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  1. The ship would have to embark or disembark in Ensenada for that to work in accordance with the PVSA. I understand it is less than an hour bus ride up to San Diego. But certainly, a Pacific Coastal is no substitution for Alaska.
  2. And don't forget, according to the CDC, they don't want the crew / staff cabins to be filled to capacity. It stands to reason that some of the passenger cabins will be offered to the staff. I imagine that it makes sense to place them on the Plaza or maybe the Emerald deck, forward of the aft stairs. Or, who knows, maybe they won't even sail until the restrictions are lifted.
  3. We both prefer cruises that are between 8 and 11 nights ... 9 nights being just perfect!! 2 and 3 night cruises with a bunch of friends is nice but don't really bother if it isn't within a group.
  4. I always helped several friends and family book cruises, finding them the best deal I could. While at work one day, one of the IT guys said I should start a monthly newsletter about cruising. He asked about my DH's loves and I told him it was all about football. He just loves those Raiders and was a season ticket holder for many years before they headed to Vegas. Anyway, the IT guy came up for a name for my newsletter, Cruise Raider, which I never did start. No way did I want to turn my passion into a responsibility. BTW, I love this post ... so much better than all t
  5. This was actually in an oceanview cabin so, there was no need to be in a suite.
  6. I've ordered from the MDR menu on Celebrity in the past. They made a big deal out of it ... wheeled in a table, set it up with a table cloth and place settings. The room stewards were the ones to deliver it and you called them when you were finished and they cleaned everything up and wheeled the table back out. It was so heavenly!! Needless to say, there was a nice tip involved even though it wasn't required, maybe not even expected.
  7. A friend of mine was on the Grand Princess when it was cut short and then the ship finally docked in Oakland and then passengers were quarantined for two weeks out at Travis AF Base. I asked her if she would ever cruise again and she said that she probably would. Personally, I don't think the experience would discourage me from cruising again in the future but that's easy for me to say since I wasn't quarantined. I guess it may all depend upon what room type I had. If inside, oh boy ... I'd never hear the end of it from my DH. An OV would be slightly better but only a balcony or bet
  8. It was back sometime last year when I heard that cruiselines may require you to have a meal in your stateroom once, maybe twice, during each weeklong sailing and it could be ordered from the MDR menu. Now, there's been no indication since then that is actually going to happen. But, they are going to have to reduce dining room capacity and that 'do you wish to share?' question may be null and void for some time to come. Also in the article, reservations for anytime dining may be required so it may not really be anytime dining any longer. Again, crickets on this since that was all mentioned
  9. We've stayed in both 7901 and 7903 on the Infinity. We met up with our neighbors in 7905. Here are our impressions: Best inside cabins on the entire ship!! They are indeed larger and not wheelchair accessible. 7903 opens right up into the elevator vestibule but for some reason, we were never bothered by noise right there by the elevators. I'm sure there are some sailings where this could be an issue, though. We just had a subdued group on our sailing. The nice thing about that cabin is you could just open up your door and see what the day's weather would b
  10. We've traveled extensively on both lines. Although I love the nearby roundtrip itineraries as the air travel portion is so inviting, I could not recommend the Grand over the Eclipse. The Grand has seen her better days .... she has had a great staff/crew every time we've sailed on her but the lack of general maintenance as well as the basic structure of the ship is a huge deterrent for us. The Eclipse would be more along the lines of one of the Royal Class ships on Princess. However, one positive about the Grand is that they have Window Suites, which are, IMO, the best cabins on the entire s
  11. She's very similar to the Solstice if you've been on her before. Small differences in the decor but otherwise, much the same. I think you will have the Gastro Bar instead of Cellar Masters ... so craft beer instead of wine. Otherwise, she is much the same.
  12. Just a couple more to add .... Personalized magnets with your itinerary Medallion holders
  13. Mine, too! I was kind of expecting this one to actually happen. Not sure why ... but, I was. I guess I will look for a replacement sailing for 2022. Unfortunately, there isn't another itinerary as this one offered for next year so I'm not sure what they will offer me, if anything. I would like to keep this reservation as it was originally for a cruise that was chartered back in 2018 so they threw in some extra goodies.
  14. I wasn't sure on that detail on the PVSA but this worked out perfectly for a one night stay as the next sailing down to SF wasn't until the next day anyway.
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