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  1. Smooth as silk … but when we were hauling butt down to Cabo, being in the very aft portion of the ship, we still felt it. We’ve been anchored since yesterday afternoon. They could stay here for a week as far as I am concerned. I just love this!
  2. Just type in logon and there will be a set of instructions to get you on … also, set your WiFi settings to MedallionNet. To switch between devices, type in logout.com on the one you are switching from. They have instructions in your room and a lot of staff to help you out onboard.
  3. Don’t even worry about it! We all appreciate your participation in this thread!
  4. The dining room looks much the same as previously arranged, having been in the Grand several times in the past! The Maitre’d is very present so I’m sure he will do everything possible to seat you where you want, especially if you have reservations. The Michelangelo is closed to passengers as they are using that dining room for the crew. (I love that!) So, the dining rooms are pretty full considering a third of the space is now not available but, still no lines to be seated. and we’ve never felt like we’ve been sitting right on top of one another. The masking rule for the lounges and bars is sip and cover …although I had not realized that until last night. I happen to be sitting in Crooners with a Bloody Caesar (it’s delicious, BTW) and only a couple of people are masked. But, the way the furniture is situated, people are definitely distanced from one another … it’s a little over half full.
  5. I am not sure but if I see Gary, the CD around the ship, I will ask him. look him up … he was the lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders … he did one of my favorite songs of all times, Cherokee People. Then, he also sang with Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and snag our first dance song for our wedding. He also sang some blues and hard rock, plays guitar, is quite funny and did some impressions. Best show ever! I hope we see him again on our upcoming cruise as we are doing a B2B.
  6. Update on today onboard the Grand Princess … Not sure which of my posts made it on here and which ones failed due to the spotty internet … but to recap, we had a bit of a disappointing experience in Crown Grill yesterday and were invited back by the maitre’d tonight to make it right. Well, they did just that! We had an amazing dinner and stellar service there tonight! Anyone can have a bad day and everyone deserves a second chance … so glad we went back! Outstanding meal all the way around! After dinner, we went to Vines to enjoy a glass of port wine before heading to the Liar’s Club show by the cruise director and staff … by far, it was one of the funniest shows we’ve seen. We were absolutely in stitches for tonight’s show. Our Cruise Director, Gary is looking to be the new Matt O of Princess Cruises. He is extremely funny, engaging, energetic and very talented. Just of note, the lounges and theater are asking people to sip and replace their masks. After that show, as I noted in the comment above, we saw Darren Dowler in the Princess Theater … this is a can’t miss show! He is so incredibly talented and the “Variety Show’ description on JourneyView doesn’t do his show justice! It was one of the best shows we’ve seen on any cruise. After the show, we had a nightcap at Crooners and listened to the Piano Player … also a very talented man but they’ve toned down the audience participation there so, it’s not as lively as it once was. We understand that. The One5 Club is temporarily closed down for maintenance so the DJ will be moving his tunes to the Explorer’s Lounge tonight. We also found out they are having a Mexican Fiesta up in the buffet area after we set sail back to LA tomorrow, followed by wine tasting down in the Botecelli dining room tomorrow afternoon. We were originally told that it was not going to happen due to CoVid but it looks to be back on. The Captain’s Circle Party is also late tomorrow afternoon in the Vista Lounge with a casual dress code. We inquired at the front desk about procedures for the ‘in transit’ or B2B passengers but the details have not been finalized yet. We will post when we know more. Good night 💤 more updates tomorrow on the happenings around the ship!
  7. They added him to the schedule late but we just came back from his show both my DH and I said it may have been one of the best shows we’ve ever seen on a cruise. The man is so incredibly talented! I’m so glad we didn’t go by the description on JourneyView, which was listed as a Variety Show. We gave his show an A++++ I hope we get to see him again .. either on this cruise or in the future! you can pass that info along to him from us! And thank you for the recommendation!
  8. it appears that those that those booked on Princess shore excursions were gathered at the Explorers Lounge and got onto the tenders amongst the first tenders to take them ashore.
  9. we just heard an announcement that anyone wanting to go ashore may proceed to the gangway. that was pretty quick. Tender tickets were given out according to CC status, room category and then whomever showed up first. I believe a lot of people are just staying onboard. It is quite hot and even a bit humid out today.
