the Carnival successes as well as Carnival failures. My family and I leave on the Pride Feb 18 :D . Any pointers, must see or stay away. As always, Thanks
  3. Would like recommendations for ground transportation companies Lax to Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica and Santa Monica to Long Beach Cruise terminal. Additionally would need Long Beach Cruise Terminal to Lax. This is all for a family of 4 with plenty of luggage. As always thanks for all your help. :)
  4. Rellik01

    Parasailing at Pride ports

    Hello all, We will be cruising on the Pride week of 2/18/07 and my children want to go parasailing:eek: . Can anyone suggest a good vendor and which port would be best Cabo, Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan. Thanks as always
  5. Rellik01

    Table for 4 ?

    My family and I will be cruising on the Pride in February. I was wondering if they have tables for 4. I have 2 boys 7 and 10 and as you know at every meal something will be knocked over and spilled as well as an argument. My boys are actually very well behaved but I would hate to inconvenience someone by having something spilled or broken near them. So, are any tables for 4 available and how do I request it. I am not anti social, I am just looking to avoid any problems. Thanks as always
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    Just changed from 4a gty to cabin 6249 with a balcony on Pride. Any pros or cons with this cabin. It was approx $ 550 more for family of 4 for this cabin. Did I spend wisely?. As always, Thanks for your replies
  7. Rellik01

    Unsassigned cabin question.

    Well I guess we believed that we would hand the luggage to the porter as soon as possible (curbside?) Thanks
  8. I was wondering when my family and I arrive at the pier with our lugage and no cabin assigned (I assume a generic tyoe of tag is provided) as we booked guartantee, how does our luggage find its way to our cabin? Thanks
  9. Rellik01

    Carnival Pride and Port of Long Beach

    Thank you all for taking the time and posting this very useful information. Please keep it coming. Thanks
  10. Rellik01

    Carnival Pride and Port of Long Beach

    southbayer wrote: [I][FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=royalblue]"Its gonna cost you..... Speaking as an L.A. Native, its a 30 min or so cab ride from LAX to the port..... And from the port, to Hollywood is a very long way to go and spend$ by cab.... [/COLOR][/FONT][/I] [I][FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=royalblue]I think you should see Hollywood at least one time, but not in a rush fashion. I don't really want to tell you much about Hollywood to ruin your anticipation, but, forget about what all you expect about it, and go with an open mind... A hint is, remember, L.A. is a huge city, and with it goes its urban problems...[/COLOR][/FONT][/I] [I][FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=royalblue]At the port, you generally will be let off the ship about 10-11:30, then its 30 min to LAX."[/COLOR][/FONT][/I] Thanks for your reply. My wife and children would really love to see the Hollywood walk of fame, Grauman's Chinese Theatre and just casually walk the town. As a New York City Police Officer I am more aware than most of what lurks in urban areas , but we thank you for your concern. As we are arriving a full day early into LAX I don't want to waste it sitting in a hotel room. Again, we are on a tight budget but we don't want to be cheap with our vacation. Thanks:)
  11. I have enjoyed reading these boards for quite some time and have now started to post. I hope to be able to answer some questions we have regarding our upcoming and much anticipated cruise. We (wife, me 2 children) are booked on the Carnival Pride sailing on a Sunday. We will be flying into LAX the morning before (Saturday) and want to stay in the LA or Holloywood area overnite as my children want to see Hollywood. I have several questions regarding my stay and cruise and am hoping someone familiar with the area can help. Remember, we are trying to spend wisely (tight budget) but not cheap. - Any general tips and pointers regarding the Carnival Pride. - Cab fare and travel time from LAX to Cruise terminal. - Cab fare and travel time from Hollywood area to Cruise terminal. - Hollywood area hotels. - early check in procedure-- when, how, where and is it worthwhile. - Cab fare and travel time from Cruise to LAX. - Resonable time to expect debarkation (without rushing 2 small children in tow) . - following cruise 3:40 pm flight from LAX, how to kill some time. Thank You in advance for your advice.
  12. Rellik01

    Pride or Conquest

    We are planning for presidents week,schools in NYC are out, wife is a teacher and children are school age, departing February 18, 2007. Wow I did not realize the differance in water temperature. Could anyone please share their experince in February on either cruise. It just seems that the Mexican riviera is so much mor exotic to us. Thanks
  13. Rellik01

    Pride or Conquest

    With air fare the entire trip will be very close (within several hundred dollars) whether we go Pride or Conquest. Was just wondering if either ship is that much better than the other. Also how tough will it be to have a family of 4 in an inside "steerage" class cabin. We are leaning towards the Pride since we live on the east coast it seems likely we will visit the western Caribbean sooner than the Mexican riviera. Thanks again.
  14. Rellik01

    Pride or Conquest

    Ahoy, Past Carnival Triumph Cruiser here August/2006 and we are now planning a 7 nite cruise on either the Pride from Long Beach, CA or the Conquest from Galveston, TX. 2 boys 7 and 10 yo ,wife and myself. We live in NYC area so we will be flying to either.Also on a tight budget so we will be in a budget inside cabin. What do you think, which ship/departure port/ports of call offer more value and fun. Thanks alot