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  1. Updating our day at Bay of Islands.......bit late as have been playing with the caravan, getting ready to escape the house when the time comes.......so we had a lazy morning, grabbed our coffee mugs which we bring with us, hot cup of tea and walked around the lovely wide promenade deck. This deck has deck chairs all the way around and you can do a lap with no stairs to climb...amazing!! We fast till lunch time so no brekky for us these days, amazing how much time that saves on port days!! We took the tender and then shuttle bus to Paihai. We don't do arranged tours so to
  2. Geez......we got to our cabin and fell asleep, so a bit late to update you all. Love our inside cabin, no upgrades for us. As usual we have picked a great location, highest deck aft, with a door leading out to a huge aft deck with a pool and spa and loads of comfy sun lounges, with nice padded cushions. They are all spread out, so no climbing over others to get out!! We will be spending most of our time out here! We chose a sideways cabin, so much more room and storage space. The aircon is nice and quiet too. Fluffy white towels, bathrobes and the lighting in th
  3. Leigh, we would love to meet up for a drink before dinner, let me know if you find a great bar that does good martini's. Since we won't meet on a Sapphire cruise boohoo, we can catch up on this one😉
  4. We live a four and a half hours drive from Sydney, so flew in the night before. We took what we call the Cheese n Wine happy hour flight, 5.30pm, 50 minutes up then down, just enough time to serve a beer for hubby and a wine for me😀 We call Jim our driver to come pick us up from the airport, always good to see him again, $15 each. We have used our AccorPlus free night ( we save it for Sydney stays before a cruise) for overnight at the McGallery Harbour Rocks Hotel, an old building with lots of history, no lift though, only for luggage, we always ask for a room with a view of th
  5. Hahahaha! We have the Wii hooked up for when the Grandkids come, great idea, might challenge hubby to MarioKart, but I always win, so he will get bored! We have all the Sports too, too funny!
  6. David, you are doing something.....helping stop the spread!! We are home too, no kids or grand kids this year☹️ I have done the groceries, made some bone broth soups. Our neighbours and us are lighting our fire pits in the backyards, we are going to cook up something on our OZPig, put some music on and sit out under the stars........on each side of our fences!!! with a bottle of red. I think the neighbours are putting tents up for a camp out for the kids. We will be playing with our caravans, doing some work on the old one, lining the cupboards on
  7. Great post Megsie, we feel the same. We won't be affected by the age restrictions, but cannot take a chance to get stuck on a cruise ship and be floating around for an unknown time. All our cruises are cancelled for this year, still have one for next June but hubby is determined he is not going, has no interest. Going to spend a couple of years seeing our beautiful country and spending our money in our towns. I hope things change......alot, less cruise ships, more health security, both ports and airports, more hygiene, more personal space. I can't see any cruise ships
  8. Leigh I use my slow cooker all the time for stock. I have an oval large one.
  9. We have Plantation shutters, not sure I can fit our two Panda bears in☹️
  10. Hope you get the TP Les, our neighbours still in quarantine were eligible for home delivery so ordered online and no TP. That was with Woolieworths🤣 although it looks like the supplies are staying stocked, it's the meat.
  11. The cafes in our town of Wauchope have become popular for riders, there are also lots of things on at the showground through out the year for clubs etc. We have seen some crazy caravan drivers in out time towing.
  12. A big Happy Anniversary from us Leigh! I made up some soup with chicken stock I had made and frozen. I am slow cooking meats, making double meals and freezing, just trying to minimize how often I have to go out. Trying to go shopping fortnightly now. Andy goes to and from work each day, straight home and doesn't work with the public, so our contact with the outside world is minimal. Keep safe xx
  13. I got toilet paper yesterday....been trying for 4 weeks!! They had cheap quality 10 pack in Woolies, and had good stuff in Aldi. I took a pack around to sons as they have set up offices at home and unable to leave during the day. Added some Sour dough bread and a bag of lollies and dropped at front door.......saw my grandson down the hallway, boohoo no cuddles, but he can enjoy his treat while doing his school work🥰
  14. Driving lines.....Police driver training. Race car drivers do it really well if you watch them taking those bends at speed.
  15. Talking about Walcha......just watching Sunrise and Barnaby Joyce is standing outside of the Walcha Road Hotel doing his live segment.
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