  10. It is in and out … there were a bunch of posts I did on here this morning that aren’t showing up. So, I think it must have cut out when I tried to post. To repeat those posts, at least the ones I can remember, no football on the ship last night … but saw the Packers won. We did just get an upgrade notification for the second leg of our B2B but think we may pass. We were treated to quite the show the dolphins were putting on for us this morning from our balcony. There were probably more so, if I you see that I didn't answer any questions, don’t hesitate to ask again.
  11. Just a review of the room service and ordering your food and beverages from the app since we wanted to enjoy this absolutely perfect weather out on our balcony! You have to do each passenger’s order separately if buying specialty coffees or juices via the app. And the app has been getting stuck this morning … just a circle going round and round and round. Never fear, there is always the TV. So, for my DH, I ordered a decaf Mocha with caramel syrup, extra hot. It seemed like just two minutes later, before I could even order my coffee, there was a knock on the door … A special shout of from Juan! I explained to him that I could not order my cappuccino from the TV without syrup and I don’t like any sweet in my coffee. He said, he would report it to his supervisor. I was ok just using my legs to get my coffee. A minute later, his supervisor called and took my order … such awesome service. A minute later, Juan was back at the door with my coffee. I usually only like my cappuccino in a ceramic cup but this was actually quite good! After our coffee, we decided to just have breakfast on our balcony and ordered that through the TV as my app was still not loading. Of note, even though we have the beverage package, there was a charge for the one glass of juice on our order. No big deal but they have a few things to work out for the app. The service was just phenomenal … another knock on our door with a hot and delicious breakfast order in just minutes! Sorry to have not caught the name of the man that delivered our food but he was just as friendly and efficient as Juan, the server that brought our coffees. BTW, they no longer have you sign for the orders and thus, no longer a place to leave them a tip so, be sure to have some cash on hand if you wish to tip.
  12. It does appear to be more difficult to move to a different cabin when doing a B2B. I still think that if you are to book separate cabins and test positive in between sailings, someone else most likely has booked your contaminated cabin. It would seem like they wouldn’t want to knowingly put anyone into a dirty cabin with an extra deep cleaning. Just a thought.
  13. He is not listed in Journeyview lineup that I could find. Sorry we will miss him.
  14. Just a bit more about life on the Grand today… We love to go to the International Cafe Coffee Bar for a nice cappuccino to start our day .. not one in a to go cup but in a real ceramic cup. Everyone helps out in this area. And they tell you to get a seat and find you with your coffee order. Ashley is a beverage manager and always looks to be willing to lend a hand to the staff. Amel , who normal can be found in Vines also can be seen helping out where’s the need is the greatest! Both these men will brighten your day with their energy and lighthearted spirit…always with a smile. After our cappuccino ritual, we went to the MDR for breakfast. We had a wonderful server and an excellent breakfast. We ate a small lunch of street tacos at the Salty Dog. ‘Street Tacos’ was a misnomer .. they were more like street burritos. When we saw the size, we decided to split one order. They were excellent! The weather has been great so we decided to eat outside. There was some pool game happening which you could play on your app. It was a bit loud in my opinion but, People seemed to enjoy it so who am I to say. We went to the spa to request a barber for a haircut for my DH the day after tomorrow. She seems to really give him the confidence he needed to go for the cut! I did check over their menu of services and the prices are way better if you pre-purchase them before the cruise. The same message that I booked before the cruise was now nearly $50 more when onboard. Gone are all the flyers that come in your daily mail onboard so, I am not sure if they offer any daily specials. However, it does seem like depending on how busy they are, you may be able to make a deal with them. As before, our room steward did a wonderful job .. we just don’t see him but that’s probably because we don’t have people occupying the cabins next to us. The Captain held a toast in lieu of the Champagne waterfall event and it was broadcast throughout he ship on the PA system. Everyone raised a glass to toast, whether they were in the dining room or the piazza. It was a fun