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  1. cheznandy

    Smoking areas on Majestic Princess??

    Hi, I was on the Shanghai to Sydney cruise on Majestic last August, smoking areas were Starboard outside the Hollywood pool club, Starboard aft on Promenade deck, I personally would not book a balcony in that area for that reason. They also opened a smoking area up halfway through the cruise, portside aft just outside the Kids club area. No smoking in the Casino on cruises leaving and returning to Australia.
  2. cheznandy

    2 days in Singapore - tours or see the sights on our own

    The Ez link card, as per post 13 above, others have supplied good info.
  3. cheznandy

    Different ship taking Grand Princess place?

    Isnt P&O Aus getting the Star Princess not the Grand? https://www.pocruises.com.au/media-releases/2018/2018-august-22 Unless they have changed their mind!!
  4. All good for the moment, I have never had the problems some others have had, but today it doesnt like me😣 Re Vietnam, we flashpacked around for 5 weeks in 2009, south to north and back again. Spent a week on a beach at Mui Ne before we flew home ahhh to be there now!!
  5. Dont know whats going on with CC today, it wont let me log in, then can't post.....I just tried to quote your post David and it did something different!
  6. Great work David, my two most fav ships in my most fav country, Viet Nam. Unlike Les, we like visiting the Port of Phu My and go to Vung Tau for the day. We could spend all our time at Robert Taylors Worldwide Arms Museum, an interesting place. Sailing in and out of that port is fascinating watching all the ships and tankers, plus a red sunset over the river, nice!!
  7. cheznandy

    2 days in Singapore - tours or see the sights on our own

    I think the poster was referring to the Ezyink card which are available at MRT stations including Marina South. These cost $12 with a $7 stored value. Valid for 5 years https://www.ezlink.com.sg/get-your-ez-link-card/where-the-cards-are-sold Were you trying to purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass? $10per day with a $10 refundable deposit?They are only available at certain locations as per this link http://thesingaporetouristpass.com.sg/where-to-buy/ and only valid for the days purchased. We already had cards but 4 of our friends purchased Ezylink cards at Marina South. I would recommend anyone arriving at Marina South Pier to buy the Ezylink cards there, for convenience and to get your short day in port started. After a full day of travelling around our friends only used about $3 of the stored $7 and are keeping their card for their next visit.
  8. cheznandy

    2 days in Singapore - tours or see the sights on our own

    We did that also, we have a card we bought in 2015, used it again last September for the day on a cruise and are heading back this November and will use it again, I think we still have about $30 on it, so will withdraw the balance this time as it will have expired by the time we get back there. Such a great system, to the OP, we have never done a tour in Singapore, we have a bucket list to see and tick something off everytime we visit. Next on the list for November, we have 3 days prior to a cruise....... Botanic Gardens, Fort Canning Battle Box (WW2 history), a free walking tour of Little India, Sentosa Island, The Pinnacle @ Duxton for views and another visit to Gardens by the Bay. Previous visits we have done Kampon Glam walk, Orchard Road, River cruise, Gardens by the Bay Cloud Dome and Symphony light show, light show on the river, Bugis markets, China town, drinks at the bar at the top of Marina Bay Sands, a fish spa, the Singapore flyer, River walk, Clarke Quay, Changi Museum.........and the Changi Airport, that is a day in itself haha!! Plus all the different places we eat, mostly Hawker centres, could go back every year and find something new.
  9. Re taking on wine, sometimes we are handed the roll of stickers to place them on ourselves.........sometimes they dont even look in our carry on at the desk and ask "how many" I could say 2 or 12 😂but as Austraveller said, if taken to the dining room you would have the pay to corkage at some point. Thankfully Princess gives us this option to bring your own wine, it is great if sailing from your homeport. When sailing Princess overseas the Wine Package is good value, other than that we buy by the bottle. Thankfully our wine drinking with dinner is getting less, a bottle lasts us two nights now haha!!
  10. Yep, maybe explaining that in your first post may have made it clear of the problem you were having.
  11. Have to agree with you there, I have had the best customer service from the US offices. I just refared a cruise, they were so helpful, saved lots and kept the same cabin, they are so polite and helpful, I am more than happy to get put through to the US. The last few Princess reps I have spoken with in Australia have been working from home.
  12. Barry i havent seen cruises that visit Pentecost in a while. Havent seen Lamen Bay, Ouvea Island and i am sure there are others we used to visit often. They all seem to do the usual ones now.
  13. cheznandy

    Review of Noordam - Dec 2018 cruise

    Love all the glass ware in the cabin, and the hairdryer!! We did PNG on the Dawn Princess a couple of years ago and it was one of our more memorable cruises, loved it. We sailed into Milne Bay on ANZAC morning, will never foget it. Just put a Poppy on the wall at the War Memorial Canberra today for a cousin that died on the Senanda track and is buried at Port Moresby, so your lovely photos of Alotau have bought back memories today. Thankyou. The islands of Kirriwina, Kitava and Doini are beautiful.
  14. cheznandy

    Review of Noordam - Dec 2018 cruise

    Thanks so much for the review and photos, looks like a lovely ship. Have wanted to try HAL, so great info. Is the Noordam the same class of ship as Ex HAL ships P&O Eden and Aria? If so a nice size. Getting my cruise fix sitting in a hotel in Canberra, 39c outside😩 so thankyou!!