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  1. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Les, there are quite a few on the Shanghai to Sydney cruise we were on that have booked this one, lots of lovely people😀
  2. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Les,is it truly aft or aft portside or starboard? Be careful off your Aft balcony, yes they are deluxe with a sofa but no bigger than other deluxe. Some of them are open, no cover and lots of soot. Friends had one and really disliked it. Saw it on the cabin crawl, soot everywhere and as it was uncovered they didnt use it much. Marina deck the worst as Lido looks over it, I think the covered more private ones start at Aloha or Baja. You probably know this as you have cruised on this class before.
  3. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    I know, you just never know🤣
  4. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Yes Les, our preferred form of transport......but booked upfront near the "secret" viewing deck shhhhh🤣
  5. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Sorry to quote you Helen, for some reason your post comes up when I hit reply!! Yes, it is in USD, I thought at least the Singapore to Sydney sector would have been AUD, will save my FCD's for the future, see what sailings they have from Sydney. On another topic, I just refared our Splendour Singapore to Sydney cruise, saved $681 AND gained $500 OBC. Had booked through an OZ online TA, they transferred my deposit as well. It cost $100 to amend the booking, but a great saving all up. Now costing us $115 a night, plus OBC of $750!!
  6. cheznandy

    Majestic at Port Arthur today 20 Nov

    Enjoy! Loved Harmony as well. How are you finding the ship? Interested in your thoughts😉
  7. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Not selling yet Les, they are showing as sold.
  8. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    An online TA has the detailed itineraries for the Rome to Sydney sectors, the Singapore to Sydney sector has 6 seadays😦 from BKK to Darwin!! Love sea days but not that many for that part of the world.
  9. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Same here Les, not often a Princess ship comes and offers sectors. The ones returning to the US you cant book sectors and Majestic coming from Asia doesnt offer them either, 22 days is our limit at the moment. Agree re Royal class, I can see on the deck plan that there are a few differences for the better than Majestic, ie Crooners, no Ler Mer in the Atrium, an aft pool, even though it is small!! but the Regal has no indoor pool and the forward area that is the Conservatory on Majestic is the paid Sancuary on Regal, so not free for everyone. So no forward viewing area anywhere unless you book one of the forward cabins. I like the Singapore to Sydney itinerary as it heads to Thailand before Darwin, but waiting to see which Grand class they will send to cruise from Melbourne 2020/2021 and where it is coming from etc, I guess we wont know that until March when they release the Regal Australia itineraries.
  10. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    They will block out cabins, for different sectors.
  11. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Was just going to ask that one!
  12. cheznandy

    Priority embarkation

    God love ya.....that would be the Observer Hotel the Rocks😁
  13. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    Mic, is there other segments, Dubai to Singapore or Singapore to Sydney?
  14. cheznandy

    Regal Princess in 2020.

    I think you are right, and the bookings currently called Golden Princess will change to Pacific Adventure when P&O take contol, I guess Carnival have to book her in to OPT as she wont go under the bridge like the other P&O ships. Wonder what ship will be based from Melbourne in 2020/2021? The Sapphire is penciled in for turnarounds. We know it isnt the Majestic, Regal or Golden, could be Ruby or Emerald which have cruised from Sydney in the past. Please be Sapphire, please be Sapphire........I hate that they tease me every year by making the bookings under the Sapphires name!! I just put a FCD on a Sapphire cruise out of Singapore because after our Majestic cruise I realised how much I love that ship😍
  15. cheznandy

    Mid North Coast Meet up

    Our get together for morning tea was a great success this morning. I think we chatted so much we forgot to enjoy the lovely view of the Hastings River on the Town Green. Big thanks to RMKW, Angelwingsflys, Happysnapper, SailawayJohn and Resordanis and their respective other halves. Lots of cruise talk, exchanging details and two of the couples are on the same cruise next week and just met today! So have a great cruise you guys🛳️🚢