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  1. Good Day, We are interested in doing an Ohio River cruise and are interested in any information this group may be willing to provide. If all had gone according to plan, we would now be aboard ACL's Constitution doing the Grand New England cruise, but alas, that cruise was cancelled by ACL, due to "complications" stemming from the Covid 19 virus. We would appreciate any first hand (preferably) information on this itinerary, that folks are willing to share. The sail-date we are considering is September, 2021. Thank you for whatever you can provide. NRayH
  2. Hi glenbrook, I am not Ron, but we also had our Grand New England Cruise cancelled. Ours was scheduled to sail on 01 August. We received our notice of cancellation on around the 16th of July; we opted to take the 125% Future Cruise Credit and received notification of it being granted on 20 July. I do not know if a refund check would have had the same time-table. I hope this helps. NRayH
  3. No Need for apologies. If we all had all the answers, there would be no need for this forum. ACL has two itineraries that cover the Columbia and Snake Rivers. One is a seven night itinerary and the other is a ten night voyage. Both voyages are one-way and leave from either Portland, Oregon to Clarkston, WA, or the reverse. The longer itinerary has more/longer stops. We recently, October, 2019, did the longer version from Portland to Clarkston. We found it a most enjoyable cruise. We were aboard the American Song. Now, as to whether your planned cruise will sail ..... Who knows?? We just received word this week that our scheduled cruise (ACL's Grand New England) scheduled to leave 01 August, 2020, has been cancelled. A week earlier we were still optimistic that it might sail, but, alas it was not to be. Good Luck with your planning. We find the American Cruise Line experience to be quite satisfactory, after seven different itineraries. NRayH
  4. Hi Ron, Thank you for the "Well Wishes". Not sure if we will re-book this same cruise next year. We were planning on booking another cruise whilst on board -- perhaps the Ohio River, or the Upper (or Full) Mississippi, or possibly the Ohio River. We will have a "boatload" (pun-intended) of Future Cruise Credit, so time will tell just what we end up doing. We do enjoy the ACL "experience" -- our next one will be either #7 or #8 ?? Tough getting "old". NRayH
  5. Hi All, Just heard from our Travel Agent that ACL has cancelled our 01 August cruise (Grand New England) 😒 They are offering an immediate full (cash/check) rebate, at their convenience, or 125% Future Cruise Credit. Since we were planning on booking another ACL cruise whilst aboard, we will most likely take the Future Cruise Credit. Fortunately, there were no flights needed for this cruise - so no hassle there. This is the third cruise we have had cancelled this year -- that is getting "an old feeling" quickly. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day. NRayH
  6. Our experience has been somewhat different than "dbf's". The servers at lunch and dinner will usually have a list of which wines they have access to, usually 2-3 different red and white wines. If you are unfamiliar with the brands, ask for sample pour(s) and make your selection. We usually try to keep our "tastings" to a minimum. If we find something we really like, we will just ask for it at the next meal. We have found the servers very accommodating (even though usually not a polished as those on the larger cruise lines). For the most part, they are not extremely knowledgeable with wine varieties, but are willing to do whatever they can to satisfy your requests. Do not expect to find extremely "high-end" wines/vintages. As "dbf" mentioned, you can always ask the hotel manager if they can/will get you a particular wine/vintage. We have always been able to "make-do", nicely, with the selections available. NRayH
  7. There is "limited" bar service. Beer and wine is complimentary during lunch and dinner. There is also a pre-dinner "Happy Hour prior to dinner, where beer, wine and cocktails are served (also gratis) along with some "finger snacks". Many, if not all, of the ships also have an open bar during the evening's entertainment, that often carries over a tad longer. On top of all that, passengers may freely bring their own "choice beverages" aboard, with no hassles. Having said that, I have yet to see anyone bringing aboard a keg. Bringing on locally obtained beverages is also fully allowed We find ACL's beverage provisions quite adequate, and have not seen any real abuse of the policy. NRayH
  8. Our first Celebrity cruise was aboard Meridian (1993), to Bermuda, and is still enjoyingly memorable. If you have enjoyed Celebrity, you will probably be very satisfied with Azamara. AZ has smaller venues, but also much lower passenger count, which helps lessen the "crowding" that sometimes occurs on larger capacity ships. We enjoy both lines and base our choice more on timing, itinerary differences. We also enjoy the smaller ships for ease of boarding/disembarking at ports of call. Hope this helps. NRayH
  9. Hi All, As of today, actually as of yesterday, (cannot get too far ahead these days), we are still scheduled to sail on 01 August -- Grand New England, aboard Constitution. We are keeping fingers crossed and massaging the rabbit foot. Fortunately, no flights involved for this one. Hoping to get back on-board -- already had two cruises cancelled, one rescheduled, for next year. We love our house and neighborhood, but the "wander-lust" is calling. Hoping all are "staying safe". NRayH
  10. Martin6469, We have not experienced this (nor heard of it happening) during any of our previous seven cruises on ACL. NRayH
  11. gailellen12, No way of telling, at this point, as to what will/will not be open in the ports. The stops, in and of themselves, are pretty interesting. NRayH
  12. Hi gailellen12, We have not been informed of any such "self-quarantine" being required, or even suggested. We are scheduled for the ACL Grand New England cruise (departure 01 August), and a Celebrity cruise later this year (to the Caribbean) -- not sure if the Caribbean one will still go?? ACL has stated that the Grand New England is still on schedule. NRayH
  13. Per a letter from the line's President, received via my travel agent, this morning, our Grand New England Cruise (01 August, 2020) will sail as scheduled. We do plan to be aboard -- Although "these days" one can never be too sure what the future may hold. NRayH
  14. Hi Gailellen, We are booked on the Grand New England (Sail Date 01 August). As per an e-mail from ACL's President (via my travel agent), our cruise is "currently scheduled to depart on schedule". Hopefully, this will hold up, and we will not need to reschedule. NRayH
  15. Hi Jim, Happy to be of some assistance. I think we have all been in that "What should I do now?" situation. What I try to do is to explain what I was trying to accomplish and what the result was. It is not always a pretty picture, but sometimes better than "doing nothing", and wondering what the outcome would have been. My lovely wife refers to it as "Learning from your mistakes" 🤔 Over ther years, I have "learned" a lot. Now, the task is remembering what it is that I "supposedly" learned. NRayH
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