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  1. I was on the Liberty of the Seas three weeks ago and saw a man exit the suite lounge through a door that I have not seen being used. I asked him if they had started using that door to go in and out. He replied " That is the Pinnacle lounge". I responded with " the last time I was in there it was called the suite lounge, when did they change it?". He never said another word, just looked around and took the next elevator down. I guess some people are in there own world.
  2. I was on the Liberty in September for two weeks and our card did not let us in.
  3. Hay, my brothers name is Kim. For his high school graduation he received several gift packages from local outlets containing girls beauty products. Made my sister very happy. :D
  4. I lived in Houston in 1968 and I45 between Houston and Galveston was under construction then. Can anyone tell me how close they are to finishing it?
  5. Can anyone give me any info on the royal suite on the Enchantment of the Seas? Such as possible noise coming from the Windjammer or anything else you can think of. We just booked it for a 5 day cruise in 2019. Our first RS. Thanks
  6. We stayed in one once on the Rhapsody, an income tax return cruise. We had a great time. It was our first and only inside cabin. We had the beds separated, which gave us more room. The funniest thing we faced was that when I finished showering and tried to open the bathroom door, I could only open it about six inched due to Linda sitting at the vanity desk. That is a problem you won't have in other insides.
  7. Somebody please tell me what an upper suite is? We will be in a celebrity suite in December. Linda plays slots and wanted to use the on-board credit given us by Celebrity when we booked. Will she be able to get those slot chips?
  8. Thanks, but we were looking for the difference between a 5 and 7 day cruise.
  9. It has been a long time since our last 5 day cruise and was wondering what type of coupons a diamond+ would have on there sea pass card.
  10. I just want to know, will they have a cigar bar that you can actually smoke a cigar in?
  11. When I was A child I was told to give my seat to an adult if there were no others available. I still give my seat to a lady today, but I see a lot of men who do not.
  12. gary2835

    Galveston is a nightmare

    We usually get there around 11 to 11:30, but we have been diamond plus for a while and are starting to stay in more sites, which lets us bypass some lines. Sorry I couldn't help anymore than that.
  13. gary2835

    Galveston is a nightmare

    Sorry, 22 times. The 3 serenade cruises were other ports.