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  1. Its an awfully big stretch to relate a moratorium on cruise ships to discrimination. Sorry, but your post is full of misguided emotion.
  2. i remember that. I have memories of seeing Grease on the Seaward.
  3. I have no experience being evacuated myself, but I have 27 years with the USCG, so I have been on the rescue side more times than I can count. There's a 99% chance you would not be allowed to join him on an air medevac. They are constrained by weight, especially the HH65 frames, so do not make a habit out of taking family. However, I have seen exceptions when extended family is on board the ships and can take care of all the luggage. Surface assets, however, do not have these constraints, so family is much more often allowed to join in those circumstances. To be cl
  4. I'm not sure where you live or if your hometown has any reliance on tourism, but if you do, you will understand that tourists who spend money are always preferred. I can't think of any tourist town that prefers low or no spenders. When a giant Carnival ship pulls in to KW, the city gets it's $12 per person in port charges, but then most of the passengers only buy beer and t-shirts...if anything at all. I will say though....I'm as big a fan of cruising as anyone here, so I certainly do understand the disappointment.
  5. I think they've been very lax on the whole concept of new cruisers and asking a cruise question ever since COVID. I very much look forward to this board getting back to normal....whenever that will be. 🙁
  6. Agreed. I've only been cruising since the 80s, but I'd say the current entertainment on RCI Oasis Class is the best I've seen. Ref Rodney Dangerfield, I don't think he struck big until his movie roles in the 80s. I'd say he was still an up-and-comer in the 70s. Likewise, most comedians I see on cruises have appeared on late night. Who knows if they'll be big in the next decade?
  7. That’s an interesting take. The only contract I’m familiar with is with Ed Swift, another selfish local business owner who runs Old Town Trolly and the Conch Trains....one of the few other businesses that benefits from cruise ships. This is a local hypocrite who, despite ongoing noise complaints about his Conch Train bells, filed an injunction against MTV Real World several years ago when they were filming next to his house. He’s yet another reason locals are fed up.
  8. I'm not one who believes in brand loyalty. In fact, my favorite cruise line has changed several times over the past 2 decades. I'm not one who cruises solely for destination or solely for the ships. My priority changes with every cruise. Heck, sometimes, I just want to be on a cruise. Other times, it's for a specific itinerary. Different lines are good at individual things, so my flavor changes with each cruise. I love RCI for the best entertainment at sea. I love Celebrity for the dining and modern designs of their ships. I love HAL for their itineraries. Based on recom
  9. I'm not a professional athlete, but I do work in a profession that gets priority. In fact, I've already received notification that I can receive my shot VERY soon. That said, I gave blood a couple months ago and found I have the antibodies. As I suspected, I had COVID back in January. Otherwise, I'm still a pretty strong and healthy dude. Unless I'm ordered to, I have no intention of going to the front of the line to get my shot. In fact, I plan to wait until Spring so that I know those with high risk conditions are taken care of first.
  10. Key West is my home town. You can thank this measure on greedy Duval St business owners. About a decade ago, one of the city council members, who was also a local bar owner (Rick's/Dirty Harry's complex), pushed hard for a widening of the 7 mile long main ship channel that leads from the open ocean to Key West Harbor. He wanted Oasis Class ships to be able to visit, which meant more income for his businesses. However, widening a portion of the channel would have meant the destruction of miles of sea grass beds, which are turtle feeding grounds. As you can imagine, this greed put a very so
  11. A very blessed belated Thanksgiving to you too sir, and also to all my fellow Americans. 🇺🇸
  12. I totally understand the benefits of using a TA. However, what I don’t understand is the vitriol displayed toward those who choose not to use one. So what? I think one or two folks on this thread must be, or must be related to TAs. Otherwise, why put so much effort into this? I think we might be getting a little too consumed over other peoples choices lately. Anyways, my TA saves me 10%. Well, maybe only 8 or 9 percent because not all of the base price is commissioned. I book my cruises myself, usually because I use the loyalty line to make sure I get my perks (like balcony discoun
  13. No, not doing any of that. But I drove through Astoria, OR today and saw the Oceania Regatta sitting at the dock. Just seeing a cruise ship in person again brought back that yearning feeling for a cruise. Oh well. 😢
  14. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too, Len. 🙂
  15. Try calling HAL to see if they'll switch you to another room within the same category. I've done this numerous times after being assigned my GTY and it has never failed.
  16. Gotta say, if decor and interior design alone kept me from cruising, I never would have cruised Oosterdam and Zuiderdam. I found the design mostly hideous. Still had a good time though. 🙂 But alas, I like where HAL is going. The fresh new look is really nice, IMO.
  17. Speaking of Cruise Critic advice and opinions, it's really interesting to go back and read early threads on this subject. I find this one particularly interesting... https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2735011-don’t-go-on-a-cruise/
  18. PVSA. Simply put....foreign flagged ships have to hit a foreign port.
  19. The answer is no. No decision has been made yet. Ref Alaska, Canada's ports are closed until March. Not a deal breaker yet but at this point, we do not know if they'll extend.
  20. Yes ma’am. Solstice. What gave it away:.....the comfy balcony furniture or the portion of “X” on the glass? 😊
  21. That's funny. Canada's protection law has the same acronym as the US's organized crime law. 😆 Not sure if you're still around 5 months later or if you ever booked, but I'm in the no TA crowd. However, unlike some (well, one in particular), I'm not going to lower myself to belittling those who book differently. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using a TA and in your case, it might be a good idea in order to find the right line that suits you and your husband needs. 🙂
  22. It's basically a machine readable barcode. You put your smartphone in camera mode and hold it in front of the QR code. Used in restaurants, it automatically links to a webpage showing the menu. It looks like this:
  23. I like what I see in those pictures. I think the dining room looks beautiful. When I cruised Koningsdam, it quickly became my favorite HAL ship, probably because I think the most beautiful ships at sea are Celebrity ships, and HAL started leaning that way with Pinnacle Class.
  24. My guess is, at least during initial stages, they'll just use disposable paper menus.
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