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  1. Regarding my opinion of the Horizon...... We unfortunately took a B2B cruise on the Horizon. Look, we are not demanding passengers, but if we could have gotten off the ship on after the first leg and gotten out money for the second leg returned we would have left the ship...and we are at the Platinum Loyalty Level With Carnival. This experience was THAT BAD. The salad bar at the buffet was the worst. Minimal selections, and pre-made salads that were drowned in mayo or oil. Never seen anything like that on any other ship...seriously..it was a joke. The Sky-Cycle was down (AGAIN) for the entire second leg. Witnessed a crew member scolding passengers at the sky-cycle on the first leg. The passenger wasn't doing anything wrong other than asking questions in a polite manner. But this one female crew member just got testy/nasty and childlike with her responses. (This provides a glimpse into Crew member selection standards and behavior expectations.) We watched an officer scold another employee in front of other passengers at the elevators for nothing more than missing to mop a small section of the floor. I am talking a real dressing down that was embarrassing for the crew member and other passengers. (This provides a glimpse into ships officer corp selection, standards, training and leadership ability). The food in the main dining room that was brought to the table was wrong and/or incomplete at least three times (maybe four). (This provides a glimpse into the ships operation management ability). The spa staff was a joke. They could care less if a sale/appointment was made. No greetings of the day when passing through. The staff was actually more engaged in their phones, doing their own nails or makeup, or sitting reading a book. (This provides a glimpse into accountability, training and holding to standards of quality). Next comes the gym. In the evening from 4:30-8:00PM, seems like the entire crew descends on the passenger gym to use the equipment leaving very little for paying passengers to use. There is a small hard-floored area on the port side of the gym with a mirror in front of it. DW and I watch one lady who we discovered was a part-time zumba instructor practicing her routines in the evening. Enter a group of female crew members/dancers and give the lady the stare-down/group of mean girl treatment. (This provides a glimpse into accountability, training, standards of behaviors expected by crew members, ships lack of leadership by officer corp). What the heck!!! The crew has their own gym on board and rehearsal times. A paying passenger should not have to deal with stare down/group intimidation by crew members. Guys Pig and Anchor is a joke. The worst food at lunch. Famous biscuits were another more that lightly buttered hot dog buns. (Again, providing a glimpse into maintaining standards of quality). On the second leg we finally realized that Carnival had made a huge ship...pack more state rooms in it and **DID NOT** add any more commom area passenger flow space. The result is the common floors on the 4th and 5th decks are always overly crowded.
  2. I couldn't agree more. Additionally, make sure they have time to earn (get a job and save, do household tasks and save their allowance) for their own spending cash. Souvenirs tend to be a much more valuable memory when earned through ones own work. I still have items I saved for when I was 14 baling hay for 0.05 a bale. To me their perceived value far surpasses their monetary value. Was a great lesson taught to me by my parents. If you want something bad enough...work for it and save for it. Set me up good for life.
  3. Yes, DW prefers Dasani bottled water.
  4. DW and I w?ill be on Insignia in Nov. Does any one know the brand of bottle water offered on board Insignia? Thanks in advance.
  5. Does anyone know the bar prices for mixed drink and/or shot prices on Insiginia?.
  6. I wear mine every cruise during formal night. Semper Paratus !!
  7. Good to know. Thanks for the update.
  8. Its just another revenue stream and enhances value to the shareholders. I could see passengers paying for quiet time on a beach day.
  9. The way I understood it be is akin to 'Limited Access'. Only a certain preset number of guests per area allowed. Once the preset number is reached, the area is considered sold out. Thus, enhancing the sales strategy 'fear of loss' and thus increasing the demand.
  10. Does anyone know if Royal has begun the Coco Cay Beach Tiered Access Fees - Fees based on density of users to beach area. (Lower number of beach users-the higher the beach access fee pp) ? A play towards ' exclusivity' or 'private areas'.
  11. Thank you for the explanation.
  12. Going to sound elementary but what is a Monte Carlo Style Casino? Oceania advertises their casinos as Monte Carlo style, but I have no idea what that means.
  13. All, Does anyone know if the Creek Street boardwalk in Ketchican is wheel chair / scooter accessible? Thanks in advance.
  14. My wife and I will be on Oosterdam soon and she has heard that dressy jeans with nice tops and dress shoes are ok for dining room on regular nights. We dress up for formal nights, but heard the Alaska cruises are a little less formal. Please advise. Thanks in advance.
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