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  1. Ray in NH

    American Cruise Line’s new ship

    Have you tried asking the cruise line representatives these questions? Seems as though that would be first place to try.. NRayH
  2. Ray in NH

    Bayonne 2020

    We dis-embarked Summit on 21 October, after 14 nights aboard, and wholeheartedly agree. NRayH
  3. Ray in NH

    Complete Mississippi- August 2019

    Not on that same sailing, but definitely on our (to do) list. Perhaps by next year we will book it also?? NRayH
  4. Ray in NH

    Cruise Critic fixed

    Glad to hear that all is well again. Of course I am still trying to stumble my way around the "improved" site. NRayH
  5. We have cruised on four different ACL ships and the dining selections have all followed the above process. You should not have any issues, as long as you make your needs presented to the ship's staff. Bon Voyage. NRayH
  6. Ray in NH

    Puget Sound and San Juan Islands

    Bon Voyage !!! So glad that your friend can still join you. I commiserate with your early transport to the airport -- just confirmed our pick up (next week) for 04:15 a.m. :( I am sure it will just be a minor glitch -- the six, plus, hour flight should provide for some nap-time, especially since we are flying Jet Blue Mint. :cool: Have a wonderful trip and please leave Spirit in good shape. NRayH
  7. Thanks Mike, That sounds reasonable. A temporary bar in the entertainment venue would cramp the festivities. We have always seemed to find enough to drink, on any ship, thus avoiding "DTs" :halo: NRayH
  8. I can see that on America, where they have a "Real" bar in the one lounge. On a number of the smaller ships, the "cocktail hour" is an temporary bar set-up, that is removed (during dinner) for the evening's entertainment (in the same lounge). We'll see what they do aboard Spirit in a few weeks when we board. NRayH
  9. On our last ACL cruise (June, 2018), we only had the pre-dinner cocktail hour. We will be interested as to what we may have next month, during out Puget Sound cruise. NRayH
  10. Mike, Thank you for the report. This is another itinerary that we are interested in doing. I agree that on this sized ship, and the way ACL normally handles breakfast, room service is an unfortunate additional extra burden on the service personnel. Was the after-dinner cocktail time an on-going event, or just a "one-timer"? NRayH
  11. Ray in NH

    Euros ,rubles ,Kronins oh my!

    With this particular itinerary, in my opinion, the easiest solution would be use a credit card (that doesn't charge for foreign transactions). You may encounter a very few places that will not accept credit card payment (especially for low volume/cost items), but there is probably a vendor down the way that will. Although, some foreign currencies can make attractive souvenirs -- but may be "pricey". NRayH
  12. Ray in NH

    Elite vs Elite Plus

    Totally agree -- UNLESS, as also stated, you just want an additional cruise (nothing "wrong" with that :D). NRayH
  13. Hi John, Sorry for the tardiness of our reply. Our experiences with cabins on ACL are that they are similar to what we had on Viking River Cruises in Europe, only these had actual balconies, although the balconies are smallish. We have found the cabins, themselves, to have ample space that we never felt confined, or cramped. They are not conducive to entertaining other guests though, but there are lounges scattered about the ships were that can used for that purpose. On the itineraries we have cruised with ACL, we have not had to endure any full days cruising, so the amount of cabin space has not been an issue, for us. The AAC cabins are equivalent to many/most balcony cabins, on ocean cruise ships. Concerning cabin location, we prefer mid-ship, many others prefer aft/stern cabins. We are not fans of "Wake-watching" -- not that there anything wrong with that -- just not our cup-of-tea. I have heard some folks say that the aft cabins on the river boats can be somewhat noisy. We haven't been there, so cannot affirm/negate that aspect. The Dining Salons are usually on the lowest aft deck and we agree that they can sometimes be noisy and vibrations can sometimes be felt (not horrendous, but noticeable). Do not know if that is true of staterooms above that level -- have not personally heard that complaint. I hope this helps you out. NRayH
  14. It is shown as, on offer, with the quote of, "Not included on all ships or itineraries". You would need to inquire for any particular sailing, if it is a particular interest to you. NRayH
  15. We are currently cruising in the same area, aboard a different ACL ship though. Internet connectivity can be somewhat problematic. It is dependent upon ship location as well as where on the ship you are trying to connect from. Currently I am posting from one of the passenger reading lounges. Connectivity in our stateroom (only three cabins away) is more "hit or miss". Good luck. As previously noted, feel comfortable bringing aboard any wine you wish, no scanning at boarding. I assume you are familiar with the evening cocktail hour (complimentary) and also complimentary beer and wine at lunch and dinner -- never inquired about breakfast. Enjoy your cruise, and good luck with the exam. NRayH