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  1. Yeah, smaller vessels can navigate north from the island in a channel called Northwest Passage. That's the route the ferry takes to Marco Island. So it makes sense that's the numeric being figured on SeaDistances. Unfortunately, deep drafts have to go the long way around, thus making the distance twice what it would be to Cozumel. It would require an extra day at sea.
  2. I think it might even be farther because you can't sail north from KW. It's about a 8 mile trip south, followed by about 100 miles west past the dry Tortugas before the ship can even turn north.
  3. New Orleans is a farther distance from Key West than Cozumel. Plus, it requires sailing over 100 miles up a river. That's not a good example.
  4. Read his post again. He said "say 50%." The word "say" means just spit balling a number. He did not say it as a matter of fact.
  5. It seems that once again, you are failing to understand the purpose and evolution of the law(s). PVSA is a cabotage law. Safety laws are laws written to pertain to US flagged vessels. Saying the passing of steamboats leaves behind the PVSA is like saying the passing of the Ford Pinto leaves behind the NHTSA.
  6. I think this is getting out of context. RCI's "wow bands" do not track your location. They can only track your last use, just like a key card. The new tracelets are a COVID-era device, intended to be used for contact tracing in the event of a COVID incident. My impression is that they're temporary and not going to permanently replace the wow bands.
  7. I've lived in 3 cruise port cities.....Key West, New Orleans, and Seattle. Do those count?
  8. I was going to also use Disney as an example of how successful their magic bands have been. RCI's is basically the same. It's the room key and on board credit card. They're waterproof so you don't need to remove it in the pool, etc. They're actually very convenient. They're not mandatory on RCI. You can still opt for the key card if you prefer. I would assume that if HAL goes to these, they'll also provide it as an option. However, this is HAL. They're just now starting to figure out how to make an interactive tv work....a technology that's been on RCI for over 20 years. So I wouldn't count on wristbands any time soon. And trust me.....people in ports already know who the cruise people are.
  9. Back in March, people were mostly together on this issue. But somewhere along the way, it was made in to an topic that quickly divided people. A great metaphor that's trending on social media now, although it's been around for a while, is the "who is shaking the jar" parable regarding a jar full of red and black ants. If you haven't seen it, look it up. In my opinion, it perfectly describes many of today's issues.
  10. I agree with many answers. I too was underwhelmed by Vancouver, Honolulu, and all 3 Jamaican ports I've been to. Then again, I don't think any of those places are meant to be particularly impressive. My big one was Barcelona. Maybe because it was at the end of a 2 week cruise and I was getting tired, but I was turned off by all the begging. I caught a pickpocket in action and pointed it out to a couple cops, but they didn't care. One said "was it your wallet they took?" I enjoyed touring La Sagrada Familia, but that was about it.
  11. You're arguing an opinion that doesn't have a clear line in the sand between drama acting and reality tv acting. The repeated eye rolling is quite rude, so I'm done trying to reason with you. You obviously aren't capable of that. Good bye.
  12. I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that taking time off work to stay at home equates to a vacation. Not even close.
  13. Most (but not all) cruises out of Seattle stop in Victoria, not Vancouver. Either way, it's still not an exploitation or loophole. It is perfectly within the letter of the law.
  14. Chengkp75's explanation is probably more accurate than mine, but I too have noticed foam forming at the seawater cooling discharge points. Knowing it to be raw seawater that was only used to cool the engines, and the fact it discharges much warmer than when it went in, I just assume it has to do with the fact air releases...and therefore foams...much easier from warm water, especially when it suddenly meets cold water that is moving. The small eddies help release the air and voila...foam.
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