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  1. My wife and I are just back from the 6 day sailing of Vista at the end of July, and couldn't agree more with the above comments. We're gold with Carnival, so have sailed different Carnival ships, and Vista is our least favourite, and doubt we'd cruise on her or her contemporaries again. Our cruise had food in the hallways for days as well, but this was the least of our gripes with Vista. Air conditioning was inconsistent, even in the same rooms/venues. We felt the ship was very modern, but oh so bland. Hated the atrium and the promenade, and the main showroom is poorly designed. These are all common complaints on cruisecritic about Vista. But my main gripe with her, is that the ship is way over crowded. The ship is too small for the number of passengers. Lifts were particularly bad, as were the pools. Added to this, the way some of our fellow cruisers conducted themselves throughout the cruise left a lot to be desired, and I think the overcrowding compounded this. I joked in our email review to Carnival that they should rename Vista to Carnival Queue. Saying all that, I have to say that we still had a great "Carnival" vacation. All the staff we encountered were helpful and friendly, the food was very good, especially the new venues, and the entertainment was .... very entertaining. Just our humble 2 cents worth.
  2. Date: 2017-07-23 Ship: Carnival Vista Class of Guarantee: Balcony Guarantee Cabin Assigned: Balcony - Deck 9 - 8E Date Assigned: 40 days prior to sailing Was very nervous booking guarantee(first time), but absolutely thrilled with this cabin. (location etc...)
  3. We are in Cozumel at the end of July on Carnival from 10am to 6pm. We want to go over to Playa Del Carmen and spend a couple of hours only (shopping/lunch) and then return. I figure we'll catch the 11am ferry to Playa and 3pm back to Cozumel (assuming all the same as ship time). If anyone has done this type of trip, is it doable without stressing too much about time? Thanks and Regards
  4. Thanks for the wonderful photos of NOLA. It brings back the fantastic memories of our first trip there in March this year. Despite the relatively high hotel costs, we will make our next cruise a departure from New Orleans...it is a simply amazing city. It so different to anything else we have seen in the USA. And, oh the food!
  5. Wouldn't you know it. I thought I would try it a little later for the hell of it with a different browser (IE) and it worked! Maybe the RC site doesn't like firefox??
  6. I noticed that too. We are on the May 12 sailing, and I got excited that it was there to book, but when I go to book the package it shows the first restaurant to book (Giovannis), shows me a time to select, and the number of people to select, then when I click go, it just seems to get stuck in a loop and never sends me to the payment page. No reservation or package gets put into my calender. It can't be my browser(firefox) as I have booked all my shows, and my time dining reservations. Anyone got any ideas? Cruise line web sites are so frustrating!!!
  7. Here is our plan. We arrive into Cozumel on Oasis of the Seas at about 8.00am. As far as I can tell, we are the only ship in port. We would jump on the 9.00am ferry to Playa Del Carmen and pick up a private tour/driver to Tulum. Spend a couple of hours or so there, and then back to PDC for a late..ish lunch and some shopping/sightseeing, before catching the ferry back to Cozumel. We are keen to do it via a private tour/driver, as I'm sure it would be more time efficient and comfortable, and also cheaper. There are 4 of us. My main question is about the ferry from Cozumel to PDC in the morning. With the Oasis disgorging up to 6000 people, will we have trouble jumping on the 9.00am ferry? I think we need to be on the 9.00am ferry to make this day work. I know the ship offers this excursion, but I am trying to avoid this. Anything else we should know about logistically? Thanks and regards, Michael
  8. A correction to my previous post, I can now book the shows. I was looking at the pdf listing of the shows which only shows to the end of March, but when I actually go into book, they are all there. At least I can get the shows out of the way now. Still can't book the specialty restaurants, though.
  9. I am sailing in May on Oasis, but I can't book shows or specialty restaurants. On another thread someone suggested that you had to have paid finals to be able to book shows etc. Does anyone know if this is the case? We are at 88 days to go. Thanks and regards.
  10. Hi, We are new to Cunard. We are doing a 15 day sector on the QM2 next march from Hong Kong to Dubai. I have a question about purchasing OBC. How do I do this? I asked my TA, and she advised me that we can't do this?? This is obviously wrong from previous posts. So do we have to call someone, or can it be done online? I am a bit concerned about the information regarding any unused OBC being lost if not used. On other lines, we just popped down to the pursers desk and they refunded it in full, no questions asked. Does anyone have a definitive answer on this? It will obviously make a difference to the amount of OBC we would buy. Thanks and regards, Michael
  11. We did a cruise from San Diego last November. We used Priceline for our pre-cruise accommodation. We won the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. It is located on Harbor Island. I was quite dissapointed to win this hotel as it is actually no where near downtown. Also, after winning the hotel and checking reviews online, it appeared that it was a really bad win! However, it turned out to be quite a nice stay. The main drawbacks being that it was a few minutes drive to downtown, and parking was quite expensive, but par for the course in San Diego. You will need a car if you win this property, or spend heaps on taxis. So just be warned that the Priceline downtown location includes Harbor Island. It was actually right next to the airport. Good luck, and enjoy your cruise. Also, with San Diego, you don't need to keep "trying" to win. There are so many free re-bid zones that I literally increased my bids by one dollar a time until I won something in my star category the first time I tried. Obviously you would have to keep trying if you have reached your pre determined limit. There's a great site that explains all this, but I'm not sure I can mention it. Just type in betterbidding into google!
  12. If I can remember correctly, we couldn't get into the Chapel of Peace until 4.30pm when we went there on our cruise last month. It's a spectacular place, both the view and the Church. Michael
  13. I have to add my unreserved, high recommendation of Sebastian, as well. I found out about him over at Trip Advisor, and he made our short stay in sunny Acapulco wonderful. Sebastian promptly answered all our emails and questions, and was a delight to deal with via email before we arrived in Acapulco. When we arrived on Carnival Spirit into Acapulco, we found Sebastian waiting as agreed. We also found a clean, airconditioned car, and that his english was excellent. So off we went on our prearranged itinerary, which included the Zocalo, Diego Rivera murals, a little shopping, the Chapel of Peace, Flamingos Hotel, cliff divers, and finishing off with dinner at a great little restaurant in the hotel zone. We invited Sebastian to dinner at our expense as a thank you for his efforts through the day. I knew we were onto a good thing with Sebastian when we arrived at the Diego Rivera murals. Here he parked the car, and we all got out for an extended time to view the murals while he explained the wonderful, and tragic story on how the murals came to being. While we were here, we saw numerous other private tours in taxis etc just drive by the murals and the occupants would have barely had time to glance at them. He did the same at all the other places we visited, especially at the spectacularly located Chapel of Peace. He is a keen photographer, and took some great shots for us, as well as of us together. Not everything went to plan, but that had nothing to do with Sebastian. We kind of just missed the sunset at the Flamingos Hotel because we were stuck in a terrible traffic jam...and because I decided to linger a bit too long at the Chapel of Peace. Acapulco is a big and busy city, so don't expect everything to go as planned. But that's just part of being on vacation...go with the right attitude! So please do not hesitate to contact Sebastian for your requirements in Acapulco. I'm pretty sure he does other things like airport pickups etc, and not just cruise day trips. If anybody uses him soon, tell him Michael and Leah from Australia say G'day! Sebastian's email: eskp_rsh@hotmail.com
  14. You obviously didn't watch 60 minutes Sunday before last here in OZ.
  15. Grrrr....The Carnival website is so user unfriendly. This is the only way I have been able to find the fun ship dollar ordering section. You think they would make it easy to spend your dollars with them! BTW, if you type in FSD in the search thingy, that works as well.
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