way to toast being back onboard. He also announced that we should arrive in Cabo by approx 1:30 PM tomorrow. I can tell you, he really sped up last night and being in an aft cabin, we really felt it. We spent a bit of time on our balcony and it’s so nice to see that blue matting on the balconies has been replaced. the balcony furniture seems a bit, shall I say, rustic. I had forgotten to mention that the little gold goodie bags for elite passengers were not given out … there was a tube of lotion, a shower cap and a nail file placed in the bathroom instead. It’s not a huge deal to me either way. The bedding and pillows are absolutely wonderful. The flat screen TVs is also very nice with many on demand options. Getting rid of the box type TVs now gives you another shelf over by the mini fridge. as many of you might already know, the closets on teh Grand are a bit small but still have the open design. The in room safes are also very small. An iPad will only fit if finagle it in there. The desk has lots of drawer space and there is also a sufficient amount of shelf space in the closet area as well as in the small but functional, bathroom. No complaints about the cabin other than experiencing a lot of vibration. We knew about this before this sailing but if you are bothered by rattles and bumpiness, I’d go more midship. The Grand got a bit of a facelift since we’ve last sailed on her prior to CoVid. She got all new furniture and carpeting in most of the public spaces, it looks good! There are still some areas that can use a little attention (such as the public bathrooms and the balcony furniture) but for the most part, she looks good with all the improvements made. There are now Purell dispensers nearly everywhere … you don’t have to search very hard to find them. that’s all for now …
  15. The official policy on the Princess website does say it’s required .. that’s all we know at this point. In a few days, we will have a better understanding of what’s actually required and how they are going to handle it. I will be sure to post want our experience is.
  16. I am sure that every group of passengers is quite different. This group just seems to be very compliant with the mask mandates. We did ask our room steward if we needed to wear masks while in the hallways on the passenger decks. He said yes we do. I have no reason to doubt him, we’ve not seen anyone walking down the hallways without a mask. The Grand was one of the Princess ships that was affected by a CoVid outbreak back in early 2020. Maybe they are just more apprehensive and thus, stricter with their policies. As mentioned, everywhere we go indoors where we live requires a mask. We’ve just got to do it … might as well be on a cruise.
  17. If you are referring to a Future Cruise Deposit, they sell them for $100 each, which will serve as your full deposit for most all sailings that Princess offers. you can purchase them directly through the app or go to the future cruise consultant onboard. These will be charged to the credit card you have on file and you cannot use OBC to purchase them. You can earn up to $150 per sailing depending upon your stateroom type.
  18. When speaking to one of the supervisors at guest services desk, she hadn’t heard about in transit passengers having to be tested in between each sailing. I’m hoping that she does get a chance to follow through on my question to her. I asked if we needed to pack up between the legs of the B2B. She was going to check into it for us. I understand the crew is being tested at least every two weeks. in a answer to your question, you only have to pack up if you think you might test positive. My advice is to get some of the testing kits, they wouldn’t necessarily have to be monitored but would give you an idea if you have contracted CoVid.
  19. We are not in an inside cabin but we hadn’t even noticed the USB ports in the lamp until you just mentioned it. 😂
  20. No, we did not. I think they were going to give us a mini suite but they couldn’t tell us until tomorrow for sure since we are doing a B2B. Plus, it was a mini on the Dolphin deck and we don’t care for those uncovered balconies. We finally unpacked earlier today are so are now settled in.
  21. They are pretty much everywhere inside except when eating or drinking, although there has been music in the piazza and nobody has been wearing masks while dancing. But, if you are in line at the IC or walking into a place that serves food, the masks come off once you are seated.
  22. We were on the first sailing on the Majestic and masks were not required anywhere except when in port and recommended in the elevators. we haven’t rode the elevator much on this sailing but people seem to be adhering to the capacity rules and definitely to the mask mandates in the elevators. There is now proper signage within each elevator stating masks are required.
