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  1. Ms. Lois, even if it was only $100, I'd have to check your temperature if you said you wouldn't use it.
  2. ....due to someone having to flush their CBD because they relied on some tabloid article for legality.
  3. So what? Have we forgotten what country is actually responsible for this? China! COVID is the fault of neither of us. This cross-border finger-pointing crap is getting really old.
  4. Celebrity Edge. I'm a huge fan of Celebrity and I love their Solstice Class ships, so I'm really intrigued by the new, modern design of Edge.
  5. The rug shop was not listed on our Ephesus excursion. I complained about it to the shore excursions manager and got a full refund. The funny thing is, I didn't go for a refund at all; I only wanted to see if they actually knew it was included. She made the mistake of telling me if it was advertised, people wouldn't book the excursion. That's when I changed gears and told them they were being intentionally deceitful. Within a few minutes, I had a few hundreds dollars added to my OBC.
  6. I've had 2. The first was on Radiance of the Seas where I was upgraded from a balcony to a Grand Suite. That was a 4 or 5 night cruise out of Tampa. But the best was on Nieuw Amsterdam where I was upgraded from a balcony to a Signature Suite. That one was the best because it was a 13 night Mediterranean cruise. Edit....and THANK YOU for starting a non COVID related thread. What a relief. 🙄
  7. Thanks Chief. I actually typed SMTJ (18USC7) into my last post but then deleted it. I figured if layman's terms have been lost thus far, the statute would be totally lost.
  8. Have you looked at Pride of America? NCL is a good line for young beginners. Plenty of bars, entertainment and nightlife.
  9. For the first time, this just happened to me as well. My post is all highlighted in pink and it says hidden. I'm really curious what words I used that hit your filters. Edit...And why in the world is this post hidden?
  10. Wow. Where do I begin with this dumpster fire? If you think cruise lines are so reluctant to do anything about domestic violence murders and you think only the ship's flag has jurisdiction at sea, you might want to look up Ken Manzanares. Better yet, you might want to call the FBI, US Coast Guard, US Attorney's Office and the country of Bermuda, and tell them we had no jurisdiction in the arrest and subsequent conviction on Mr. Manzanares for killing his wife at sea on the Bermuda flagged Emerald Princess. And while you're at it, call the Southern District of Florida and tell them they had no jurisdiction to arrest, convict and sentence Mr. Ketut Pujayasa, an Indonesian, for the brutal beating, rape, and attempted murder of a US citizen at sea on the Dutch flagged Nieuw Amsterdam. And here's another little fun fact for you. On cruises that start and end in the state of Florida, the state can actually arrest for cases of domestic violence that occurred on the high seas. So not only is there US federal jurisdiction if it involves US citizens, but the state can charge. The state piece was challenged and ultimately upheld (state v stepansky). I have been working with the cruise industry for decades and not once.....NOT ONCE....were they uncooperative, nor were they reluctant to participate in the prosecution of violent assaults, domestic or otherwise. Do some crimes go un-prosecuted? Sure. But that has NOTHING to do with cruise line reluctance. It's that little thing we call probable cause....you know, the burden of proof.
  11. If you're a journalist, you really need to work on the reading part of your job. I NEVER said the ship's flag was the "controlling question." Go back and read post #60 again. I used the flag as ONLY ONE factor considered in reference to cruises that do not embark in the US. If you were following along, you'd see it was in response to your comment "you are, I assume, aware that there are countries other than the United States." Here are some facts that you should consider in the future when reporting on this issue. Cruise ships embark and debark in the US in MTSA (Maritime Transportation Security Act) regulated facilities. They are also called Ports of Entry. That means they are federally regulated. Federally prohibited drugs are not permitted in Ports of Entry or in MTSA regulated facilities, and all workers are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. So one more time, as an educated, subject matter expert in this field, it does not matter what the state says. As long as it is illegal federally, it will NEVER be allowed on cruise ships in US ports. Period. Exclamation Point.
  12. That's my plan for now. I have a plethora of beautiful national parks within a day's drive including one in my own backyard. DW and I have all kinds of hikes planned. As this subsides, it'll be a phased approach for us. We'll open up to air travel and resort stays with cruises as a last phase. I'm optimistic I'll cruise in late 2021, but I certainly won't in 2020.
  13. I'm starting to get the impression you are set in your opinions and facts don't matter. Oh well; I'll try anyways. First, in the States, it makes no difference if it is legal in the state where the ship is docked. Zero whatsoever. What matters is that it's illegal federally. Period. Next, internationally. In order for THC to be legal on board, it must be legal in the country of the ship's flag, and all countries on the ship's itinerary. Three. Zero Tolerance. Yes, it does exist. Dogs do exist. Do people who stupidly take marijuana on board also exist? Yep. Do many get away with it? Yep. But that does not mean it isn't heavily enforced. And room attendants are notorious for not reporting things because it means a hit to their pocketbook. That's just common sense.
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