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  1. I am 57 and DW is 51, one O cruise under our belt and we are hooked. Good bye to RCL and CCL. Guess we just out grew them.
  2. Had the same thing happen to me. Was polite and told the caller/rep that they might want to stop this pracite as it really is 'Creepy' (Yes...used the 'Creepy' word.) and it really is beneath a copy like Oceania to enage in such a practice, deminishing Oceania brand value. FWIW...The rep agreed.
  3. You accepted the terms when you canceled. Reading the fully story, your didn't do full dilegence, seek guidance from the company prior to canceling, have insurance and were quick to pull the trigger on canceling the cruise. A cautious wait and see approach is always good. Look, in the end, you are getting a FCC. The company is not stealing your money. You made the choice to cancel under the terms in place at the time. Chillax, research another cruise and wait for prices to drop (and they will).
  4. DW and I are wondering what to expect on board. We are not big alcohol drinkers. Drinking water is our thing. We understand they are reducing plastic bottle use and waste. Are you issued a refillable Vero bottle when boarding? Are the bottles refillable around the ship during the day? Are you given clean bottles upon request? Do you only get one refill in a bottle a day? Totally confused on the process. Thanks for the answers in advance.
  5. Given the current quality of the platinum loyalty gift, and/or coupled with the company selling your loyalty perks via FTTF, thus diluting your value to CCL, do you regret having a future cruise booked with CCL? Will you book a future cruise with CCL or move on to another line? Honestly, these two factors have left DW and I feeling under appreciated as a long term loyal returning customer. Guessing that the cost of new customer acquisition has dropped so significantly CCL is willing to wave good bye to a loyal customer base. Those are our thoughts. Just curious to hea
  6. Regarding my opinion of the Horizon...... We unfortunately took a B2B cruise on the Horizon. Look, we are not demanding passengers, but if we could have gotten off the ship on after the first leg and gotten out money for the second leg returned we would have left the ship...and we are at the Platinum Loyalty Level With Carnival. This experience was THAT BAD. The salad bar at the buffet was the worst. Minimal selections, and pre-made salads that were drowned in mayo or oil. Never seen anything like that on any other ship...seriously..it was a joke. The Sky-Cycle was down (AGAI
  7. I couldn't agree more. Additionally, make sure they have time to earn (get a job and save, do household tasks and save their allowance) for their own spending cash. Souvenirs tend to be a much more valuable memory when earned through ones own work. I still have items I saved for when I was 14 baling hay for 0.05 a bale. To me their perceived value far surpasses their monetary value. Was a great lesson taught to me by my parents. If you want something bad enough...work for it and save for it. Set me up good for life.
  8. Yes, DW prefers Dasani bottled water.
  9. DW and I w?ill be on Insignia in Nov. Does any one know the brand of bottle water offered on board Insignia? Thanks in advance.
  10. Going to sound elementary but what is a Monte Carlo Style Casino? Oceania advertises their casinos as Monte Carlo style, but I have no idea what that means.
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