  23. They were playing poker last earlier today when we went there.
  24. Our flight landed in Long Beach at approximately 10:30 AM and we ordered an Uber. The ride was just under $50 to get to the pier. There was a bit of traffic but I would estimate we got to the terminal for check in around 11:30, which was our assigned check in time. Nobody was checking on arrival times as we checked in. They did have a priority boarding lane for Elite and Suite passengers. When we checked in, there was nobody really waiting in line, though. We walked right up and we’re all checked in quickly. They only needed to see your passport, vaccination record, negative CoVid test results and you were then given the go ahead to get into the security lane. We were given a boarding pass for elite passengers and it was collected again shortly afterwards and we walked onto the gangway. I didn’t notice anybody that was waiting to board. There was a bit of a line up on the gangway as we were having our security photos taken. After that, we were greeted warmly by many of the crew that were lined up and clapping or holding big red hearts. We stopped by the guest services desk and inquired about possible upgrades. Our info was taken and we were promised that we’d get a phone call by the time of sail away. Since we never got a call, we checked back another couple of times but still, they had no answer for us. We never fully unpacked because the last gentleman we spoke with told us not to expect any news until tomorrow. It appears they have quite the list of passengers that are asking for the same. They are requesting you stay in the same cabin for any B2Bs. We overheard a passenger state that there are on 1100 guests onboard. I heard someone say it was only at 1/3 capacity. Not sure which one is true but it’s so nice to be able to catch a show without having to go so early to get a seat. Nothing feels crowded. Mask wearing indoors is being strictly enforced unless you are seated at a table with food or drink. Nobody really appears to be cheating! They even asked that in the theater or the lounge to attend a show, take a sip and replace you mask. We have mask mandates in California anyway, so it’s not all that new to us. I don’t love having to wear it but, it’s so much better than not cruising! So, masks it will be. We went to the DaVinci for both the embarkation lunch and dinner. The food was quite good. We found out that the Michelangelo is being used for the crew’s dining area. We haven’t been given menus but are asked to scan the QR code at our tables both in the dining room and at Vines. This is different than the Majestic in that we were given menus as we were seated. The QR code procedure is just fine with us, though. It’s very efficient but I can see how some people wouldn’t like it. There were menus available for those that didn’t have a smartphone. The Princess Patter is still being delivered in paper form but now, just on one page. They are cutting down on the paper waste. I did notice that they are still printing out the photos unlike on the Majestic where you ordered them through a kiosk. Although there are no longer embarkation photos, we did notice a couple, photographers onboard to take your picture if you wished. The muster drill is now done by watching it on your device or on the TV and you just check in at your muster station with your medallion. Be sure you each get a ✅ mark by your name after watching it. We attended the informal CC meet and greet up by the aft bar behind the Horizon Court. In all, I think about 9 members attended. From there we went our separate ways to attend the sail away. The Ruby Princess was docked next to us and the crew members were all out on the balconies waving to us as we sailed by. The crew and staff onboard so far have been wonderful. They all seem incredibly happy that we are back onboard. Our room steward fulfilled all our requests pronto! We are all the way aft on the starboard side of the ship on the Caribe deck. The cabin is nice and clean. Our steward does a great job. Room cleaning is done once a day unless you request the additional evening service. We don’t need the room steward to come in more than once a day but he assured us, just a call and they will be more than happy to bring towels or any other needs you might have in the evening. He gave us a card with his number and I asked what time the stewards were off and he stated it is 9:00 PM. I doubt if we will need anything. BTW, at the back of the ship everything is very shaky with a lot of vibration. It is pretty noisy, which is why I’m still up at 2:00 AM writing this. We were in an aft facing cabin on the Majestic a couple of months ago and it was as quiet as can be. I’ll get all caught up on my sleep soon, though. I usually don’t mind the movement of the ship. Our CD is Gary and he is very energetic and funny! He reminds me a bit of Matt O for those that have sailed with him in the past. We attended the Yes / No game show (very funny) in the Explorers Lounge after dinner and then off to see the comedic magic of Naathan Chan (I may have the spelling wrong) for the late show. The comedian / magician was super talented and hilarious! I understand that Carlos Oscar will be performing two shows. He’s also quite funny. The shows we attended were at 7:45 and 8:45. It worked our perfectly for a 6:00 PM dining time. It was a long day so we turned in after the show. If I’ve forgotten to address any questions anybody has, just remind me. I will attempt to get around to them as it seems my CC is behaving more rationally that it does at home when I am on my iPad. The WiFi is pretty decent. Just remember to logout on one device before you can use a different one or you will wonder what you may have done wrong. Or .. you have the option to upgrade to a 4 device plan but it’s not really needed for us. The MedallionClass app still works without an internet plan. We pretty much are sold on the app but, it’s not been without its problems for us. I think the B2Bs have the IT team a bit stumped. But, it’s working well onboard so far.
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