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  1. No lounge chairs ... just two chairs and a table.
  2. We were in a C1 aft cabin before .... nothing beats the view from the aft of the ship. Plus, it is very nice and quiet back there as the only passengers in that hallway are usually your immediate neighbors. Now, take note the passengers on the decks above you will be able to look down upon your balcony (we were on deck nine). For the most part, this shouldn't be an issue as people usually respect that space is yours. We were on our balcony once, though, where this clown, that we didn't even know, stated he wished he had a bucket of water to dump on us .... there is one in every crowd, isn't there? BTW, no vibrations, noise or soot on our balcony. We were in one of the middle ones, right there overlooking the wake. I can think of no negatives whatsoever unless you consider those that can look down on your balcony a negative. It should be just a minor inconvenience, if at all.
  3. Just one more reason to love the Royal. I sure hope they have this available on all ship and on sailings. I am so much happier to buy the package than to lug wine along with me, especially if I am flying to the embarkation port. And, like I said, I was super happy about the new selections.
  4. I am surprised there was no wine package available. We were able to purchase one last month on a seven night cruise and my PVC stated that Princess was looking into having them available even on these shorter cruises. Well, I sure hope so ... the wine list is now absolutely wonderful!! I swear I cannot even see one more glass of Clos Du Bois, once a very middle of the road favorite of mine .... but goodness gracious ... enough is enough! It's all they were pouring on my previous cruise on Princess.
  5. I've not heard this before and just sailed on Princess a few weeks ago. However, just in case you were not aware, Princess sells cases of water if you pre-purchase it through your cruise personalizer. It is only $7 for 12 bottles and will be delivered to your room either before you board or shortly afterwards. It is so much easier than lugging your own water with you onboard only to save a few dollars ... but you have to purchase it ahead of time. There is no such special once you board. Now, if there is a certain brand of water that you have to have ... the pre-purchase order will probably not suffice.
  6. Good advice ... I don't blame you one bit!!
  7. Aha .... I think you are right about that. I always think of an Americano as a really great cup of brewed coffee ... so that was my mistake.
  8. We noticed this, too, over the last decade or so. Our balcony on the Grand (and the Golden for that matter) was so full of rust and the windows up top in the lounge looked like someone lost their lunch all over them, you'd sink into cushions on the furniture that was so old and the public bathrooms were just shameful. And I hear ya all when you say, ships rust, windows get dirty, tiles break, furniture takes a beating ... the funny thing is, we've really noticed this only on the Century when they were just about to sell her off and some older Princess ships, including the Grand, Golden and even the Crown (their mini golf course was in shambles ... take it out if you're not going to maintain it). We have sailed on many different cruiselines and so don't give a pass to rusty, dirty, poorly maintained ships just because that what ships are supposed to look like when they are old. We sailed on the Explorer of the Seas a couple of years back and it was immaculate and she was built in 2000, so actually a year older than the Golden. On a positive note, I recently sailed on the Royal and she was absolutely gorgeous! I was so impressed with how everything just sparkled. And .... thankfully, no filth catcher (that blue matting) on the balconies as I've seen on the Grand Class ships. I was also very impressed with the food on the Royal ... not one bad meal to be had. Everything was so very good. The only sticking point about the MDR is that they appeared to have such a inadequate number of staff. The meal wasn't dining ... it was sitting around waiting to be noticed and served, with the exception of one team we had three times only ... they were outstanding!! But, the other meals had us waiting an entire 30 minutes between courses with dirty dishes sitting in front of us the whole time. The waiters were not standing around, they were running their butts off ... there just weren't enough of them. BTW, I really liked the risotto but I could see how some would be off put by the looks of it. It's a texture thing ... on the Royal, it was actually quite good.
  9. Wow ... even food that is prepackaged and sealed? I am referring to individually wrapped food that I've brought on from the US ... factory sealed. I don't plan on a trip to Argentina but will take heed of your advice in case I ever find myself in that area.
  10. If they have the Coffee and Cones on the Golden, they will have fresh brewed coffee. Also, I've seen brewed coffee in the casinos onboard as well. Since a lot of people don't tend to drink coffee in the casino around the clock, not sure how fresh it would be.
  11. Actually, it is the port that doesn't want the paper cups to be taken off the ship ... at least that is what my nephews were told....and that could or could not be the real reason. They said, either drink it up or toss it by the time they got to that tent, which, by the way, served water in paper cups. hahaha! I think plastic water bottles would be more of a concern if improperly disposed of while in town, but that's just my opinion.
  12. Aha!! See what I mean about people knowing things!! Thank you for your wisdom! I will be sure to check again in about a month.
  13. Anything that is individually sealed should not be a problem. I don't know of any specific rules for Argentina, but we've taken those sorts of things into other countries and onto planes all the time and never had an issue.
  14. So did my nephews. I was sure to tell them to not try to take anything from the buffet into port there ... but I was surprised at having them dump the cappuccino they just got as they were getting off the ship.
  15. At first I thought maybe a week for training but never thought of a PR cruise but it makes perfect sense. Those sailings are harder to sell so it behooves them to set it up as a PR cruise. It actually makes more sense than a charter to me.
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