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  1. My comments were in response to things said by other posters, not you. So before you spout off telling people to get over themselves, you really should work on comprehending a little better. But to answer your follow up question, I travel the globe extensively both for work and for vacation. The "where" is too long to list. And no, they are not all cruises.
  2. The vast majority of my 50-something cruises were to the Caribbean and The Bahamas. I love the tropics, the water, and the heat. Call me Wal Mart or whatever else makes you feel better about yourself. I don’t care. And it has zero to do with affordability.....as if that even matters.
  3. I’ve cruised both ships and when comparing just the ships, I would pick Equinox by a mile.
  4. The 24 hour part seems to have died out based on the way the conversation is going, so I'll give a little more advice on cruise line burgers. While not 24/7, consider that Carnival has Guys, Royal Caribbean has Johnny Rockets, and newer NCL ships have Margaritaville. If any of those are burgers you prefer, you might want to look to those lines.
  5. I have enough cruises under my belt on various lines and I have been around the cruise industry long enough to have a pretty good feel for what each line is. If and when I finally book something way out of the norm like an expeditionary cruise, I'll need to research a little better which one is the best choice. In all honesty, that research would not include Cruise Critic other than asking particular questions after I've identified the line I plan to book.
  6. O’Sheehans on NCL is open 24 hours and they do have burgers on the menu. I’m can’t recall any other line with 24 hour burgers.
  7. I totally disagree with you. First of all, Florida is very diversified. Agriculture, international trade, and aerospace are huge industries in Florida. However, Florida's number 1 industry is tourism, and rightfully so. It generates over 100 billion dollars annually. It's a big reason why residents don't have to pay a state income tax and sales tax remains relatively low. Floridians need tourism, which includes cruising, for their economy to continue thriving it way it does. There's nothing wrong with that.
  8. Poll is broken. You have to respond to both the "if yes" and "if no" blocks in order to submit.
  9. Only the Conch Republic can get away with seceding, declaring war by hitting a Navy commander with a loaf of Cuban bread and then immediately surrendering. Those northerners could never pull it off. (I'm a conch, by the way 😉)
  10. As much as I agree that an Alaskan cruise without the obligatory Canada stop would be nice, the fact remains the foreign stop is obligatory by law. I know others have also responded to you, but I'm really curious where/how you're being told that your cruise is still a go, and without a Canadian stop?
  11. No opposing opinion from me. I think you nailed it.
  12. If I could be brutally honest....it isn't until someone calls attention to themselves being any sort of alternative that I even notice they're different from me. That goes for lifestyle, race, etc. In other words, go dance and enjoy yourselves as a loving couple just like any other couple and to the majority of people, you probably won't even be noticed as anything alternative. 🙂 I hope that makes sense and comes across as intended.....in a good way!
  13. That ferry run is often referred to as the vomit comet. 😉
  14. I've been fully vaccinated for over a month so if that becomes the rule, I guess I'd go.
  15. If it's true there were only 51 crew aboard and no passengers, I find it unlikely this was caused by a tossed cigarette. Possible, of course, but just not highly likely. The testing of a lifeboat is more plausible. Time will tell, though, hopefully. While the Star Princess incident was believed to have been a tossed cigarette, it was never proven.
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