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  1. That fine only applies if they disembark at another US port.
  2. Aquahound

    Royal Caribbean vs. Norwegian

    Some might disagree with me but my recommendation is to avoid ships older than Breakaway. I cruised Sky and Dawn and they were 2 of my all time worst cruises. That said, I cruised Escape and for the most part, it was great. Entertainment was really good. I'd rate NCL second to RCI in that field. Service was good. We loved the outdoor dining in the specialty restaurants. My biggest complaints, though, were the crowding and the very small pool deck. Escape was, by far, the most crowded and chaotic ship I've ever sailed. You just need to know that "free" beverage package isn't actually free. First, that package isn't included in the lowest fares for each stateroom category. You have to pay, sometimes, a few hundred more per person to get those benefits. Two, they tack on a service charge. It comes out to about $100 per person on a 7 night cruise.
  3. You're probably right. He's probably too dumb to care. After all, he was dumb enough to jump 11 stories off a cruise ship.
  4. Well, maybe. He's of the generation that's not used to being ridiculed or told no. He and his little band of high pitched gigglers might be getting a dose of real world reality right now. Hopefully they're reading every comment so they know how moronic the world feels about them.
  5. Krazy, I'm not trying to derail this thread but can you please change your font? Cruise Critic is having a problem with Comic Sans and it's making your posts unreadable on smartphones.
  6. Aquahound

    Man jumps off cruise ship for kicks

    Agreed. This moron and all his friends were kicked off the ship in Nassau where this occurred. RCI banned them for life. Normally when this happens, the ban includes all lines under the parent corporation umbrella. Hopefully that happened and hopefully other cruise corporations, like Carnival, follow suit. I have a feeling a lot of people were relieved when this group got kicked off, starting with their on-board neighbors. The guy who jumped said he did so because he was still drunk from the night before. I can only imagine how they were acting that night.
  7. Yep, this has been a complaint for a long time about cabins under the pool deck. This is why I always try to book down one level so other cabins are above me. Unfortunately, on ships like Majesty, you do not have this choice if you want to book a suite.
  8. I don't know who looks/sounds like the biggest idiot...the moron who jumped or the ignoramus with the moronic sounding giggle. Thank goodness RCI banned all these idiots for life. I have a feeling their neighbors are also rejoicing.
  9. Aquahound

    Balcony vs Inside?

    I just read an article about that moron. That jump from was from the 11th deck. He's lucky to be alive. This was in Nassau and the entire group was kicked off the ship and permanently banned from RCI.
  10. Notta clue. Although years ago, I saw a couple on Majesty several times who, I think, were #2 for a while. Not sure what ever happened to them.
  11. I've noticed a few members are using comic sans as their font when posting. It looks fine on a laptop or desktop but for some weird reason, it is converted to a very hard to read cursive script when viewing the thread on a smartphone. Hopefully someone from CC is reading these posts and can take a look into this issue. If anyone is reading this who uses anything other than the default font, you might want to consider changing it until this is fixed. I don't know how many fonts other than comic sans are effected by this glitch.
  12. Aquahound

    Golden Tee

    O'Sheehan's on Escape was the closest I've seen to what you're describing.
  13. Aquahound

    Help selected another cruise line

    Yes! Go for it. Equinox is a GREAT ship and you would love that suite experience and Luminae. I'm an equal opportunity cruiser...meaning I'll cruise almost any line....but Celebrity, especially Solstice Class, is almost always what I look for first. I highly recommend keeping that reservation. In my opinion, it blows HAL away.
  14. Aquahound

    HAL Nieuw Statendam - Specialty Coffee Drinks

    Good info. It wasn't until about half way through my Koningsdam cruise I learned specialty coffees could be made in the Lido. I discovered it while eating dinner in there. The machine wasn't with the regular coffee stand area at the forward section. It was at about the mid point in the Lido. This is a good option for getting lattes, etc before the 8am opening of Explorations. But yes, 8am is a ridiculous opening time for a coffee bar.