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  1. Hi from Germany! So happy for you... and indeed for all the excited followers. We went to bed last night (European time!) not knowing the outcome. So as a special celebration I have chilled a bottle of Randersackerer Ewig Leben Silvaner to have with lunch. It is one of our best local wines, and the name means „Eternal Life“, so we thought it was somehow appropriate for a toast! Thank you to one and all of you. This thread has been such a source of sunshine in those dark Corona times. All four of our children and their spouses are overworked medics, so reading about this wave of humanity helped
  2. Scotswoman in Germany still has fingers and toes crossed too! My Mum is 99, so I can well imagine what you are going through, Kindergirl!🤞🤞
  3. I guess many of us, from all over the world (I live in Bavaria, Germany) have been following without commenting, since we knew there was no way we could help. I have been touched by the amount of humanity on display. It gives me hope for society in this very difficult time. Take care, all of you wonderfully kind people. I have my fingers firmly crossed for a safe homecoming for all the passengers, and of course especially for the two elderly parents and their special daughter!
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