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  1. Hey! I'm jealous. I lived there 20 years so I know how awesome it is. I've lived all over this country and Key West was by far the best. Then again, I'm in the Seattle area now and I'd rank this place lower than Fallujah. 😉
  2. I stayed at a Embassy Suites last week and they completely eliminated their revered nightly reception. No alternative at all. So it would not surprise me if, in order to start cruising earlier, RCI foregoes some loyalty perks to discourage social gathering.
  3. I totally agree with you. I had to wear a mask on 3 flights last week, the longest of which was 3 hours, and it was miserable. No way would I go on a cruise having to wear a mask.
  4. I wouldn't worry about that. I travel a lot for work and through all this, I never had a problem booking hotels. I'm a Hilton brands guy, and all my go-to hotels have remained open.
  5. During these times, I'm fortunate I get to travel for work. I spent all last week in Alaska. While it felt surreal, especially in Juneau due to lack of tourists, I still got out on the water, did some fishing, and took some awesome hikes. This sort of thing is helping me get through it. I really feel for others who have been stuck at home through all this. Without my work travel, I'd probably go mad.
  6. I'm from Key West and I know Haskell. His agenda has always been to limit cruise ships in KW. Now, he's just using COVID as a convenient excuse. Can't say I totally disagree with him though. I've never been a fan of mega ships going to KW.....mostly because of the long, narrow channel they need to navigate to enter.
  7. Vancouver, definitely. One, like the others said, sailing the IP is beautiful. Two, you avoid the obligatory stop in a Canadian port; therefore, you get more Alaska time. I much prefer Vancouver embarkations for Alaska.
  8. It's VERY stable. It's a large catamaran. I also did this tour and I thought it was excellent. Also, for a much quicker glacier tour, just outside of Whittier you can do the Portage Glacier cruise. It's only about an hour and it runs 5 times daily. It's on a smaller boat, but on a very calm lake, so no motion there either. I highly recommend a rental car. The drive down Seward Highway is one of the most beautiful in the country. Maybe consider a night at Alyeska in Girdwood. For an up-close look at wildlife, you can visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It's right at the intersection where you turn off to go toward Whittier. For a bite to eat in Whittier, I recommend Varley's Swiftwater. Their halibut sandwich is to die for.
  9. Judging by the awesome displays of fireworks in my neighborhood tonight...like I've never seen before...I'm reassured by the true spirit of the American people. You're right. The strong fighters in us will get all of us...including those who wish they were elsewhere...through this. God bless America!
  10. I typed, and then re-typed my response several times. I think everything I initially typed would've landed me in time out from Cruise Critic. Heck, it still might. Oh well. All I'll say is, I am EXTREMELY proud to be an American. I, for one, will not let radicals sway me from loving this great land. I will continue to honor those who served and I will continue to stand for our one anthem. God bless us all and God bless America!
  11. At this point, I think you're just trying to keep your thread alive. If you can't understand how the simple act of being on a ship at sea is attractive to some, there's not much more that can be said to help you. Perhaps it's time you just let it go.
  12. There seems to be a growing problem in this world with the inability to accept that one's opinion is not shared by others. I respect that it doesn't appeal to you. Seeing as we're now on page 4, the time for you to respect the fact that it does appeal to others is long overdue.
  13. That's good to hear. For some reason, I thought he went over to another cruise line. 🤔
  14. Happy Independence Day. A new rendition of one of the greatest songs ever written...
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