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  1. Very disappointing. I see they are well into May on refunds ... I'm still waiting on my early April refund. They've lost my trust!!
  2. Mine, too! Another one bites the dust!! I'm just working on getting my money back, spending my gift cards (stupid purchase on my part) and my FCC and I'll probably just be done with Princess after that. I'm so sick and tired of not waiting for my refunds ... yes, now I have 4 sailings canceled, while others with cruises way after mine have gotten their money back. Do I blame them for canceling these cruises? No! Do I blame them for selling cruises that have no chance of sailing? Well, somewhat! Do I blame them for not refunding our money with any sort of transparency or process in place ... absolutely!!!
  3. Heartbreaking! I just called in about my reservation to see if they can move it now to a cruise for next summer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to catch this before their official cancellation announcement.
  4. One might think so ... but, my one sailing is so simple and they still can't get that one refunded. I'm feeling like that might be asking for way too much.
  5. For me, they sent a notification to fill out my personalizer for my upcoming cruise for a sailing that was already canceled. It was actually a warning that if I didn't complete it, I may be denied boarding. Hahaha
  6. I can't imagine the logistics involved for Princess to actually do this. They haven't been able to get the refunds done in a timely manner, much less anything more complex.
  7. I would like to think this is true for everyone and I understand how you got yours, but still think they have been inconsistent and not very transparent with the way they are handling refunds and posting the FCCs. Again, I’ve lost my trust in the way they are handling these cancellations.
  8. Only for some! I’ve seen people waiting for their FCCs for early March ... some others got it. There is now way to ensure they will be posted within 3 weeks, even though it happened for you. They are way past my sailing date on a very simple booking ... still, I don’t have my refund. I was hopeful when I saw others getting theirs in order of sail date but, very disappointed mine hasn’t shown up. My trust is gone!
  9. We've booked a few sailings on Celebrity that have been chartered. I sure do seem to know how to pick them, right? You will receive an offer from Celebrity to move to another sailing (they choose the list of available sailings), transfer to any other cruise of your choice with a small amount of OBC or a full refund on your deposit. They have been very generous with us in the past for passengers that are booked on these cruises that turn into charters.
  10. Well, that's good to know. That first round was painfully slow. I am still waiting for my credit card refund from an early April sailing as well as two other sailings. There are others that are into their May refunds already ... not mine, though. 😞
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