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  1. We have made the difficult decision to postpone our trip. We have a spring break cruise on the Breeze and are traveling with a 7 and 10 year old boy, one who has ADHD and anxiety. I really, really, wanted to go on this trip, and it was all systems go until Friday. I am not at all worried about the virus, but I can't risk being quarantined with my kids. It would be really tough on them, especially my son with anxiety. If it was just my husband and I, we could suck it up and make it work, but its a different story with the kids. I am going to reschedule the cruise and my husband and I are goi
  2. I am considering rebooking our families April 4th cruise. My son has some special needs and if we were quarantined it would especially difficult. My question is: Can I rebook a future cruise with just my husband and myself, or does the rebooking have to include all the members on the current reservation? My kids are in school, so we are limited to when we can travel, we already have a big vacation planned over the summer, and my husband can't travel over Christmas because of his job. I was thinking of rebooking just my husband and myself on a cruise in September, would that work?
  3. We used metal collapsible straws with no silicone tips on our last cruise, and will be bringing them on our upcoming cruise. The metal straws held up well, didn't taste funny, and were overall easy to use. The straws came with a carrying case and brush cleaner. I cleaned them every night and I didn't have any problems. I used them in alcoholic drinks, so I figured the alcohol helped kill any germs. Honestly, I would encourage anyone who is planning on taking their own plastic straws to give the metal ones a try, it really wasn't any big hassle. I would think that carrying around individu
  4. We brought our own metal straws on our cruise last Nov. The straws we bought were foldable, an had a case with a carabiner clip that we just clipped to our lanyards. When we were done using them, I would fold it up and put it back into the case. I drank lots of fruity, frozen drinks, and honestly the stainless steel didn't get all that sticky. When we were back in the room I would rise out the straw, and use the included brush to clean it out. I would also rinse out the case. I guess if things were really sticky, you could just wipe it on a napkin, but it wasn't really that big of a deal
  5. We are going to be on the Sunshine next month! What was your check-in time? We got 12-12:30, but I'm hoping to be on the ship as soon as possible. We live outside of Charlotte, so we'll be driving in that morning. I'd rather get their early and wait, if there was the potential to get on a little early. I can't wait for this vacation, my DH and I really need some down time!
  6. Did jacks have chairs/umbrellas for rent? I was thinking about going down there on our April cruise, my boys want to be on the beach as much as possible, and I know that my hubby and I are going to want to have a drink or two!
  7. You are off to a great start! I also have two little boys (6&9), so I love family trip reports! Looking forward to hearing more, we've never been on a ship as big as the Magic, but I'm planning on booking the Breeze for Spring break this year!
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