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  1. MSEm, You both should be in fine shape (fashion-wise) with what you described. Enjoy your cruise and let us know your opinions "Post-Cruise". NRayH
  2. I hope that I did not give you the impression that your husband will "need" to take a sport coat, for the ACL cruise. I usually do not take one, and have never felt "under-dressed". Actually, I did pack one for our first ACL cruise but did not wear it. Since then, I do not pack one, unless I feel that I may want one for possible pre/post cruise events. NRayH
  3. Hi MSEm, Welcome Aboard, We have done six cruises aboard ACL ships, and cannot recall ever seeing any formal wear at any meals (except for ship's Officers, on a few rare occasions). We have seen a couple of men wearing a sport coat or suit (rarely), usually when a birthday/anniversary cake was presented at dessert time, or when they thought it was "the right time". There have not been any "Formal Nights". Having said that there is nothing stopping you from "Going All Out" if that is your wish. Hoping you enjoy your "ACL Experience" as much as we have ours.
  4. Podie, Please excuse me if I do not "feel your pain" living in Hawaii. 😇 Hope, for your case, that authorities are keeping a watchful eye for "unexpected" developments. We have very much enjoyed our (too brief) visits to those wonderful islands. NRayH
  5. Hi tipsygirl, You should be fine. If there is no Jamison aboard, ask the hotel manager, it will probably appear after the next port stop. You can even make your preference known before the cruise. We have found ACL to be very accommodating. NRayH
  6. As dfb stated, We have always had an ice bucket in our stateroom. It is an easy "task" to fill it, as stated. On a couple of occasions, our cabin attendant has noticed that we were using the ice and asked if we wished to have it replenished by them. We thanked her and told her that we could easily get the ice when we needed it without any difficulty. No problems there. On our first ACL cruise (roundtrip New Orleans) I asked (pre-cruise) if, by chance, they would have a particular brand of a local area beer on board. When we boarded we found an ice bucket with four bottles
  7. MSEm, On all of the cruises we have done aboard ACL, all meals have been "on order", with a pretty extensive selection. Having said that at breakfast there is also an area with fresh fruit, cereals, and pastries available (BUT - that was pre-Covid). Time will tell if that remains when cruising resumes. NRayH
  8. Hi Frickwg, Unless they have changed things, ACL cruises out of Boston leave from near to where the USS Constitution is docked. I think Boston prefers to keep Black Falcon for the "biggies". Although, we did do a New England cruise on ACL that did dock at Black Falcon, but that was just a day stop for touring Boston. If you book the cruise - the cruise documents will tell you exactly where the ship will be docked. NRayH
  9. Hi Ray and Teresia, We have booked seven cruises aboard ACL (various ships) but have not cruised specifically aboard American Jazz. We have also done two river cruises in Europe (with Viking) -- and well over 120 total cruises (river and/or ocean). If large shows, with large song & dance companies, are required for your cruise experience, you may be disappointed. The on-board entertainment has met our "needs". "Entertainment" ,in this case, includes guest speakers/performers from the locales of the ship's itineraries -- one of the "differences" we find most welcome. The nig
  10. They (ACL) does state, "Guests are not expected to leave a gratuity on board", However, if you feel one is warranted the crew will most likely not refuse them (nor should they). It is a "gratuity", not a "service charge", therefore "not required". We have never felt that crew members were "appealing" for tips. NRayH
  11. Hi MSEm, We have not seen the topic of "tipping" referenced in any of the "official" information pages of ACL's brochures (nor have we asked about it). We have presented various staff members "token$ of our appreciation", and they have not been refused. We have also seen some passengers bringing bags/boxes back on board, with no questioning by staff as to the contents (no x-ray machines). A bottle or two of wine should not present any problem, based on our experience over seven ACL cruises. I hope this helps. "Happy Cruising" ACL style NRayH
  12. We received our first shot this week and are scheduled for the follow-up second dose on 31 March. Despite some earlier "hiccups" the system is finally looking as though it is working as planned -- at least in our area. NRayH
  13. Not to make light of your present situation (been there done that), but "Frosty" New England is at fifty degrees (above zero) this afternoon. ☺️ We had snow earlier this week and are expecting more later this week. Mother Nature can be very "unpredictable". We hope you are back to whatever is "normal" or at least "bearable" NRayH
  14. Additionally, if the tour/excursion is a lengthy one, lunch would often be included as part of the "package". We have not "missed" any meals, nor the start of cocktail time on any of our previous seven ACL cruises. The staff "aims to please" and seldom miss the target. NRayH
  15. I can drink to that -- then again, I can say that about MOST topics. 😇 In a more serious vein, I also concur with your rationale. NRayH
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